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Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Reporting

Do you have multiple businesses/ data sources connected to Putler?

Then you are in for an advance TREAT

Now you no longer need to go to settings and keeping checking/unchecking the data source or SBU (Strategic Business Unit) you want to view reports for.

I'm going to show you a way out of this repetitive, mundane task.

Steps to switch between SBU's in a single click

Create Team

  • Go to Settings
  • Create a team
  • Select the data source or SBU you wish to analyse individually
  • Assign yourself as a team member
  • Once you assign the team to yourself, it will appear right above your display picture.
  • You can then easily switch between accounts and view reports for your business/data source individually.


How to see aggregated, consolidated reports of all data sources?


The My Accounts view will show you consolidated (aggregated) reports of all data sources you have kept checked in your settings. We recommend, keep all the data sources checked in your settings.