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  • ✓153+ key metrics and reports
  • ✓ Personalized growth ideas
  • ✓Aggregated financial data
  • ✓Customer segmentation
  • ✓Visitor monitoring

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4 Business Pillars That Putler Provides

Whether you are an online seller, SaaS startup, entrepreneur or accountant;
Putler will change the way you look at your business – forever!

Unified Reporting

Gain control and clarity

Accurately consolidate multiple data sources, get rid of duplicates and calculation errors, stay alert with no-nonsense reports.
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E-commerce Analytics

Make confident decisions

Recognize macro & micro of your business, monitor what matters, answer persistent questions and avoid guesswork.
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Complete routine tasks

Smarter search, refund processing, subscription management and export. Free yourself for more important activities.
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Growth Tips

Achieve bigger goals

Spot opportunities, get actionable and relevant growth advice. Benefit from expert knowledge and deep machine learning.
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Get All The KPI’s Your Business Needs

Be ahead of your competitors by using Putler.
Get 75+ key metrics, performance indicators and take important decisions for your business


  • Today’s sales
  • Current month sales
  • Sales growth comparison
  • Daily average revenue
  • New order frequency
  • Best / Worst time to sell


  • Customers acquired per day
  • New vs returning customers
  • Top paying customers
  • Country leaderboard
  • Customer profiles
  • Customer order history


  • Products Leaderboard
  • Top 20% products’ revenue
  • Product sale velocity
  • Best selling product
  • Average quantity sold/day
  • Product wise sales & refunds


  • Transaction date, time
  • Transaction type & status
  • Transaction ID & amount
  • Management actions
  • Line items in an order
  • Related transactions list


  • Average revenue per visitor
  • Total visitors & trend
  • Top website pages
  • Top keywords / search terms
  • Social media leads
  • Organic traffic


  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Total subscription revenue
  • Average revenue per paid user
  • Customer churn rate
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Subscriptions statuses

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Founder, Happy Dog Naturals

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Business Coach, SuperFastBusiness

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Grow Your Business With Analytics & Insights

No credit card required • 14 days free trial • Cancel at any time

Most businesses are sitting on a treasure chest of insight worthy data; but they lack tools to unlock it’s true potential . Putler is a life changing software that takes away your tedious number crunching, analytics tasks and let’s you do something more productive for your business.

Nirav Mehta,
Putler Founder