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Putler US Tour – Let’s meet up and share stories

Hey Guys!

I told you earlier that Putler will be exhibiting at the PayPal conference next week.

But the fun won’t end with the PayPal conference. I plan to claim a lot of frequent flyer miles by doing a US Tour. Cities on my list: San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, New York & Boston between 17th and 29th October 2011.

I am attending a product launch conference in Phoenix (14-16th Oct), Business of Software in Boston (23-26th Oct), and most likely Launch Pad in Mountain View (21st Oct).

I would love to meet you and share stories. I can tell you how I juggle between multiple businesses, how we started Putler, and where we’re headed.

More importantly, I would love to listen to what you do, how Putler helps you and may be even do a video case study with you. 🙂

Click here if you would like to meet me and fellow Putler users on our US tour


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