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Putler FAQ

📄️ Will your software be able to display historical data, such as the data for months before I started using it

Yes, Putler's software can display historical data, including information from months before you started using it. During the trial period, it may only show limited data for the last 3 months. However, when you opt for a paid plan, you'll have access to more extensive historical data. Putler offers two plans: the Starter plan, which provides 2 years of historical data, and the Growth plan, which offers 5 years of historical data.

📄️ How can I grant access to team members in Putler?

To grant access to team members in Putler, you can give them either ADMIN or SUPPORT access to your data sources (accounts). ADMIN access provides access to all reports, while SUPPORT access grants access to selected reports. To do this, follow the steps outlined in the Putler documentation on How to create Teams in Putler. When creating a team, add the data source you want to share with your team members and specify their role (admin/support). An invitation will be sent to the team members, allowing them to access the shared data source within Putler.