Understand your marketing efforts at a deeper level with digital marketing analytics and optimize strategies for success.

Unified Analytics for Digital Marketers

Juggling multiple data streams, marketing campaigns, and reporting for numerous clients can be overwhelming. Gain a comprehensive view of your clients’ marketing endeavors with Putler’s digital marketing analytics and help them achieve more using data-driven strategies.

Gain more insights from your client’s data – get started in under 5 minutes, or see live demo

Putler digital marketing analytics software

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Putler transformed the way I handle work. I can now effortlessly monitor my clients’ customer activity, track the progress of campaigns, and boost their business performance, delivering stellar results – all at once. Putler really is the best tool for every digital marketer. An absolute must-try, without any doubt.

Steven J., Freelancer
Steven J.
Freelance Digital Marketer

Putler is a must-have for freelance marketers!

Putler’s multi-client dashboard is a game-changer, cutting my workload in half. The insights and forecasting tools help me make data-driven decisions, boost success rates, and increase client satisfaction. It’s more than just software; it’s my digital marketing partner. Highly recommended!

Serena Watkins, Successful Leads
Serena Watkins
Owner of Successful Leads

Putler does the heavy-lifting –
Get an instant view of your client’s data and suggest them data-driven strategies that work.

Convert data overload to data-driven insights
and help clients achieve guaranteed success

To deliver the best results to your clients and outperform competitors, you need to change how you look at data. Complex dashboards are outdated. You need digital marketing analytics and insights that guide your steps, instead of letting you figure them out. Consolidate client accounts to understand your progress, and peek into individual accounts to tweak your strategies.

Comprehensive Client Insights

Getting a clear picture of your clients’ performance is key to successful digital marketing. Putler offers a complete view of your clients’ data from their sales, customers, and products, to subscription insights and website visitors. This can help customize your strategies to meet their specific needs and goals, whether for individual clients or as a whole.

Track Special Campaigns

Boosting your digital marketing results during Black Friday and Cyber Monday requires in-depth insights. Putler equips you with Holiday Season insights, containing a detailed analysis of your clients’ performance during this crucial period. This helps you to optimize your strategies and deliver superior results.

Efficient Client Reporting

Efficient reporting saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on client campaigns. Putler gathers all your client data in one place, eliminating the need for manual reporting. Plus, Putler sends you weekly updates directly to your inbox, keeping you informed about your clients’ activities without missing a beat.

Putler Clients

Data-Driven Decisions

Data-driven decisions lead to better campaign performance. Putler offers vital insights and digital marketing analytics into each of your clients’ eCommerce websites. This empowers you to make informed on-time decisions to drive their business growth successfully and make your clients stand out in their respective industries.

Strategic Optimization

Fine-tuning strategies is key to delivering successful campaigns. Putler’s individual and comprehensive views of your clients help you adjust and improve marketing strategies for each client, ensuring better results. This also helps you understand how well your strategies are performing as a whole and where you need to make necessary tweaks.

Time and Resource Savings

Saving time and resources is vital for productivity and profitability. Putler lets you divide responsibilities among your team within the app. This lets you save time and boost productivity through improved teamwork, further resulting in a significant increase in revenue.

Putler is a must-have

Putler is an amazing tool; it allows us to do incredible things for our clients and provides quick answers and accurate reporting. A must-have for any digital marketing agency!

Lucia Shaw, Owner of Alpha Digital
Lucia Shaw
Internet Marketing Specialist

Can’t imagine managing digital marketing without Putler

I’ve truly fallen in love with Putler; it’s an incredible product that empowers my digital marketing team in so many ways. It helps them achieve outstanding results for my clients. It’s become an integral part of our workflow and it has ensured that my clients are delighted with my services. I couldn’t imagine managing my digital marketing endeavors without it!

Johann Anderson, Owner of Alpha Digital
Johann Anderson
Internet Marketing Specialist

Revenue-boosting features,
custom-built for Digital Marketers

Your clients rely on your expertise. Understand your marketing efforts at a deeper level and deliver tangible results with Putler’s data-powered features.

