94% say they have better control on their business after using Putler.

Putler gives clarity, control and confidence.

Our customers are awesome – they build great products, create amazing value, overcome challenges and live outstanding lives. And here’s what they say about Putler…

Putler users reported:
  • 34% net revenue growth YoY
  • 41% higher orders
  • 27% growth in unique customers
  • 12% reduction in refunds & churn
10 years and going strong:
  • 7000+ users
  • $5bn+ worth of orders analyzed
  • 60m+ transactions
  • 62 currencies

Putler is like our very own data analyst. This simple solution offers us so much insight, I still can’t get over it. Because of Putler I can now focus on important business activities like marketing, better customer service, etc.

Jeremy Rogers, Convert Rocket

Customer segmentation with RFM analysis turned out to be a game changer for me. I have an online retail store and thousands of customers. I emailed my whole list every time, but once I started using RFM segmented lists, my campaign costs were down by 78% and revenues jumped by 32%. I had tried some other methods of customer engagement earlier, but RFM proved to be the most effective. Putler is a true blessing!

Kayla McQueen, McQueen Services

Top 3 benefits Putler gave my business: increased productivity, reduced mistakes, happier customers. I couldn’t ask for more.

Ariana Tule, Arcane Creatives

Who uses Putler?

  • Online businesses
  • Internet / digital marketers
  • Bloggers, authors, experts, artists
  • Growth hackers
  • Software & SaaS
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Startups
  • Indie shops
  • And you??

Putler has got to be the best tool of the year. Best PayPal management app ever. So much great info for businesses.

Suraj Sodha, Internet Marketer

Putler is my go to solution to know complete business performance in less than a minute that too in a single place.

Carlito Fernando

Dealing with multiple currencies is no more a nightmare. Putler is the only analytics solution that correctly handled transactions in different currencies for me. That alone is worth the monthly subscription fee for me!

Kerry Fischer, The Living Tree

Putler has made our business transparent. Everyone gets to know the same information leaving no room for blind-spots, confusion or chaos within the team.

Tamara Wright, Logic Heaven

Even though being a small business owner, the data and insights have given me enough confidence that my business would give a tough competition to the giants and would never fall flat.

Lin Aruba, Lin Designs

I was hesitant if Putler would be useful for my lean startup. On the contrary, it helped us measure what matters and stay on track. We used stats from Putler in our weekly huddles and optimized our onboarding, conversion and overall revenue growth. I’ve recommended Putler to all my friends already!

Paula Mandela, InstantCaller

Keeping track of different aspects of our business helped me run things smoothly. As a first time owner, Putler is immensely helpful to me. I can now concentrate on innovative strategies for my business. I hope one day, Putler can do “strategy” as well!

Keri Hutchinson, Hutchinson Care

Odd as it may seem, but Putler brought me closer to my family. I was running around trying to make my business work. Getting tired and irritable. Putler helped me focus on stuff that mattered. I started seeing positive results within a month. Because of Putler, I now spend more time with my wife and kids. And I couldn’t ask for more.

Tony Lovato

Putler is every WooCommerce storeowner’s paradise. I struggled to get accurate reporting in WooCommerce – checking stats in WooCommerce and tallying with my payment gateways. Factoring in time zone adjustments, refunds and what not. After discovering Putler I connected both my WooCommerce store as well as PayPal account to it. The result was mind boggling. What took me three tiresome hours every week was available instantly in Putler. And since it’s realtime, I don’t even have to wait till the end of week. Putler is absolutely fantastic.

Joseline Rodrigues, Pop Sticks

It’s not just about reporting. For example, Putler’s goal tracking feature motivates me to perform better in my day-to-day business as well.


Putler is an innovative solution at an affordable price. My subscription startup needed basic but important metrics like MRR, churn, ARR, LTV for my Stripe account. I know there is Baremetrics, but I like Putler better. Putler gives better insights.

Abram Matthews, TrainYourBrain

Putler is a miracle. I no longer have to depend on my accountant for every tiny question I have about our business.

Mily Nehra, Apex Consultancy

Putler is my go to solution to know complete business performance in under than a minute.

