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Analytics for eCommerce

Get vital eCommerce analytics and insights tailored for your online stores on WooCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, BigCommerce, Gumroad, and EDD. Track every sale, transaction, customer preference, product performance, and more to make impactful business decisions that transform your vision into reality.

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Putler - analytics for eCommerce

Putler saved me from the nightmares!

Putler saved me from the nightmare of managing my online sales. I used to be confused with numerous sales reports and miscalculated revenues. It was a mess. But with Putler’s easy-to-read reports, I can quickly see how my products are performing. It’s like a friendly dashboard that even a non tech guy like me can understand. Getting accurate data instantly has cleared my schedule to take on more important tasks planning marketing activities and improving relationship with my customers. As a result my profits have gone up, and I’m more confident in running my small online store. Thanks, Putler!

Jane Stevens, TrendyCraft
Jane Steven
Owner of TrendyCraft

Putler is an absolute must-have!

As a manager of a growing eCommerce business, I was drowning in data. I had to overlook data from multiple stores and this often made me missout on vital info, and, quite frankly, got me overwhelmed. When I found Putler specially the multi-store handling and team sharing feature I felt it was godsend. It saved me ton of time, streamlined collaboration among our team members, helped track product performance easily, understand customer preferences, and optimize our operations across various stores. If you have multiple stores, Putler is an absolute must-have!

Jeremy Rogers, BuyMart
Jeremy Rogers
Manager at BuyMart

Don’t shoot in the dark… Deliver what your buyers want and become their favorite
– everything based on actual data.

Turn running your eCommerce business into a cakewalk

Your business decisions directly impact your profits, make them right.
Get real-time updates on everything happening around your business, process refunds in the blink of an eye, and run surefire offers based on frequently bought products for some up-selling game.

Informed Smart Decisions

Making data-driven decisions based on real data is vital for eCommerce success. Putler gives you all the important data and insights in one place, making it simple to make smarter business choices. Easily spot high-demand products and use customer insights to boost your sales.

Maximize Profitability

Boosting profitability is vital for your business. Putler simplifies this by providing real-time reports and accurate analytics for eCommerce, enabling sellers to track sales, stay updated about business performance, and refine strategies for increased profits.

Customer-Centric Approach

Keeping customers happy is vital for long-term success. Putler gives you a complete view of customer profiles and preferences. This helps you offer personalized customer experiences, nurturing customer loyalty to make them come back for more.

Putler Clients

Efficient Business Operations

Streamlined operations are crucial for your eCommerce business to keep growing. Putler makes these operations easier by collecting data from various sources and platforms, and providing you only with the crucial insights that are vital for running your business better. This simplifies tasks, boosts efficiency, and lets you focus more on core activities.

Swift Payment Dispute Resolution

Speedy refunds put customers at ease and boost your credibility. Putler lets you process both full and partial refunds within the app in a simplified and secure way, without having to log in to PayPal or Stripe. This enables sellers to quickly resolve payment disputes, strengthening customers’ trust in their business.

All-in-one Business Support

Handling sales and customer inquiries from different places can get tricky. For eCommerce sellers using multiple eCommerce platforms, Putler’s 17+ integrations [Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, and more] have you covered. It lets you bring all your business data together in one place, making it simpler to manage your operations.

Putler is a must-have

Putler has been a real money maker for us. For years, we overlooked a product line. But thanks to Putler we spotted it, tweaked it a little and today it’s one of our best sellers. Putler is a must-have for anyone who needs the best web analytics for eCommerce.

Samar Patel, DigitalGizmos
Samar Patel
eCommerce Manager, DigitalGizmos

It’s undoubtedly a gem of a tool

I have three separate stores on Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify, so I was dealing with overwhelming data. This made it challenging to monitor each store’s performance effectively and revenues were not consistent. When I found Putler, the reports and numerous other features like quick refunds, customer profiles, easy charts, etc. felt like a sigh of relief. Putler brought all my accounts into one place and made it easy to understand store performance individually and generate comprehensive reports. It not only saved me a lot of time but also improved my ability to plan fruitful strategies and get concrete results, all while staying organized and focused. It’s undoubtedly a gem of a tool.

Mike Anderson, Anderson's Emporium
Mike Anderson
Founder, Anderson’s Emporium

Precision-boosting features for higher profits!

Go beyond Google Analytics metrics.
Find out the key areas of your business that need attention and make informed decisions to drive your success.

