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FAQ's on data

Data not imported/ Spinner is spinning indefintely

Putler starts importing data in batches. So the amount of time taken by Putler to pull in data might vary based on -

  • The data source added
  • The number of data sources added
  • The amount of transactions in the data source(s)

Ideally, this should take anywhere from 15- 20 minutes if you are taking a free trial.

Since it only pulls in last 3 months data but again it depends on the number of data sources you have connected within Putler.

For a paid plan this might take under 45 minutes to a few hours.

Reason being, Putler pulls in more historical data for the paid plans.

However, if you feel Putler has surpassed the mentioned time frame and there is some data missing, feel free to contact our support. We will assist you asap.

Only half of my data is imported

Suppose the spinner on the top right corner next to bell icon shows 100% data imported.

But you still can't find all your data, have a look at your plan:

  • The Trial comes with last 3 months data
  • The Starter with last 2 years data
  • The Growth with 5 years data
  • The Scale with last 7 years data

If you want more data then allowed by the biggest plan reach out to our support for a custom plan.

Data seems incorrect/ Numbers are off

Putler aggregates and de-dupes data from multiple data sources.

And we strive hard for the data to be a 100% right. But at times there could be conflicts while pulling in data from certain data sources and this could jeopardize the numbers.

So incase, you come across some numbers that are off, take a screenshot and send us what the right numbers should be in an email. We will have a check with the backend and solve the issue.

Unable to add WooCommerce account

If you are unnable to add account and you get 'Plugin installed' error message. Do this:

  • Go to Settings and Click 'Add'.
  • Select WooCommerce, and provide your store URL. If you already have Plugin enabled, you will be shown 'Plugin installed' message.
  • Now go to Wordpress admin -> Plugins, kindly deactivate and then activate the plugin.

Data source is not supported in Putler

If you don't see the data source of your choice in the list of data sources mentioned in Putler. You can make use of the Inbound API. Here' how to make use of the Inbound API.

Data source account already connected to another user email

Once you add a data source account with Putler it connects your user email to it.

Also, it doesn't allow you to add the same data source to any other user email.

If you still want to add it, you will have to delete the data source from the previous user email and then add it to a new one.

(You can do this yourself by logging in to your old account or ask our support team to do it for you from the back end)

For example, : Suppose you added your Stripe account - ABC to your previous email id Now you made another Putler account with email And you are trying to add your Strip account ABC to it.

Putler won't allow this.

You will have to delete Stripe account ABC from your and only then add it to