Carlito Fernando

Putler has brought higher transparency and visibility to our business than ever before. I have no problem in recommending your solution to my fellow mates.

Darren Jose

I watched Putler’s live demo and was impressed. I wondered if it’d be really useful. But I saw my own business in a different light after I connected my payment gateway to Putler. I have never seen any other software that can handle such difficulties and present data in such a simple manner.

Cima Borges, Pet Mart

All the confusing questions are now gone. Now we have clear answers. And can make right decisions.

Andrew Bolt, Moses Solutions

Putler saves an average of 6.8 hours/week per customer.

What a great tool Putler is for my business! Being on top of the numbers is so important and now I have all the critical data at my finger tips. Routine visits to Putler means there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month. Thanks guys for the a great product backed by great support.

Russell Kempster, Prime Motion Training

Before Putler, I wasted precious time in dealing with messy data frequently. I had to sit down with my accountant, calculate sales, monitor refunds, check my Stripe & PayPal transaction for hours together. After Putler, I’m totally at ease. It does everything and gives correct results in a few clicks and that too 1/10th of the my previous time.

Kim Fulton, Fulton Health

1000s of users. 6 years track record. Billions of dollars processed.

You won’t go wrong with Putler!

Open the demo and take it for a spin!

Putler has streamlined our processing patterns and cut down on hours of time wasted waiting for the PayPal interface. I love the charts and graphs to make key decisions to grow my business. It is so incredibly useful our business.

Josh Groce, Mobile Tech Videos

As an online marketer, I used to juggle with multiple systems to monitor my businesses. Putler puts everything important in a single place. I can now peacefully manage my business even while I’m away on a vacation. That means more quality time with family.

Steven Meyers, Digital Profits

Putler gives us sixteen hours every week (which we spent in our home grown reporting solution earlier). My whole team uses Putler, and it keeps us organized and on the same page. If you have a care about growing your business, this is totally a must have.

Michael Karsten, Fountainhead Web Ventures

With Putler at our disposal, my team can now focus more into marketing and designing work which earlier was neglected as they got stuck with overwhelming reporting and inaccurate data.

Yasmin Ahmed

Putler is the best tool in market that gives me important numbers and KPIs in seconds.

Mika Samuel, OutOfBox Design

Finding a payment in PayPal takes me 25 seconds. And that too if I know exactly what to search for and where. Putler can pull up the correct transactions in split seconds – even with partial inputs.

Tanya Merchant

We have more than 250 SKUs. It’s important to know what products and variations are selling and what is not. Earlier we had to track this manually and held meetings to discuss numbers and strategies. From the time we started using Putler this repetitive manual process is completely automated. Putler’s product leaderboard clearly tells us what sells. Now our meetings focus on strategic decisions – and are much more productive.

Freddy Joseph, I Love Purses

Our data was scattered and it was real pain to consolidate it regularly. Putler not just consolidates but also eliminates duplicates and ensures accurate data. This alone is worth all the money for me!

Kenny Craig, Couch Company

We wasted a lot of time because everyone interpreted data differently. Thanks to Putler, everyone is on the same page and we have a clear picture of our business. This has led to better teamwork and higher revenue.

Jason Cook, Digerati Tech

I hated analytics. I felt it was utter waste of time as I never knew what to do after looking at those reports. But Putler shifted my mindset. What sets Putler apart from other reporting tools is the fact that it gives actionable and personalized insights. Something I can understand and work on!

Flavia Reynolds, BabyCare

We receive 180-200 orders every day. At 7% refund rate, we were spending nearly an hour everyday just issuing refunds. Putler brought that down to 10 minutes. And we even have better stats because we can select what product to refund and what percentage. This goes back and ties into product reports – so we know what is the refund rate on each individual product.

Romero, Happy Munch

I receive money in five currencies and converting each of them daily for our reporting MIS was a huge bottleneck. But thanks to the automatic currency conversion in Putler, I now save half an hour and lot of hassle everyday.

