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Consolidate multiple stores, payment gateways and visitor analytics

Putler organizes your orders, products and customers together so you have a central source of truth. It is the only software that gives you accurate big picture view of your business.

  • Import multiple sources of e-commerce data (payment gateways, shopping carts, marketplaces) and Google Analytics in a single dashboard
  • Automatic de-duplication, enrichment, currency and timezone conversion
  • One place for comprehensive reporting across businesses, SBUs and websites
  • Issue refunds, search transactions, manage subscriptions and send money
Connect with your favorite system or use our API to bring in data

Putler gives us sixteen hours every week (which we spent in our home grown reporting solution earlier). My whole team uses Putler, and it keeps us organized and on the same page. If you care about growing your business, this is totally a must have. Craig Russell, Fountainhead Web Ventures

Putler has all reports you need

Analytics as you wanted it – clear and useful

Typical analytics is superficial & overwhelming. Putler gives you all the business intelligence – without confusion. Not only will you better understand your business, you will even discover hidden opportunities.

  • Easily monitor 153+ key performance indicators and reports
  • Recognize macro trends and micro details
  • Avoid guesswork – make data driven confident decisions

Answers to all your everyday questions

You don’t have to hop from one system to another or wait for someone to do the numbers for you anymore. Putler will instantly answer all your day to day questions. From the macro view on overview dashboard, you can dig deeper into sales, products, subscriptions, customers, transactions or audience easily.

Leadership, strategy and top management
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Average revenue per user
  • Churn
  • Sales – today, MTD, YTD, MRR, ARR
  • Products leaderboard
  • Customers’ RFM analysis
  • Trends & comparisons
  • Expert tips & insights
  • Account consolidation
Sales, marketing and fulfillment
  • Monthly target, forecast, progress
  • Orders
  • Line items
  • Sales velocity
  • Revenue by weekday and hour of day
  • Traffic trends
  • SEO / inbound
  • Visitors behavior, engagement
  • Marketing channel performance
  • Sync with mailing list service
  • Geolocation insights
Product management
  • Top 20% products
  • Best first purchases
  • Highest refunded products
  • Trending items
  • SKU level reporting
  • Frequently bought together
  • New, returning, lost customers
  • SaaS / recurring business metrics
Finance and accounting
  • Transactions
  • Payment status
  • Fees, taxes
  • Refunds
  • Account balance
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Related transactions
Customer success and operations
  • Issue refunds
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Search
  • Customer profile, demographics
  • Order history, products purchased
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Notes

A lot beyond business reporting

Putler goes beyond metrics and reporting. It lets you perform common transaction management tasks 10x faster than your shopping cart or payment gateway. Putler also helps in marketing and CRM and works great for teams.


Team accessView the most important Google Analytics stats within Putler. Export customers from Putler to MailChimp or any other mailing list system; or to Facebook Audiences. Then run targeted campaigns. Marketing will love Putler in more ways than these!


Putler enriches every customer profile, so you know a lot more about them beyond their email address. Heck, it will even tell you current weather conditions and local time for the customer!

Add notes to customers or orders and use Putler as a mini-CRM!

DIY, collaborate or delegate

Do it yourself: You don’t need to call in your accountant to get your six monthly sales summary anymore. Nor you have to email your assistant to refund a transaction. You don’t even need to go to your developer to filter and export some data for further study. You can do it all yourself within Putler.

Delegate to someone else: Share your data with team members, and control what actions they can perform. Your team can take care of customer support, operations or marketing – while you focus on vision and strategy.

We aim to double your business

At Putler, we’re on a mission to double the size of 10,000 businesses in the next 5 years. Why? Because we believe data driven marketing is the most challenging – and most rewarding – function for any business.

With the help of technology and data, we want to help you drive more traffic, sales, and profit for your company.

Finally, we do it for you. In the end, it’s our customers who matter. Nirav Mehta, founder – Putler -

Putler includes multiple growth tools – targets, insights, advices. People already report tangible, immediate results as they use them. And we are going to add lot more.

Artificial intelligence and big data at your service

Insight emails from Putler

Using sophisticated AI algorithms and big data, Putler generates practical business suggestions for you every month. Putler becomes your data scientist and marketing assistant.

You get the insight, the opportunity, some background on it, and a list of actions you can take to benefit from the insight. This is not just some feel-good theory, it’s about you building a better business month after month.

There are plenty of reporting solutions. But what I liked in Putler was that it’s not just another beautiful collection of charts that are ultimately useless.

Some of those email insights Putler sends have blown me away. I wish I acted on all advice Putler provided!Ben Martínez, Muse Creative

What makes Putler better than other business analytic tools?

  1. Only tool that provides analytics for SaaS and Non SaaS businesses.
  2. Largest number of integrations with payment gateways, shopping carts and GA.
  3. Works with multiple currencies.
  4. Provides RFM segementation.
  5. Can manage multiple businesses from one place.
  6. Has the fastest search.
  7. Gives accurate reports.
  8. Provides actionable insights.
  9. Can be shared with the entire team.
  10. Affordable pricing.