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Edit access roles

Putler has three access roles - Admin, Support and Analyst.

  1. Admin role - Gets access to all the dashboards, all financial and non-financial metrics. This role is recommended for team members that manage teams like team leaders, CEO, CFO, MD etc. Everybody who is trustworthy and needs to have access to all the data can be given this role.
  2. Support role - Gets access to Sales, Transaction and the Time Machine dashboard. They have no access to any financial metrics. This role is perfect for team members involved in carrying out customer support tasks like refunds, subscription management. As they only have access to Sales lists and individual customer invoices, they can easily carryout operations like refunds, subscription management without logging in to the website/ payment gateway. Also since they have no access to financial metrics, they will not be shown metrics like Sales revenue, Net sales etc.
  3. Analyst role - Gets access to the Products, Customer, Audience, Time Machine, Holiday Season Insights dashboard. They have no access to financial metrics on any of these dashboards. This role is perfect for team members that are in the marketing team, analysts, consultants etc. The ones who would like to analyse products, customers, Holiday trends etc and extract insights from them. This role grants no access to financial metrics, so these team members will not be able to see the financial standing of the company.

Steps to change the role of a team member

  • Log in to Putler
  • Click on the profile picture icon at the left bottom corner
  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Teams
  • Click on the 'Team' you want to remove a team member from
  • Click the delete bin icon next to the team member's name whose role you want to edit
  • Re-add the team member and select the new access role
  • Hit Update