Dedicated Dashboards

It’s essential to have easy, at-a-glance access to specific data for smart, informed decisions in eCommerce. Putler offers –

  • An all-in-one Home Dashboard for at-a-glance informed eCommerce decisions
  • Dedicated dashboards for Products, Customers, Sales, Transactions, Subscriptions, Insights, and Web Analytics
  • Easy-to-understand views into product performance, top customer segments, sales trends, transaction details, subscription insights, and more
  • Vital insights to quickly refine strategies, boost sales, and improve overall business performance
“The dedicated dashboards make managing our online store easy. The Home Dashboard gives us a complete overview of our business, while the Sales Dashboard has allowed us to identify trends and adjust our strategies for better sales. Can’t imagine managing our business without Putler!”
Dedicated Dashboards - Putler

BFCM (Holiday Season) Insights

The holiday season is a critical period for eCommerce, and insights into Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) performance are essential for strategic planning. Putler’s BFCM Insights offer –

  • A comprehensive overview of your holiday season performance in your desired years
  • Valuable data and insights on eCommerce revenue, daily average, visitors, new vs returning customers, ARPU, conversion rate, and best performing holiday season
  • A comparative view of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with additional insights on AOV and top products
  • In-depth insights to fine-tune your strategies, make informed decisions, optimize your approach, and maximize profits during the festive season
“Putler’s BFCM Insights have leveled up our BFCM game. We first planned our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with Putler in 2021 using the data and insights it provided. And, surprisingly, our sales went through the roof, up by 50% from last year. Hoping for the best in 2023 as well!”
BFCM (Holiday Season) Insights - Putler

Reports On Demand

Quick and convenient access to up-to-the-minute reports is essential for making data-driven decisions in eCommerce. With Putler, you get –

  • Reports on every essential aspect of your online business, including sales, revenue, customer behavior, product performance, transactions, and more
  • Timely and relevant reports available whenever you need them
  • Precise information required to stay on top of your eCommerce operations
  • The ability to make swift and informed decisions based on the data at hand
“Google Analytics for eCommerce was just not enough. Thankfully, Putler’s reports on demand are a lifesaver! We can access critical data instantly, make decisions confidently, and adapt our strategies to boost sales. All thanks to Putler!”
Reports On Demand - Putler

Simplified Multi-Store Management

Managing multiple online stores efficiently is a complex task, and simplifying this process is crucial for eCommerce success. Putler enables –

  • Hassle-free management of multiple eCommerce stores from one centralized platform
  • Easy handling of vital tasks such as product performance tracking, understanding customer preferences, and more
  • Easy management and optimization of operations across various stores
  • Consistent customer experiences and an expanded online presence with ease
“Managing multiple online stores was a nightmare until we discovered Putler. It centralized our data and allowed us to seamlessly track all our stores at once, without having the need the jump from Woo Dashboard to Shopify to Etsy. This multi-store management feature is really a time-saver, and it has improved our business operations significantly.”
Simplified Multi-Store Management - Putler

36+ Currency Support

In the global eCommerce landscape, the ability to handle transactions in multiple currencies is essential for expanding your customer base. Putler provides –

  • Support for 36+ currencies, making it easier to expand your customer base
  • Compatibility with multiple payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree,, SagePay, and RazorPay
  • Seamless acceptance of payments from customers worldwide without complications
  • Ease of accepting transactions in various currencies, catering to a broader audience and facilitating international business growth
“Operating all over the globe, we needed a tool that could handle transactions in multiple currencies effortlessly. Thanks to Putler, no matter which country a customer makes a payment from, we can convert it into USD. These 36 supported currencies are undoubtedly the best feature that you need while trading in global market.”
36+ Currency Support - Putler
Putler integrates with many payment gateways, eCommerce platforms, Google Analytics and other services

RFM Customer Segmentation

Tailoring your marketing and customer service strategies to different customer segments is crucial for driving eCommerce success. Putler offers RFM Customer Segmentation, providing –

  • Categorization of customers based on Recency (how recently they made a purchase), Frequency (how often they buy), and Monetary Value (how much they spend)
  • Identification of high-value customers for targeted strategies
  • Actionable insights into customer engagement and purchase patterns
  • Insights for personalized marketing efforts, ensuring exceptional customer experiences, and nurturing lasting customer relationships
“Putler’s RFM segmentation feature has transformed the way we understand our customer base. We can now perceive our customers from several angles to understand their buying habits to the core. And, this has brought us a 20% boost in sales revenue in just three months as we could tailor our marketing strategies with more precision. Customer engagement has never been better!”
RFM Customer Segmentation - Putler

Sales/Revenue Forecasting

Accurate sales and revenue forecasting are vital for eCommerce planning and strategy development. Putler’s sales and revenue forecasting feature offers –

  • Data-driven insights into expected sales and revenue trends
  • Utilization of historical data and real-time information
  • Scope for pre-informed decisions, business plan adjustments, and proactive steps
  • Ensured sustainable eCommerce growth via pre-defined strategies based on actual data
“Forecasting in Putler has been a revelation for us. With its insights into expected sales and revenue trends, we’ve managed to fine-tune our strategies, resulting in a remarkable 30% increase in profits. Putler is a true champ!”
Sales/Revenue Forecasting - Putler
I’m not an expert at computers. But Putler was quick and easy to setup. I got a complete overview of my ecommerce website in just 15 minutes. I would totally recommend it to all business owners.
Monica Drew, Business Owner
Monica Drew
Business Owner

Tailor-made eCommerce reporting for your store

Putler helps you shoot up your eCommerce success with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Check out more such features that will uncover vital aspects of your eCommerce store(s) to their core.

