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How to calculate RFM analysis for your entire business?

Calculating RFM analysis for your entire business is simple and quick.


Here are two things you need to pay attention to

1. Does your Putler plan provide RFM?

The RFM feature is only available in the Growth and the Scale plan.

2. How many years are supported in your plan?

The Growth plan pulls in 7 years of historical data and the Scale plan pulls in 10 years of historical data.

So if your business was established prior to the number of years supported by your plan you will have to either upgrade to a higher plan or contact our team.

Steps to calculate RFM analysis for your entire business

The RFM chart provides you the number of customers falling in each segment. But inorder to view each customer individually, here's what you do.

  • Go to the customer dashboard within Putler
  • Adjust the date range to the year your business began.

This depends on how much data your current Putler plan has pulled in. (Refer to point no. 2 above)

  • Once the dashboard refreshes, click the RFM segment you want on the chart
  • All the customers belonging to this segment will be loaded.
  • You can now scan through these customers or export it as CSV