Putler Changelog

*Fix – Product name missing in deduped data because of RLS.

*Mailchimp export improvements and fixes on transaction dashboard
*Fix – Transactions Dashboard – When a product filter is applied with all the products in a single order, the grid shows that order multiple times (same as product names selected)
*Fixes for MailChimp Export

*Putler Connector for WooCommerce – HPOS Compatibility (v2.12.0)
*New navbar and icons with support for light and dark.

*Added prediction to Products dashboard and Product detail
*New UI for Subscriptions and Time Machine Dashboards, Mobile Responsiveness Changes, Churn Rate Fixes and Improvements
*Sidebar Facets ui added for Mobile, Summary table fixed, header minor fixed – V3.29.8

*Prediction on Home dashboard and Sales dashboard

*Prediction on Home dashboard and Sales dashboard
*Facet’s count on Transaction Dashboard does not match with the count of transactions in the grid and the transactions count stat.

*Mailchimp export Feature
*[FIXED] Not able to expand/drill-down the `Continents` in `Location` facet/drill-down on `Transactions` dashboard
*CSV Export – Added data source name column in Sales and Transaction CSV.
*Support for previous years in `Holiday Season` Insight

*Home Dashboard – Get Pulse Activity section from PG.

*Provision to filter data by SKU


*Transactions dashboard new-ui instant csv export issue & version change
*Codebase cleanup – Removed prediction query
*Instant CSV (handleExportData) common component, Transactions Dashboard new ui and codebase cleanup
*Name correction for handleExportData
*Updated version number to `v3.8.28`


*Prediction on Sales Dashboard
*Direct CSV Download
*Nixtla Prediction , Automatic grouping month/year update.


*Sales dashboard breaking fix and sidebar width issue fix
*Quantity count issue fixed.
*FIXED: Product detail breaks when address is `null`, FIXED:Clicking on GA CTA on home opens up app inside iframe instead of redirecting the page, other minor change
*FIXED: Left section (predefined filters) takes larger space than allotted for few more cases (Applied a generic fix via CSS), FIXED: Product detail breaks when `productMeta` is `null` (and we need `name`, `avatar`, `aliases`, `categories`)


*New Sales and Customers Dashboard
*Products dashboards
*NEW: Provision to export `Products bought together` list from Product detail drawer
*Add provision to select year `2021` in `Holiday Season` insight
*Merge Product + Product Name Truncation Fix
*Export CSV – Added product variation and categories fields in sales/transaction export
*Concatenate the `variations` and `categories` for Sales/Transactions CSV export with `, ` separator instead of `,`
*Export CSV – Products Bought Together , issue fixed – empty columns Variations and Categories in Sales export.


*v3.21 | NEW: Show forecasting for sales (chart) in Sales dashboard, FIXED: Avoid caching the order, customer and product queries, NEW: *Improvements to `chart` component in `titan`
*New Dashboard changes and Sidebar scroll fixes.
*Made major dashboards mobile responsive.
*Customer Dashboard and UI fixes
*Show Billingly’s banner on Subscriptions dashboard


*FIXED: Product avatar issue changes used encodeURIComponent()
*New home dashboard design

*Quality check email
*Added SKU in the Orders CSV.
*Product merging
*New UI fixes


*Timezone fix + Previous date mismatch fix + Date picker fix
*Fixes: Timezone + Notification Error Icon + Teams
*Incorrect orders count in summary table (wrong data mapping)
*Dark mode + Quality Check + Ui fixes + Account Balance Dropdown + double dropdown icon fix(in custom filter)
*Allow all predefined filters/drilldowns (facets) across all dashboards and the RFM Analysis to new `Starter` users(PTMR-10K) as well


*Fixed partial refund issue
*v3.11: Allow all predefined filters/drilldowns (facets) across all dashboards and the RFM Analysis to new `Starter` users(PTMR-10K) as well
*Updated version number – v3.10
*Dark mode + Quality Check + Ui fixes + Account Balance Dropdown + double dropdown icon fix(in custom filter)
*Incorrect orders count in summary table (wrong data mapping)
*Fixes: Timezone + Notification Error Icon + Teams
*Updated version number + removed unnecessary utcOffsets
*Timezone fix + Previous date mismatch fix + Date picker fix
*Product merge + Shadow fix
*Few UI/CSS changes and correction for Product merging feature
*Product name editing feature released
*Product merging feature release