Instant and Secure Refunds

Instant and Secure Refunds - Putler

Efficient and secure refund processes are vital for maintaining customer satisfaction and resolving disputes in eCommerce businesses. Putler’s Instant Refunds feature simplifies the refund process, ensuring it’s efficient and secure. This contributes significantly to customer satisfaction and dispute resolution, fostering a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Products Bought Together

Products bought together - Putler

Understanding which products are frequently purchased together is a key insight for boosting sales via cross-selling. Putler provides the Product Bought Together feature, allowing eCommerce professionals to understand customer preferences, identify product associations, and optimize their cross-selling strategies. This feature simplifies the process of offering complementary products, enhancing both customer satisfaction and eCommerce revenue.

In-depth Customer Profiles

In-depth Customer Profiles - Putler

Comprehensive customer profiles enable a deep understanding of customer behavior, fostering loyalty and repeat business. Putler’s Customer Profiles provide a 360-degree view of each customer’s personal details, website, transaction and refund history, preferences, purchase history, and more. This enables eCommerce sellers to deliver personalized customer experiences, driving customer loyalty and long-term success.

Activity Log

Activity Log - Putler

Access to daily statistics is crucial for monitoring performance, identifying trends, and making timely adjustments in eCommerce operations. Putler offers a detailed Activity Log, ensuring eCommerce professionals get real-time updates on their sales, refunds, disputes, failed transactions, and more. This feature allows for data-driven decision-making and timely adjustments to optimize performance.

Goal Tracking

Goal Tracking - Putler

Tracking progress toward eCommerce goals is essential for growth and success. Putler’s Goal Tracking feature empowers eCommerce professionals to set, monitor, and achieve their business goals effectively. This feature simplifies the process of defining and tracking milestones, ensuring that eCommerce businesses stay on the path to success.

Unlimited Filtering

Unlimited Filtering - Putler

Simplifying product or customer search is crucial for managing your eCommerce business. Putler offers unlimited filtering and facets, along with instant search, making it easy to efficiently understand products or customers. This helps you find every necessary detail about your products or customers, giving you a better grip on your eCommerce business, from product preferences to customer behavior.

Product Reports

Product Reports - Putler

In-depth product reports are vital for understanding the performance and demand for specific products. Putler’s Product Reports feature offers detailed insights into individual product performance based on current period and lifetime along with relevant customers and more. This helps eCommerce professionals identify bestsellers and underperforming items, and optimize product offerings and sales strategies.

Top 20% products

Top 20% products - Putler

Identifying and giving priority to the best-performing products is a vital aspect of eCommerce sales and strategy. Putler helps eCommerce professionals apply the Pareto Principle (recognizing that the top 20% of products generate 80% of sales) by identifying the top 20% of products that majorly contribute to their overall sales. This insight empowers them to make better sales strategies and long-term growth decisions.

Sales Heatmap

Sales Heatmap - Putler

Visualizing sales patterns and hotspots is vital for optimizing your eCommerce strategy. Putler offers a Sales Heatmap feature that provides a clear understanding of the specific days and times when your business experienced the highest and lowest sales. This valuable insight allows you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your eCommerce strategy based on real sales patterns.

Unlimited Team Sharing

Unlimited Team Sharing - Putler

Effective team collaboration and sharing insights are essential for accelerating towards achieving your eCommerce business goals. Putler’s Team Sharing feature simplifies the process of sharing insights and collaborating, making it easier for efficient teamwork among eCommerce professionals.

Weekly Email Updates

Weekly Email Updates - Putler

Regular updates are crucial for staying informed and taking timely action in your eCommerce business. Putler provides Weekly Email Updates, delivering the latest data and insights directly to your inbox, even when you’re away from the keyboard. This ensures that you can make data-driven decisions and take prompt actions based on the most up-to-date information.

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  • Organize your data effortlessly with unlimited filters
  • Get insights when you need them for better decisions
  • Gain actionable insights across 200+ metrics
  • Expand your reach across the globe with 36+ currency compatibility
  • Identify and target high-value customers for personalized service
  • Plan for growth with sales and revenue predictions
  • Process refunds quickly while prioritizing data security

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