Complete routine tasks – 10 times faster.

Imagine getting five extra hours. How would you use that to grow your business?

Complete routine tasks – 10 times faster.

Routine tasks like managing subscriptions, issuing refunds etc take time Pulter helps you complete these chores within seconds.

Complete chores 10x faster – happier customers and happier team


Perform complex tasks – without administrators, accountants or programmers


Utilize your data – export, share, get more done

Manage subscriptions, refunds,
money transfer within seconds

No credit card required • 14 days free trial • Cancel at any time

Complete Chores Faster

Search, Review, Refund, Manage, Done


Instant Search & Status Review

In Putler, you can review a payment or look up a transaction in under 2 seconds compared to the minimum 45 seconds you spend on your payment gateway or shopping cart.

Intelligent Refund Processing

Putler has simplified the whole process – not only can you issue refunds in two clicks, but you can even select what products to refund, or what % to refund.



Easy Subscription Management

Suspend, Cancel, Reactivate and Refund recurring payment subscriptions with ease. No lengthy processes, no loss of time.

Quick Money Sending

Need to make urgent payment or transfer money? With Putler, you can easily send money to the concerned party in your preferred currency. Both the sender & receiver must have a PayPal account.


Export CSV for sharing or later study

You can easily export a filtered list of orders, products or customers to share with someone else, or to study it later in your favorite spreadsheet program.

Team Productivity

Don’t bother your team, do it yourself

You don’t need to call in your accountant to get you a six monthly sales summary anymore. Or your assistant to refund a transaction. You don’t even need to call your developer to filter and export some data for you to study further.

“I LOVE Putler. I use it literally every day. It’s the fastest and easiest way to check the latest stats, make mass payments, refund, and search transactions without having to wading through PayPal’s interface. What would take dozens of clicks in PayPal, takes just a couple with Putler. What a massive time saver. Worth every penny!”

Ronnie Nijmeh
Founder, Coachzing &

Manage subscriptions, refunds, money transfer
within seconds

No credit card required • 14 days free trial • Cancel at any time

Our development roadmap is packed with ideas that will make Putler even more useful for you. From additional KPIs and insights to team accounts to forecasting and accounting software integration. There is plenty on our mind! Stick around as we both grow our businesses together!

Nirav Mehta,
Putler Founder