nirav-rounded-headshot-96pxPutler’s Story

I’m Nirav Mehta, the entrepreneur geek who built Putler. Putler began as a solution to a problem I faced everyday.
The story goes like this..

The humble beginning
In 2009, my products business was picking up, and I woke up everyday with an intense desire to check my PayPal account. The thrill of making money while sleeping kept me pushing through the days!

Initially, I checked PayPal 5 times a day. As my business gathered momentum, that frequency kept increasing. Also another thing that increased was the frustration level while logging into PayPal. It took a good 20 seconds. Clicking on a transaction to see order details takes another 5. If there was a refund to be made, and the order was on first page of transaction history, it could take anywhere north of a minute. But if I had to search for that order, or if I didn’t get exact transaction details from customer, it’d take a lot longer.

In short, I spent around 20*5*60*45 = 2,70,000 seconds each time I accessed PayPal.

I realized I had to either find or create a solution. That’s when I wrote a small program and named it Putler. It saved me at least 45 minutes of work everyday and also provided unmatched clarity and insight into my own business.That’s when I decided to make it accessible to fellow entrepreneurs to make their lives simpler.

Fast forward today
Today, Putler has grown to a full fledged team of 19 members located all over the world. Most of us operate from Mumbai, India while the rest work remotely. Putler has also added 15+ payment gateways, shopping cart integrations and is adding more services each day.

What keeps Putler going!
It’s our customers! We serve a total of 500+ customers and roughly process more than 200 million transactions each day. Now I can’t estimate the profits that Putler contributes to each of their business but I can confirm about the priceless amount of time that Putler has saved for every customer that has ever used it.