Multiple Account Management

Managing multiple clients can be a tough task for digital marketers. Putler makes it easy by –

  • Simplifying multi-client management with a dedicated “Multiple Account” feature that brings all your client accounts under one roof
  • Streamlines your workflow, so you can view, analyze, and understand the performance of all your clients’ businesses in one place
  • Allows you to get an overview and dive deep into individual client accounts with ease
  • Providing you with the features to serve your clients better, get better results, and succeed in digital marketing
“Managing multiple clients can be overwhelming, but Putler simplifies everything. Now, I can seamlessly handle various accounts, streamline workflow, and gain valuable insights. This has made the entire thing a breeze.”
Multiple Account Management - Putler

BFCM (Holiday Season) Insights

Navigating the holiday season can be challenging for digital marketers. Putler simplifies the process with its Holiday Season Insights feature. This feature –

  • Is designed to streamline Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns and optimize holiday sales efforts
  • Offers key performance metrics, including comparative views of previous years’ performance, revenue during the holiday season, daily averages, visitor data, ARPU, conversion rate, and best holiday season so far, all in one place
  • Provides you with insights into Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with additional insights on AOV and top products
  • Lets you efficiently track your client campaigns and make data-driven decisions for maximum results during the holiday season
“Navigating the holiday season was a challenge until I discovered Putler’s BFCM Insights. The detailed analytics and performance comparisons have been a life-saver, helping me optimize my Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns for maximum results.”
BFCM (Holiday Season) Insights - Putler
Putler integrates with many payment gateways, eCommerce platforms, Google Analytics and other services

Google Analytics simplified

Digital marketers must have a clear, immediate view of the client’s website data to make effective marketing decisions. Putler offers –

  • A dedicated Audience Dashboard designed to provide effortless access to vital website metrics
  • Scope to gain deeper insights into visitors/customers, conversion percentages, most popular pages, CTR, keywords that bring users to your client websites, keyword positions, and more
  • Insights to understand vital analytics for digital marketing better
  • Power to refine marketing strategies, deliver more personalized campaigns, and ultimately achieve better results for your clients
“Putler’s Audience Dashboard not only provides a comprehensive view of customer segments but also empowers me to tailor strategies for better engagement. It’s become an indispensable tool for optimizing marketing efforts and delivering targeted campaigns.”
Audience Dashboard - Putler

Instant Search and Filters

Efficient reporting and tracking are paramount for digital marketers. Putler simplifies these tasks with its Instant Search feature and unlimited Filters, allowing internet marketers to –

  • Quickly find essential data and insights around their clients’ businesses
  • Enhance their ability to monitor campaign performances and track conversions, repeat purchases, and other key performance metrics
  • Reach to data-driven decisions quickly and provide better results for their clients
  • Ensure that they can efficiently focus on what matters most
“Managing and sorting through data for multiple clients was a headache until we discovered Putler’s Instant Search and Filters. It’s a boon for digital marketers, simplifying the process of finding precise information. Now, we can easily find any vital information in seconds, saving us a lot of time and effort.”
Instant Search and Filters - Putler

RFM Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is at the heart of digital marketing strategy. Putler’s RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Segmentation feature revolutionizes the way internet marketers serve their clients. It allows marketers to –

  • Analyze their clients’ customers and segment them based on their past purchase behavior, helping them understand the lifecycle of their clients’ customers
  • Identify the best customers and re-engage those at risk of leaving
  • Get vital insights needed to craft tailored marketing strategies for each segment
  • Unlock a new level of personalized marketing and enhance their clients’ overall experience
“Our customer insights took a giant leap with Putler’s RFM. Understanding who our customers are and what they really want has become a breeze. The way RFM segmentation guides us through personalized service and strategic decision-making is incomparable. Thanks, Putler!”
RFM Customer Segmentation - Putler


Predictive analytics is a game-changer in digital marketing. With Putler’s Forecasting feature, you can –

  • Access to data-driven insights that help you anticipate the future performance of your clients’ businesses
  • Leverage this information to understand how well their marketing endeavors would work in the near future, make well-informed decisions, and plan ahead
  • Set realistic targets and align your strategies for optimum results
  • Meet and exceed your clients’ expectations, ensuring a successful journey in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing
“With Putler’s forecasting, we’re no longer guessing our way through sales trends. The insights provided have transformed our planning. Now, we confidently make data-driven decisions, adjust strategies on the fly, and stay ahead of market changes.”
Sales/Revenue Forecasting - Putler
As an online marketer, I used to juggle with multiple systems to monitor my businesses. Putler puts everything important in a single place. I can now peacefully manage my business even while I’m away on a vacation. That means more quality time with family.
Steven Meyers, Digital Profits
Steven Meyers
Digital Profits

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to clarity

No more indulging in endless spreadsheets and chaotic dashboards. Delve deeper into your marketing strategies and consistently deliver exceptional results to your clients with Putler’s additional features.

Customers Graph Overview

Customers Graph Overview - Putler

Putler gives a basic overview of customer metrics including – visitors, new customers, returning customers, and refunded customers divided by days/months/years, in the Customers dashboard. This helps you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and other marketing efforts on the go, allowing you to tailor your strategies, be it individually or across all clients.

