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How to calculate RFM segments for custom date ranges?

RFM Segmentation is Putler's star feature. And the best thing about the RFM segmentation is it's already calculated. So all you do is use the RFM segments to your advantage.

So let's dive in...

Once you have connected your data sources with Putler. Putler will start importing and processing the data. It will then segment all the customers based on three parameter - Recency, Frequency and Monetary.

Once the processing is done, Putler will neatly create a chart in the Customer Dashboard.


The colorful RFM chart is calculated on the entire data pulled in within Putler. The values in the chart are not subjected to the date range you select on the dashboard.

Steps to calculate RFM for a custom date range

As mentioned above, the RFM chart is created on the entire data. But that doesn't mean you can't download the RFM segments for a customized date range. Let's say you want to find the RFM segments for the 'Last 3 months'

  • Change the date range to 'Last 3 months'
  • Once the dashboard refreshes, click the RFM segment you want on the chart
  • All the customers belonging to this segment within the selected date range (in this case last 3 months) will be loaded.
  • You can now scan through these customers or export it as CSV

You can pick any custom periods or define your own date range and calculate RFM for that period. Incase, the date range selected is too short or there are no customers that fall in the particular segment. You will see an error message like "Sorry, no matching results found". Simply increase the date range and click on the segment again.