Nelly George

I was fed up with PayPal’s slow loading interface. Even their new design is too restrictive. I stumbled upon Putler doing some Google searches and it claimed “instant transaction lookup and order details”. Gave it a try – and I was convinced within five minutes that Putler is the magic I was looking for!

Hannah Owens, FastMailer

Gone are those days when I had to stick to clumsy and confusing spreadsheets to reconcile my numbers. With Putler at our aid, we are now able to get up to minute stats without any work. Putler, you are truly a lifesaver.

Matt Wilson

Whenever my boss asks me for business performance summary, I give all the highlights to her in a minute; thanks to Putler. I also like different dashboards in Putler because they provided me extensive details and insights.

Shona Remson

Putler is a “must have” for anyone running an online business. It saves me at least five hours every week.

Bowen Jorge, The Mobile Guru

8 out of 10 people say they found Putler better than alternatives and had positive results with Putler’s expert on-boarding.

We’ve had Putler installed for about a week now and I find something new everyday! The sheer amount of historical insights that can be discovered with Putler is astounding. The instant notifications, forecasted sales, and product filtering are by far my favorite features. Get Putler, you’ll love it!

Jason Self

Had to choose between Putler and ChartMogul and went for Putler. It didn’t disappointed a bit. In fact, I was completely amazed how efficiently Putler handled my multiple store data and provided me insights for both recurring and non-recurring sales.

Corey Williams

At the first instant, I wasn’t sure if Putler would be worth paying for. But, it proved to be different from other analytics solutions. Putler is no-nonsense, gives accurate reports, handles complex business cases and even gives tips on making more money.

Ben Neville, Renaissance Publications

I tried a number of reporting solutions – Baremetrics, Chartmogul, Canvas, Metrilo – for my subscriptions business. But, when I landed on Putler’s website, I was shocked! Putler not only gave me analytics for Stripe, but also insights on my customers, products and visitors. I didn’t get such details in any competitor. For me, Putler is the simplest solution I have found till date to grow my business. It’s really invaluable.

Tim Todd, Wembley Partners

The real-time reports give us instant clarity and control of our business. Products leaderboard, quick refund processing, team sharing – there are lots of things in Putler that make us more efficient. Certainly recommended.

Kingsley Evans, Ace Events

My only concern before buying Putler was data duplicates as I used both Stripe and WooCommerce. Putler said it dedupes data so I thought of giving it a try. I first tried the free version to avoid risking money. But to my surprise, it really delivered. Not even a single error. This made me immediately switch to the paid plan before the free trial even expired!

Terence Adams

Putler has given me more visibility into my business than ever before. All the guesswork and half assed calculations I used to make earlier are now completely eliminated.

Ben Chimes, NewsFeeder

Putler gave me two significant advantages over Google Analytics – one is that it showed only a handful of important metrics – not the hundreds of things you see in GA. Next, I could get GA metrics right next to my e-commerce reporting. And yeah, my non-tech seniors don’t get confused anymore! That’s probably the biggest benefit!

Lang Mia, Ottermon Corp

I once faced a problem with inaccurate calculations in Putler. I asked for help and the problem was solved within a day. These guys are committed to their software and go great lengths for customer satisfaction.

Trent Webster, Webster Corp

Putler brought me from false, hope driven guesswork to concrete data driven actions.

Barry Hilton

Putler is actually quite simple, but I’m a newbie when it comes to software and analytics. So I was thrilled to see personal attention from Putler team. Every time I contacted support, they responded in time, and were very helpful. Truly admire their customer success team.

Lily Donald, L&M Records

Anyone using PayPal for their website’s e-commerce system should look into Putler!

Shona Creative

The ease of managing subscriptions and issuing refunds to customers has made me a big fan of Putler. I hate logging into to PayPal / Stripe to issue refunds now. Putler is just so simple and fast.

Yule Richards

Whenever investors wish to check the health of my business, I show them my Putler reports and they are happy to see that my business has taken pace in the right path! Putler not only gives us a quick overview of our business, but also provides complete details whenever we need.

Grace Nelson

I tried GetControl to aggregate data from multiple sources but there was always an issue of duplicates. Putler not only solved that, but gave me many other useful features. Now, I can safely say I will stick with Putler forever!

