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How to connect your Shopify store to Putler?

  • Give it a data source name.
  • Enter your shop URL, Admin API Access Token.
  • Please note: "Create an app" in your Shopify store to get the Admin API Access Token. Follow the steps below.

Creating app for Putler in your Shopify store.

  1. Log in to your store as the store owner.
  2. From your Shopify admin, go to "Apps" > "Apps and sales channels".
  3. Click "Develop apps" from the top.
  4. Click on "Create an app" from the "App Development" area.
  5. "Create an app" pop-up appears.
    • App name: Putler
    • App developer: Your email
    • Click "Create app" button.
  6. From the "Overview" tab, click on Configure Admin API scopes.
  7. Under "Admin API access scopes" of Configuration > "Admin API integration"
    • Admin API access scopes
      • Select Read-Write access for Orders and Read access for Customers and Products.
      • You may want to use the search box to search for read_customers, read_orders, write_orders and read_products.
      • And tick on read_customers, read_orders, write_orders and read_products permissions.
    • Webhook subscriptions
      • Event version: 2024-01 (Latest) (Keep it selected on the Latest one)
    • Click on "Save" to save the required permissions.
    • It will show a "Configuration saved" message.
  8. Navigate to "API credentials" tab.
    • Click on "Install app" to generate the "Admin API access token"
    • It will show a confirmation pop-up. Click on "Install".
    • It will show a "App installed" message.
    • The API key and API secret key are not required.
  9. Under the "Admin API access token" section, Click on "Reveal token" once.
    • Copy the "Admin API access token". Putler pulls the required information/ data using this token.
    • Please note: You can only reveal it once. So make sure you keep a copy of it with you, in case you need it in future.
    • If you lose it, you will have to create a new app and then use a new token.

Already added a data source to Putler and wish to add more?

  • Login to Putler
  • Click on the profile picture on the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Data Sources
  • Click Link a new data source button.