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Track and grow your e-commerce business. Putler analyzes billions of dollars for people who want freedom, clarity and results.

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We know how it feels!

You are doing the best you can, but there is always more to-be-done than done. Your business is growing, but markets are changing faster. You want to utilize your full potential, but are stuck in daily chores and chasing targets.

You know there is a lot you can learn from the data your online business collects – payments, customers, visitors.. But eCommerce analytics tools are either too complex, superficial or just don’t work.

You need a solid eCommerce analytics software that shows meaningful analysis of your business. Something that runs on autopilot, grows your business and gives you control. Something that makes you win.

It’s time for Putler.

Putler Reporting Overview

Putler gives you accurate eCommerce reports, business insights & takes care of routine tasks

  • Comprehensive reporting on sales, products, subscriptions, customers and visitors
  • Pre-built dashboards answer your everyday questions – instantly
  • Enhanced customer profiles, RFM segmentation, products leaderboard, goal tracking – there is a lot to Putler
  • Powerful aggregation across multiple businesses, payment gateways, ecommerce systems and currencies
  • Search, issue refunds and manage subscriptions 10x faster
  • Personalized business growth ideas and expert advice
  • Team sharing, mailing list export, weekly email reports and much more

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Putler syncs with all your favorite payment gateways, shopping carts and Google Analytics

Yes, Putler syncs with your favorite payment gateways, e-commerce systems and Google Analytics. Discover all integrations

Once they start using Putler, people say things like…

I make better decisions now because Putler gives me visibility and certainty.

No other software had such profound impact on myself and my business. It’s indescribable.. You have to experience it to get it!

I discovered what works in my business and what doesn’t. Made some changes, and now we’re growing like crazy!

Clarity, confidence and direction – that’s what I got!

I never imagined business analytics can be so simple – yet so useful.

Putler is a “must have” for anyone running an online business. It saves me at least five hours every week.

All my businesses, multiple currencies, quick refunds – Putler solves problems I had given up on. I wish I found this sooner. I can’t imagine running a business without Putler now.

Putler brought me from false, hope driven guesswork to concrete data driven actions.

It’s like my marketing assistant + accountant + support rep + data scientist. Probably my most productive employee!

Thousands of raving users, seven years track record, billions of dollars analyzed…
You won’t go wrong with Putler!

You may continue reading customer reviews, but you don’t have to wait any longer.

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What makes Putler better than other business analytic tools?

  1. Only tool that provides analytics for SaaS and Non SaaS businesses.
  2. Largest number of integrations with payment gateways, shopping carts and GA.
  3. Works with multiple currencies.
  4. Provides RFM segementation.
  5. Can manage multiple businesses from one place.
  6. Has the fastest search.
  7. Gives accurate reports.
  8. Provides actionable insights.
  9. Can be shared with the entire team.
  10. Affordable pricing.