Sunanda Shetty, Eyeframes

New analytics tools keep coming every now and then, but no other platform is as good as Putler. RFM analysis, multiple account consolidation and multi currency support proved to be major winners for my business. Now I always have reliable metrics at my disposal.

Lucas, Fit & Fine

I tried multiple analytics solutions before deciding on Putler. The biggest reason I zeroed down on Putler was because it eliminated duplicates. There’s nothing except Putler which dedupes data correctly. So please save yourself time and sign-up for Putler rather than anything else.

Randy K, ChocHeaven

I needed simple and understandable stats of my business. And no other reporting tool even came close to meeting my requirement. They had so many complex reports that I almost gave up on analytics. But then I stumbled upon Putler, took the trial and within two days I signed up for a plan. It’s been 6 months since and I can totally recommend it to anyone.

Alfred Delvich

When it comes to ‘never seen before’ metrics, Putler is the KING!

Charles Montage

Hassle free signup, multiple currency support, accurate stats, insights… Putler is the best tool I ever signed up for.

Kavit Sharma, Champion Sports

Putler is a complete growth consultant. It analyzes your business and doesn’t just stop there. Best thing about Putler is that it gives you practical tips to improve business. That is certainly way beyond what anybody else does.

Meyo Chang, United Timemachines

Google Analytics is great but it’s also greatly confusing. That’s where Putler comes to my rescue. Putler shows me all the important GA metrics in a single dashboard. No more hunting around Google’s interface or waiting for your analyst to get you the details.

Anita Thomas, Live Wild

I absolutely love this tool! Before Putler I was clueless about the activity on my website. People recommended Google Analytics but I somehow could never learn how to make use of all the metrics that it gave. Out of frustration, I had to hire an analyst and depend on him to get vital website stats. But then a few months back I signed up for Putler. And I was blown by the simplicity of this tool. Unlike Google Analytics, Putler’s interface was straight on point. I did not have to click tabs or hunt down metrics. Different dashboards and all the metrics grouped nicely. It was just the analytics solution I needed.

Akira Mio

Whenever I find a tool that says connect multiple data sources, I get skeptical. That was the same case with Putler. I needed correct stats for my Magento store. Plus I also sell on Etsy. I tried Putler based on earlier reviews. And to my surprise here am I writing a Putler review for myself. What I love about Putler is that, it did not burden me with too many metrics. It only showed what I was interested in. Bravo Putler!

Harry Dhillon, Millenium Ornaments

Your software impressed me so much that I don’t bother to check my Shopify reports. Putler is fast and gives me more insights (much more than Shopify or any other software I ever tried). Totally recommend this to anyone running an online business

David Kamponali

Beautiful graphs, well organized and accurate data accompanied with great support. Kickass product!

Syed Alinani, 98Spares

Being a Shopify user, I found Putler super useful in many cases. It’s fast, gives detailed information and provides invaluable insights.

Kyla Lawrencio, Fortune Designs

A friend of mine recommended Putler saying it is much faster than PayPal. He was right – Putler is super fast. But what I found even more useful was that I don’t have to login to PayPal and Stripe now. Putler combines them for me automatically. I save a lot of time and frustration going back and forth now. Now I’ve started recommending Putler to others!

Hizary Nobi

I now believe that I have a single source of truth for my business data. The ability to generate accurate, real-time reports from multiple data sources made me a raving fan of Putler.

Wiley Joseph

I never imagined analytics can be so simple – yet so useful.

Benny Lowe, Popmaker

73% Putler customers confirmed at least 15% rise in revenues since using Putler.

Putler saved me from going bankrupt. My customer segments showed that I had 59% almost lost customers. That’s where I came to know why sales were dripping and offers were a failure. I worked on reducing churn over the next few months, and we are back in the game!

Tiffany James

“Your customers are more comfortable with the $10-$40 price range”. This insight enabled me to run an offer on a non-selling $50 product and guess what? In just 21 days, we saw a $6045 in new sales. Whoa! Waiting for more such insights.

