About Putler

What started as tiny code to check balance without logging into PayPal has grown into an amazing app thousands of people use every day to track and grow their online businesses.

I’m Nirav Mehta, the “entrepreneur geek” who founded Putler. I’m working on a better version of the story, but here’s the crux of it in the meanwhile!

The story behind Putler…

In 2009, my products business was picking up, and I woke up everyday with an intense desire to check my PayPal account. The thrill of making money while sleeping kept me pushing through the days!

Initially, I checked PayPal 5 times a day. As my business gathered momentum, that frequency kept increasing. Also another thing that increased was the frustration level while logging into PayPal. It took a good 20 seconds to get to any useful screen on PayPal. Clicking on a transaction to see order details takes another 5. If there was a refund to be made, and the order was on first page of transaction history, it could take anywhere north of a minute. But if I had to search for that order, or if I didn’t get exact transaction details from customer, it’d take a lot longer.

In short, I loved making money, but tracking sales and issuing refunds was killing me.

I realized I had to either find or create a solution. That’s when I wrote a small program and named it Putler. It saved me at least 45 minutes of work everyday and also provided unmatched clarity and insight into my own business.

That’s when I decided to make it accessible to fellow entrepreneurs.

Today, Putler has grown to a full fledged SaaS app. Putler has grown a lot beyond PayPal – supporting nearly 20 integrations. It’s not just a sales tracking system anymore.. It’s a business growth platform now.

Today, we serve more than thousand customers across industries and geographies. Putler process billions of dollars in analytics.

But most importantly, Putler has saved millions of hours for people, and probably even made millions of dollars for them!