*New Home UI Files and Changes
*reverted to dataSouce in Search file
*FIXED: `home-beta` not accessible for live/web users, Additional fixes/improvements for new Home dashboard and at other places


*Teams dropdown in Comparison (Insights) dashboard, Other fixes and improvements
*Added 2 new data sources – Amazon and Razorpay


*Fixes for customer-gravatar not showing up properly (Shows monster avatars even for proper genders. This is because avatar URL generated has `u`[`unknown`] at most places)
*Added tooltips to facet labels
*Changes for v3.05: Search – Show `searching` and `No results for XXX`
*Possible fix for HolidayInsight issue(have included one console.log for debugging)
*Fixed the issue with visitors error on Holiday Insights
*Fixed undefined holiday error HolidayInsights


*FIX: Refund and Subscription Management does not work for de-duped sales/orders/transactions
*FIX: User Churn value (in %) does not seem to affect the Customers trend/growth (graph and description/explanation) in Time Machine Dashboard
*Changed label to `User Growth` in Time Machine -> Customers from `User Growth ($)`, Updated version to 3.03 in `.env` and config files
*Additional changes for v3.00: Ability to refund disputed transactions as well.
*Cohort changes and files


*Added tooltips to facet labels, Increased amount columns to accommodate more numbers in tables/lists in Sales, Transactions, Customers and *Products dashboards.
*Additional changes for v3.00: Ability to refund disputed transactions as well.
*Date picker fix
*Fixed: Previous interval not persisting in compare dates
*Other minor UI/CSS fixes.
*Fixed: Daily Average, ARPU, Conversion values mapping


*Last name added in export query
*Holiday Insights Implementation
*Holiday Insights fix: fixed date issues and added time zone to the dates object
*Fixed: RFM and Customer Contribution count issue
*RFM query changes
*v2.97: Additional CSS changes for Insights dashboard


*Added product attribute facet in customer dashboard
*Email address added to identify unique user insights
*Import progress indicator improvements, Undo restricting Segments (Save Segments and Segment dropdown), FIX: Product detail call from *Order detail
*Additional improvement: Reused `same Putler Insight Cookie Value` variable…


*Fix: Handle percentage values in Time Machine dashboard
*Prepend and append appropriate strings to chart’s y-axis. ARPU, LTV and Churn Rate
*Customer avatar handling added
*Fixed: filter null value issue
*Time machine dashboard improvement responsive, rate range, input value change
*Solved sales/transaction table date format issue


*NEW: Tooltip for change indicator – percentage up/down, FIXED: RFM segment filters not working for New Customers
*Additional changes for Frequently bought together and subscriptions dashboard
*V2.74 changes – Handle and set valid date-formats at global context (app/root level), Added tooltip to explain what yesterday’s change
*Added static content blocks
*Handle sidebar offset.


*Handle filter issue AND operator
*Export button UI changes in product details drawer
*Fix: Facet issue on transaction dashboard
*Metric component fixes – Fixed chart not rendering properly and other improvements and other fixes/improvements – v2.65
*Order date fix and transfer and updated type added
*FIXED: % of gross in products leaderboard in Home dashboard and products list in Products dashboard
*Cross linking transactions on customer details drawer


*Forecasts fixes and improvements – v2.61
*Sales forecast range added, CSS fixes and insight loading issue fix.
*Insights Improvements
*Version changes and minor code optimizations
*New operator CONTAINS added in product name filter


*NEW: Tooltip for change indicator – percentage up/down, FIXED: RFM segment filters not working for New Customers
*Fix in refund amount
*Handle refund amount and currency from source amount in cents

*Handle empty facet data
*Honey badger, User selected dates store, UI/UX improvement, User default currency selection for insights
*Changes for PayPal Subs Management
*Fix in source Order Total


*Fix currency in order details drawer
*Subscription management condition update & Insights added on home dashboard
*Handled Refunds, Subscription, Notes condition in a better way and others
*Clear button issue solved & Subscription management condition update
*Customers and product dashboards ported to tailwind CSS
*Tailwind porting of transaction dashboard
*Category facet added on product dashboard