Raj Patel, Zap Apps

Can a software motivate you? Yes, I vouch Putler can. It’s the one screen that I go to every single day. I used the “set and measure target” feature last month. Every day when I login to Putler, I saw my progress – and worked even harder to achieve the goal. I crushed my target!!

Larry Reynolds, Dublin Estate

I was terribly frustrated with fine tuning marketing. I wanted to grab the “low-hanging fruits” first. A friend suggested me Putler and now, I have eleven customer segments that I can easily target to. I now know which type of offer will attract which type of customers – and make a lot more money!

Ryan Burke, Sky Capital

It’s like my marketing assistant + accountant + support rep + data scientist. Probably my most productive employee!

Ryan Dalwart, Quick Hunt

I felt Putler is not for me because ours is a very small business. Surprisingly after using it for a bit, I was extremely comfortable. I even started working on the tips they show within the app and emails. Last month was our highest grossing ever – thanks to Putler’s insights.

Fernando Matias, Cosmos Store

Simply superb! Putler is a beautiful ecommerce analytics and reporting solution. You guys have done a fantastic job.


I never knew much about our customers. Putler gave me a lot more information about each customer. I saw a handful of big brands using our products, noticed people from countries I had never heard of before, and even knew who’s more important with the RFM analysis. I concentrated on winning back my ‘Hibernating Customers’ And the result was a direct increase in sales and decrease in churn rate.

Michelle Seaborne, Daily Beverage Co

I got an email from Putler with what they call a “growth insight”. I generally label all such things as BS. But just to experiment, I applied the recommended principle on my store – and whoa.. We saw an 18% spike in sales. I am a Putler fan now!

Oliver Bros

I liked the expert insight box. Absolutely a great software to get your hands on.

Franco, Franco’s Cookies

My business was dying. I never really paid attention to product metrics. But after using Putler, I realized how important it was. Putler pointed out many opportunities. I implemented a few and started seeing positive results. Today I can happily confirm those changes helped me revive my sales and saved my business.

Kimaya, Low Price Deals

Putler showed us that Wednesdays saw the maximum traffic on our website. It also showed me that a Bluetooth speaker was the least selling item for over 3 months. I combined these insights and ran a 50% discount on the speakers for three consecutive Wednesdays. The bluetooth speaker stock cleared up within a month, and we made a reasonable profit. Without Putler, we’d never discover these opportunities – let alone implement the strategies.

Jason’s Hardware

We now don’t need to pay handful of money to an expert to dig growth opportunities from our data anymore. Putler is our new analytics expert at the most economical price.

Karla Tanner, The Little Playhut

I found the pricing on the higher side as I get a small number of transactions. But, I knew I had to use data analytics to succeed. And Putler proved to be worth the price every time.

Yohan Morrison, Robo Teacher

I have never seen so many unique product insights before. In fact, I never took analytics seriously before Putler. Putler’s product reports like leaderboard, top and worst sellers, top 20% products etc. are extremely valuable for me now. I’ve grown my business 45% this year – many thanks to Putler.

Dan Howard, Cheshire Sports

No other software had such profound impact on myself and my business. It’s indescribable.. You have to experience it to get it!

Keniston Deshea

Putler’s automatic data processing has eliminated our chaotic and time consuming processes. The old method was taking a heavy toll on us. Also our operating costs have reduced drastically.

Lenny Martins

I discovered what works in my business and what doesn’t. Made some changes, and now we’re growing like crazy!

Tammy Chan, Teller Net

Over 81% users say Putler has become an indispensable part of their lives.

Any business software can provide sales data. But getting sales insights – the ones that actually make a different – was what I found most useful for my business. Putler is now my second home!

Kevin Ray, Purple Cloud

Putler is totally awesome and life changing.

Mark Copeman, Being Smarter

I make better decisions now because Putler gives me visibility and certainty.

Tori Angelman, Tori Writes

I am not drowned into cumbersome spreadsheet data anymore. Instead, I now have systematic business reports available at a glance. Putler totally delivers!

