Adding notes

Managing a business is tough.
You need to take care of so many different things.

Now remembering these things is a task on its own.
And you often resort to sticky notes, softwares, to-do lists etc to keep yourself on track, don’t you?

With Putler say goodbye to all these.

Putler lets you add notes to customers, products, transactions and sales.

Here’s how…

  • Login to Putler
  • Go to the dashboard you want to add a notes to (Customers/Products/Sales/ Transactions)
  • Add the notes and click ‘Save’
  • In order to search the notes simply go the dashboard where the note was made.
  • Type ~ continued with the note (one or two words of the note) in the search bar. Putler will search the note item and display it.

For example:
If you added a note a customer ‘Send a free gift’
In order to search you will have to go to the customers dashboard and in the search type ~Send.
It will display the customer where this note was made.