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Best Customer Service Analytics Tool - Putler

A compact and efficient CS analytics tool!

Before Putler, our customer service felt like navigating in the dark. With Customer Service Analytics, we now have a spotlight on every customer interaction. It’s not just data; it’s a lifeline for understanding our customers’ needs, quirks, and how we can delight them. It’s become an indispensable part of our support strategy. We recommend it to everyone looking for a compact and efficient CS analytics tool!

Morris Palmer, EcomSolutions
Morris Palmer
Customer Success Manager, EcomSolutions

An integral part of our support success story!

Putler’s customer service analytics is more than just analytics; it’s like having a dedicated support assistant who understands our customers’ needs and quirks. With its insights, we’ve streamlined our processes, resulting in faster response times and happier customers. It’s become an integral part of our support success story. Putler has truly revolutionized how we handle support requests.

Emily González, SwiftGoods
Emily González
Customer Support Lead, SwiftGoods

Let your customer service teams stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Putler: Your partner for exceptional
customer service excellence

Boost your team’s performance with ready-to-use data, in-depth insights, real-time updates, accessibility, and more. Take your customer service efforts a notch higher with the best customer service data analytics.

360-Degree Customer View

Providing top-notch customer service starts with understanding your customers. Putler gathers customer service data from various sources like online stores and payment processors to offer insights into customer profiles, purchase history, location, and even their website.

Real-Time Data Updates

Accurate information is key to pinpointed customer service. Putler keeps your customer service team updated with the latest data in real time. This allows for more accurate and informed customer interactions.

Instant and Secure Refunds

Quick refunds make customers happy. Putler empowers your team to process full or partial refunds without needing access to the business owner’s PayPal or Stripe account(s). This helps resolve payment problems faster by offering quick and efficient solutions.

Putler Clients

Upselling Opportunities

To offer customers personalized advice, you need to understand their behavior. Putler’s customer service analytics show you what’s popular and what’s often bought together. This information can be used to offer tailored sales recommendations and proactive support.

Identifying Top Customers

Knowing who your best customers are and providing them with exceptional service is essential for long-term success. Putler helps identify these valuable customers with its RFM segmentation feature, so you can prioritize their needs and build lasting relationships.

Order and Payment Tracking

Quickly checking the status of customer orders and payments is really a fundamental requirement. Putler streamlines this process, allowing your team to promptly respond to inquiries concerning orders and payments.

The insights are spot on!

Understanding our customers has never been so easy. All thanks to Putler’s CS analytics. The insights are spot on, allowing us to provide personalized support that keeps our customers coming back.

Robin Peters, DigiBiz
Robin Peters
eCommerce Manager, DigiBiz

Putler has transformed how we support our customers!

We were drowning in customer data until we found Putler. Now, with its customer service data analytics, we not only have clarity on past interactions but can foresee trends. This predictive ability has made things very easy for us, helping us offer proactive support and enhance our customer relationships significantly. Now, we not only know what our customers liked in the past but can also predict what they might need next. This has transformed how we support our customers!

Sophia Perez, BrightBuys
Sophia Perez
Customer Support Director, BrightBuys

Putler features that Customer Service people love!

Make simplified support meet happy customers –
experience the love for easy, efficient service with Putler’s Customer Service Analytics Features.

RFM Segmentation

Providing excellent customer service means recognizing your most valuable customers and tailoring your support to their needs. Putler’s RFM segmentation feature makes it easy for you to –

  • Group your customers based on Recency (how recently they made a purchase), Frequency (how often they buy), and Monetary Value (how much they spend)
  • Help your team quickly identify high-value customer segments, personalize their support, and build strong, long-lasting relationships
  • Take better care of your customers who are about to abandon your business
  • Streamline your communication, making your support and communication more efficient
“Putler’s RFM Segmentation is a lifesaver for our customer service. It helps us categorize customers based on their behavior, making it easy to personalize our interactions and ensure exceptional service for each segment.”
RFM Customer Segmentation - Putler