Top 20% Products

Top 20% products - Putler

With Putler’s Top 20% Products feature, you can easily identify the most successful products that drive the majority of sales. By focusing their marketing strategies on these top performers, digital marketers can maximize revenue and deliver remarkable results for their clients.

Products Bought Together

Products bought together - Putler

Putler’s “Products Bought Together” feature equips internet marketers with valuable insights into product associations. By understanding which products are commonly purchased together, you can create compelling cross-selling and upselling strategies. This feature simplifies the process of discovering these product pairs, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts and deliver impressive results for your clients.

Direct Export to MailChimp

Direct Export to MailChimp - Putler

Putler’s “Direct Export to MailChimp” feature streamlines your email marketing efforts. It allows you to seamlessly export your customer data, lists, and segments directly to MailChimp, a widely used email marketing platform. This lets you easily send targeted emails to your clients’ target audience with ease and achieve impressive results for your clients without any hassle.

Goal Tracking

Goal Tracking - Putler

Putler’s “Goal Tracking” feature allows you to set, monitor, and achieve your marketing objectives with ease. Whether it’s about increasing website traffic, improving the conversion rate, boosting revenue, or any other metric, Putler simplifies the process. This ensures that you can stay focused on what matters most, and optimize your marketing strategies to exceed your clients’ goals.

Weekly Email Updates

Weekly Email Updates - Putler

Putler offers “Weekly Email Updates” that bring the latest data and insights straight to your inbox. You’ll receive a summary of your clients’ business performance and relevant metrics at a glance. This ensures that you stay updated about your clients’ key metrics, highlighting important changes, trends, and areas that need attention to drive success for your clients.

Product Reports

Product Reports - Putler

Putler simplifies this process with its dedicated “Product Reports” feature. This feature provides in-depth insights into product performance, allowing you to track what’s selling and what’s not. With Putler, you can analyze key product metrics, such as sales, refunds, orders, sales and refund quantities, and trends. This feature streamlines your workflow and enables you to make data-driven decisions.

Instant Secure Refunds

Instant and Secure Refunds - Putler

Efficient and secure refund processes are vital for maintaining customer satisfaction and resolving disputes swiftly in digital marketing. Putler’s “Instant Refunds” feature simplifies and secures the refund process. This ensures that you can handle customer inquiries and disputes effectively, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and smoother resolution processes for your clients.

Sales Heatmap

Sales Heatmap - Putler

Putler’s Sales Heatmaps feature provides a clear understanding of when you received the most sales and when your business couldn’t keep up. By identifying these key sales patterns, you can fine-tune your digital marketing efforts to make data-driven decisions and maximize results for your clients.

36+ Currency Support

36+ Currency Support - Putler

Putler simplifies this process with its support for 36+ currencies and multiple payment gateways. By offering this feature to your clients, you’re making it easier for their customers to pay in their preferred currency, thus enhancing the overall shopping experience. Promoting the availability of multiple currencies can also boost your client’s popularity among a diverse customer base, further driving their digital marketing success.

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  • Gain a deeper understanding of your client’s business performance
  • Fine-tune your BFCM campaigns for better result
  • Simplify data management with Instant Search and Filters
  • Achieve precise customer targeting with RFM Segmentation
  • Optimize your top-performing products and cross-selling strategies
  • Supercharge your email marketing with Direct Export to MailChimp
  • Keep track of key performance indicators with Goal Tracking
  • Enhance performance with Sales Heatmaps
  • Reach global audiences with 36+ Currency Support

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Not just digital marketing,
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Aggregation & cleanups

Unify multiple e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, currencies, teams, segments… Putler is the only solution that can handle such complexities – so you can make better decisions.

Powerful analytics

Sales, products, customers, subscriptions, forecasting, website audience… Instant search, filters, facets, comparisons, drill downs… Get power and convenience both.

Segmentation, RFM, useful metrics

Develop marketing campaigns with holiday season insights and automatic RFM segmentation on customers. Create custom segments. Monitor your business with 153+ pre-bulit metrics.

Beyond marketing and C level

Business owners, executives, marketing, data analysts, fulfillment and even customer support. Putler has reporting as well as operational tools – and supports unlimited teams and team members.

Blazing speed means faster answers

Need to find a transaction? Want to find some stat? Curious about metrics for a product, geography or segment? Putler is built with cutting edge technologies to get you answers quickly.

For every business

Well known analytics products cater only to recurring billing businesses. Most also support limited platforms. Putler works for e-commerce, digital products as well as subscription businesses.