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FAQ's on RFM

RFM shows zero data

The RFM pulls in new data every 24 hours.

So during this period, the old data is eliminated and you may be able to see zeroes in your RFM chart.

Once the new data is pulled in, Putler will redraw the RFM with the latest data and you will be able to see the numbers once again.

NOTE: During this period when the RFM is getting redrawn, the chart will be blank and it will show a message 'Your customer profiles are getting loaded'.

It should take 90 minutes or so. If you still see no data, let us know.

RFM shows 'No matching results found'

This message shows up if the date range selected is too small or if there are no clients who fall in that particular segment for that date range.

A quick way to fix this is, increase the date range and then recheck.

Can't see the RFM chart? (Just a blank space)

The RFM feature is only available in the Growth and the Scale Plan.

So incase, you have signed up for the Starter plan, you will see a white blank space instead of the colourful RFM chart.

If you want the RFM feature, you will need to upgrade.