Direct Export to Mailchimp

The ability to export customer segments directly to Mailchimp is a time-saving marvel, simplifying and accelerating your email marketing efforts. Putler simplifies this process by allowing you to –

  • Easily send targeted emails to specific customer segments
  • Engage with your most loyal customers or with those who’ve recently made a purchase
  • Makes it swift and stress-free for your team to directly export customer data to Mailchimp
  • Ensures your email campaigns are tailored to perfection, with enhanced impact
“Syncing customer data seamlessly with Mailchimp through Putler has transformed our email marketing strategy. The ease of integration and real-time updates ensure our campaigns are highly targeted and yield impressive engagement and conversion rates.”
Direct Export to Mailchimp - Putler

In-depth Customer Profiles

To stay ahead in your Customer Service game, you need to know who your customers really are. Putler’s customer profiles provide –

  • A bird-eye view, gathering data from different sources like online stores and payment processors
  • Easy access to vital data – buying history, preferences, location, customers’ websites, and more
  • Ability to provide excellent customer service, suggest products they’ll love, and assist with any issues they may have
  • Power to answer questions, recommend the perfect item, and solve customer problems on the go
“From purchase history to website visits, Putler’s comprehensive insights enable us to offer personalized support, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Putler’s in-depth customer profiles is a true game-changer for any customer service team.”
In-depth Customer Profiles - Putler

Reports On Demand

In the world of eCommerce customer service, having access to the right data at the right time is paramount. With Putler, you’re equipped with –

  • Instant access to a suite of on-demand reports that cover every crucial aspect of your customer service operation
  • Comprehensive, timely, and relevant reports on customer behavior, refunds, product performance, transaction details, and more
  • Information required to stay on top of your customer service operations
  • Ability to make swift and informed decisions based on the data at hand
“With Putler, timely insights into sales, customer behavior, and transaction details empower us to make quick and informed decisions, ensuring we stay ahead in providing top-notch support. The on-demand reports have been an invaluable tool that keeps our customer service operations efficient and effective.”
Reports On Demand - Putler
Putler integrates with many payment gateways, eCommerce platforms, Google Analytics and other services

17 Direct Integrations and more

Your Customer Service efforts improve with more data within your accessibility. Putler effortlessly connects with a variety of platforms to make your customer service smoother. It further helps you by –

  • Gathering customer data from your WooCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, BigCommerce, Gumroad, and EDD stores
  • Analyzing customer payment data from PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, SagePay, and Razorpay
  • Collaborating seamlessly with Mailchimp and Icegram Express to manage emails better
  • Pulling in additional data through the inbound API feature
“Thanks to Putler’s direct integrations and seamless connectivity to multiple platforms, we can save time on manual data entry and focus more on delivering exceptional customer service. It’s the best feature for any customer service team dealing with diverse platforms.”
17 Direct Integrations and more - Putler

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  • Don’t miss out on anything. Get customer data from any and every source
  • Use data to provide relevant upsell and skyrocket sales and customer satisfaction
  • Find and nurture valuable customers
  • Harness the power of data-driven decisions
  • Your all-in-one customer service analytics solution

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Aggregation & cleanups

Unify multiple e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, currencies, teams, segments… Putler is the only solution that can handle such complexities – so you can make better decisions.

Powerful analytics

Sales, products, customers, subscriptions, forecasting, website audience… Instant search, filters, facets, comparisons, drill downs… Get power and convenience both.

Segmentation, RFM, useful metrics

Develop marketing campaigns with holiday season insights and automatic RFM segmentation on customers. Create custom segments. Monitor your business with 153+ pre-bulit metrics.

Beyond marketing and C level

Business owners, executives, marketing, data analysts, fulfillment and even customer support. Putler has reporting as well as operational tools – and supports unlimited teams and team members.

Blazing speed means faster answers

Need to find a transaction? Want to find some stat? Curious about metrics for a product, geography or segment? Putler is built with cutting edge technologies to get you answers quickly.

For every business

Well known analytics products cater only to recurring billing businesses. Most also support limited platforms. Putler works for e-commerce, digital products as well as subscription businesses.