Ila Henriques, NIDC Technologies

Support – 5/5 You always responded within 24 hours and helped me solve my problem instead of just giving me a straight no answer like other companies do. You were also were friendly.

Putler – 5/5 This program is just awesome. Its easy on the eye and I love being able to see how close I am to my monthly goal and how likely I am to reach it without having to login to PayPal and do the math myself.

Danny Schmickler, Desired Craft

Many softwares cost a fortune but don’t actually get used. Putler has been the easiest tool for my team. It saves us a bunch of hours every week and helps us stay on top of things. I never ever want to go back to our inefficient, manual reporting.

Peggy Aria

Clarity, confidence and direction – that’s what I got!

Jon Edward

What sets Putler apart from others is that they don’t stop at reporting and analytics. I love their curated expert tips on growing business and recommendations in email. I’ve actually filed all Putler emails so that I can refer to them later!

Kanye Dmitry, Enigma Studios

I own two businesses. One subscription and another non-recurring. Putler has become my all-in-one business monitoring tool. I keep it open 24/7 and glance at different reports every couple of hours.

Delon Ross

Putler gives many macro and micro insights based on sales, products and customers. I no longer refer to my shopping cart reports. Putler is my app of choice.

Shernil Shah, Glamlook Clothing

Other analytics tools claim, Putler proves. It’s over two years and Putler still is my favorite analytics tool ever.

Avalanche Fashion

Six months into using it and I’ve already recommended Putler to nine other companies. Putler team keeps making it better every week. Putler has an edge over others in analytics, operational and strategic reporting. I see Putler 3-4 times everyday!


Putler takes care of all the reports: sales, customers, products, website – in short my entire business. I’m a lifetime customer!

Tyron Lee

I have seen Putler evolve since its launch many years ago. It’s grown from a simple sales notification app to a platform to track and grow our business. Really proud of the team behind Putler.

Ian Parker, Smith & Parker

Putler is not just a sales reporting app. It’s a marketing strategist as well. It’s become so invaluable that none of our meetings are complete without a screenshot of Putler’s insights.

Emily Chow, Comfort Shoes

Putler tells you what you need to know about your business in a glance. It summarizes different aspects like sales, refunds, customers, products so well, that I feel it’s an absolute indispensable part of any business. Imran Qureshi

I’m not an expert at computers. But Putler was quick and easy to setup. I got a complete overview of my ecommerce website in just 15 minutes. I would totally recommend it to all business owners.

Monica Drew

I take analytics seriously and Putler resonates with the same thinking. I dig all Putler’s dashboards. I even take a CSV export of my data at times and do further analysis in Excel. I’m a pro user and love all the power and flexibility Putler provides.

Will Denshire, Growth Marketer

Putler is amazing. The amount of information it provides surprises me each day. I recommend every businessman to try Putler and see what the hype is about for themselves.

Erica Spacey, Grader Inc.

An analytic tool, a growth hacker, a website monitor – Putler fits all these roles like a pro. Discovering something like Putler is like unlocking a treasure in it’s truest sense.

S Venkat

We love Putler! Our business relies on it and so when I thought something had gone wrong with the service I was imagining the worst. Fortunately the helpful person at Putler Support was there to very quickly solve the problem. A silly mistake on our part but the support person was very kind and solved the issue right away without being condescending in the way that some Chat help services can be! Thanks Putler Support for being there in the middle of the night on a holiday!

Lisa Johnson

All my businesses, multiple currencies, quick refunds – Putler solves problems I had given up on. I wish I found this sooner. I can’t imagine running a business without Putler now.

Kendra Watson

I love Putler, it rocks! I deal with quite a lot of transactions daily, so Putler is like my second home I spend so much time in it. I’d be lost without it, keep up the good work. I have used it for many years. I’ve introduced a number of friends to Putler and they have purchased and love it as well.

Lyn, Scrapebox

Manage and grow your business with the right tool

Use Putler, it’s worth it.

A single insight can be worth thousands of dollars. And hours of time savings will let you focus on more important things.

Try it yourself – no risk, no credit-card and fully worth your time.

96% people said it was worth signing up for a trial.