*Handle sku in titans and titans error handling
*Tailwind sales dashboard port
*MRR integration in sales dashboard
*Handle multiple sku
*Handle SKU in product dashboard/product drawer
*Tailwind build changes
*Handled TYPE names in facets. Fixed TYPE names in Related Transactions, Other fixes for label
*Handle dispute type in transaction dashboard


*Handled settled amount and added fee & extra charges while refund
*Additional fixes to subscription management
*Handle Braintree refund
*Subscription management changes
*Additional changes for Tailwind UI
*Handle multiple account names
*Minor changes issue refund


*Additional changes for Refund
*Calculation for daily average updated
*Customer details page amount change
*Cross linking related transactions
*Predefined segments UI
*V2.24 – Changes in all dashboards for responsive view using ant columns only


*UI improvements and interlinking of product and customer on drawer page
*Changes to handle any transaction/order type and status – when new type/status is added from backend
*Status indicator condition change.
*Showing zero in change indicator improved
*Improved UI for no change (0% change)
*Handle firefox date issue
*Additional changes for 3 months comparison


*UI/UX improvements
*Solved titan errors
*Export customers in product details
*Filter additional improvements
*Filter issue solve
*Additional improvements for privileges and facet-updation
*Joined on stat in Customer detail, Removed location from Product facets
*Transaction stats file added
*Team support in MP-FE for oneview mode only. Fixes in GA stats
*Additional changes for GA visitors charts and stats
*Change currency of forecasting data
*Forecasting and GA integration.
*Orders Chart in Home dashboard + ChartJS component modifications
*Added more stats in Sales, Customers and Products dashboard
*Increased avatar size in list and detail, Additional changes and improvements wrt existing PRs
*Changes to show multiple email addresses


*Fixed count of Products and Customers Facets. Changes for UI fixes and improvements
*FIX: Save Segments triggered near first facet header
*Oneview (without few header components to integrate with old view) + UI improvements + Other improvements – v1.91
*V1.95 – Website screenshot in Customer detail, All avatars as rounded squares instead of circle + rounded squares, Improved detail loader, Code generalization and improvements
*Marcopolo build and run error solved.
*Include Segment selector in one view (to show MP view in iframe)
*FIXED: Old app dashboard endpoints for Customers, Products and Transactions
*Improvements for nested facets implementation
*FIXED: Location facets does not work on any dashboard except Products dashboard
*Fixes and UI/Code improvements for Monthly Goal and Account Balance
*Truncate fractional part for Account Balance and Current month stat


*Improvements and changes for Account Balance split + Other UI improvements – [v1.85]
*Handled null of og.amount in Recent Transactions + Monthly Goal PlaceHolder
*Review + Changes for showing Account Balance (without splits)
*Fixes in Products list – breaks on facet selection other than location
*Styled scroll-bar for Mozilla
*Additional changes for embedded view of MP-Home in old view
*Recent Transactions improvemments, Oneview – hide dashboard selector, utility functions – v1.76
*UI Improvements + product name fixes for editing filter – v1.74
*Bug fixes in product filter
*Show percentage contribution in Products Leaderboard on Home Dashboard


*Handled null value errors – v1.72
*Home Dashboard UI Improvements – v1.68
*Table sorting added in customer table
*Remove error policy from API call
*Additional improvements for Transactions Dashboard
*FIXED: Date for Refunds in Related Transactions was incorrect
*Change home DB recent transaction query
*Additional changes for Transactions API + Other fixes


*UI Improvements + show actual product images
*FE break fixes and Range facets values fixed
*Additional changes for order detail


*Sale percentage handling and CSS changes of related transaction
*Fixes in export query for export CSV not working / breaking
*Chart max tick limits added, sidebar refresh issue solved and showing related transaction for an order.
*Changes for v1.44 – Collapsing sale and sale-refund to yield settledAmount
*Edit/delete option added to edit/delete a filter rule
*Fixed email field error
*Changed naming for few variables


*Additional changes for v1.42.0: Detail view from Top Products and Recent Transactions
*Cross linking product and order detail on Home dashboard
*Ui improvements v2


*Autocomplete in filters (for product and customer names)
*NEW: SearchDetail Component and FIXED: Details drawer for Search not showing on Home Dashboard
*FIX: Selecting value from auto-completed list closes the filter box
*FIXES: Nested facets UI fixes