Extensive Ecommerce Analytics & Reporting For Your 2Checkout Orders

2Checkout users encounter low sales due to the absence of strong analytics that are necessary to grow any business. But, with Putler; an in-depth 2CO reporting and analytics software, users can grow sales with ease.

Why in-depth reporting for 2Checkout is a must?

The traditional 2Checkout reports provide only transactions data that is not enough to grow your business.

To accelerate business growth, you must get acquainted with in-and out-of your business and hence, you must stick to in-depth reporting always.

2Checkout highlights

2Checkout payment gateway is a worldwide leader in payments and ecommerce services. It bundles a gateway and merchant account into one single offering with no need to contract with a merchant bank or manage separate agreements. Other notable features includes:

  • Multiple payment methods support – credit cards, debit cards and even PayPal
  • World-class fraud prevention service on secure and reliable PCI-compliant payment pages
  • Translatable in 15 languages and 87 different currencies
  • Integration with 100+ shopping carts, three customizable checkout options, recurring billing services

2Checkout built-in reporting – sales & transactions data

Native 2Checkout analytics gives you complete details about your transactions and payment activities with some insights into your sales. Here’s the details of various 2Checkout or 2CO reports:

Monthly financial statement

2Checkout reports

2Checkout provides this reports on the 5th of each month in all seller accounts. This report includes the following:

  • Account financial summary
  • Payment amounts funded to seller
  • Total gross sales you submitted
  • Refunds & chargebacks
  • Chargeback summary
  • Transaction fee summary
  • Adjustment summary
  • Detailed listing of transactions

Billing activity download

Billing activity report lists all account sale information including both deposited and non-deposited sales for the date range specified. The report downloaded will include each sale’s:

  • Sale number & sale total
  • Date of placing & shipping order
  • Customer details – name, billing address, email, phone number
  • Date of payment
  • Refund date if any
  • Whether or not it was charged back by the customer’s bank
  • Chargeback date
  • Merchant order id
  • Product id and product name

Other transactions reports

  • Pending invoices report – lists all sales currently in approved status and have not yet deposited
  • Affiliate sales report – provides a list of your account’s affiliate sales
  • Recurrings to bill report – lists the upcoming billing dates for your active recurring sales
  • Unshipped orders report – will include all of your account’s unshipped sales

Limitation of native 2Checkout reports

2Checkout has done a solid job in bringing up the transaction data. But just transactions data is not enough for growing business. Here’s where 2Checkout reporting misses out:

Complete sales look-up

Metrics like revenue comparison, growth in sales as compared to previous period, hourly revenue breakup, times and days when you experience high/low sales, etc. are not reported in the 2Checkout reports.

Product metrics

Sale velocity, month/week/day wise breakdown of sales, revenue and refunds for each SKU, revenue contribution from top 20% products, product leaderboard, and other product metrics are not covered up in 2Checkout reports.

Customer insights

2Checkout also misses out on customer insights like – new vs returning customers, customers list with top paying customers, their last transaction date and number of transactions, customer lifetime value, customer order history with day/week/month wise grouping of orders, refunds and net amounts, etc.

Visitors data

Top search terms driving traffic to your sites, number of people using those search keywords, and their bounce rate, visitors categorization – hot lead, lead from social media and organic search leads, number of sessions and other traffic related insights are also not available in 2CO reports.

Is Putler The best 2Checkout reporting tool?

Putler is the perfect reporting and analytics solution for 2Checkout users. Connect your 2Checkout account to Putler and you will come across instantly useful insights and metrics to grow your business.

2Checkout transactions report in Putler


What 2Checkout users love about Putler

  • Multiple accounts consolidation: Not just 2Checkout, you can accurately combine multiple ecommerce platforms, payment gateways and view your business stats for each one of them.
  • Real-time data for multiple platforms: 2Checkout integrates with 100+ shopping carts like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify etc. Connect your shopping carts and even payment gateways along with your 2Checkout accounts to Putler and have a complete view of your business – accurate and real-time, without worrying about data duplicates.
  • Individual & aggregated data: You can connect any number of 2Checkout accounts to Putler and can view individual as well as combined stats if you are running multiple business.
  • Google Analytics integration: Putler integrates with Google Analytics and fetches instantly useful data like top webpages, bounce rate, traffic sources to your site, etc.
  • 153+ business metrics: All those important and widely useful metrics missing in 2Checkout reports are covered in Putler with some additional insights.
  • Instant transactions search: Putler’s search feature works at a blazing speed. Enter a few search terms and all related transactions to your query will be brought up within seconds.
  • Issue refund: Using Putler, you can issue refunds directly to customers in seconds.
  • Directly integrated with other top services: Do you have 2Checkout WooCommerce/ 2Checkout Shopify/ 2Checkout Google Analytics on your store? Then Putler is perfect. Putler directly integrates with 17+ top services making it easier for you to get a complete picture of your business. Simply connect 2CO, your shopping cart and Google Analytics to Putler and get in-depth reports in seconds.

Checkout Putler – You will surely love it

Winding up

2Checkout reports are good if you just want to look at your transactions data.

But, if you want a complete picture of your business and track it in real-time, Putler is your go-to solution anytime.