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Putler is indispensable!

While we were hesitant initially; our company has used Putler for several years now. Our management team uses it to monitor daily sales, quickly assess our financial goals and find potential weak spots in our offerings.

Caleb Carruth
Caleb Carruth
Founder, Catapult Distribution

Best on the market by far

I’ve been using Putler since 2013, and every iteration gets better and better. The online version has a great new dashboard with more segmentation options so you can drill down on your data. I still keep the desktop app open all the time and enjoy the Ka’ching when a sale comes through. I always recommend this to my peers – especially if they use both Paypal and Stripe.

Paul B., Fishbottle
Paul B.
CEO, Marketing and Advertising

The Reality

Inhouse Shopify Analytics has some loose ends.

Shopify is a great platform to sell stuff online. But when it comes to analytics and reporting here are some limitations –

  • Easy to use interface and beautiful dashboards
  • The basic plan only provides overview dashboards and financial reports
  • Simple filters for the purpose of segmentation
  • No advanced reports in lower plans
  • No Saas metrics
  • No multishop reporting
  • Expensive advanced reporting

But wait, there is a solution!

Putler is your Shopify Stores’ Growth Assistant

Putler analyses everything in your Shopify store – your products, orders, customers, sales, transactions even your website visitors. Putler processes all this data, cleans it, enriches it and then provides you actionable insights and reports that help grow your Shopify store the right way.

Feature Shopify Putler
Customer reports Only available in higher plans and is restricted to analyzing only 250,000 customers. Above that you need GA setup. Customer chart, rich customer profiles, customer CSV list, customer segments, key metrics, customer history
Order reports Not available in the lower plans. In higher plans, you get insight into your order volume, fulfillment, shipping, delivery, and returns In-depth order invoice, advanced order metrics, intuitive order search, order status
Stock reports Various types of inventory reports are available No inventory reporting
Product reports Provides insights for products for past 90 days only. Key product metrics, product leaderboard, product performance metrics, product insights
Transaction reports Available in higher plans Transaction status, in-depth records, transaction metrics, intuitive transaction search
Exports Exports upto 10,000 rows Unlimited export
Intuitive filters and facets Available in higher plans Search by any term and get instant results
Create & save segments Available in higher plans Use pre-made filters or create custom filters and save as segments for future use
Multi-store reporting Connect as many stores as needed and create aggregated or individual view of every store
In-depth product, customer cards Detailed information on every product and customer
SaaS reports MRR, Churn, LTV, ARPU and lot more
RFM customer segmentation Segment customers based on their shopping behavior
Forecasting Predict revenue and customers
Performance Comparison Compare the performance of your stores/ data sources in a single glance
Insights and growth tips Actionable tips to grow sales and gain new customers
Weekly alerts Email alerts about the weekly numbers sent to your/team’s inbox

Final Verdict

Shopify has tons of reporting options but they are mostly available in the higher plans which tend to become more and more expensive. The Lite and Basic Shopify plans have very limited analytics and reports. Thus, most businesses are either forced to take a bigger plan or have restricted analytics. Putler solves this problem and makes analytics affordable to all types of businesses.


Getting Started With Putler Is Easy

Step 1

Create an account and connect your Shopify shop to Putler and add the Putler connector plugin to your store.

Step 2

Putler will automatically sync data, process & clean it and provide you enriched data and in-depth reports.

Step 3

It will give you actionable insights and growth tools that you can use to grow your business and make profitable decisions.

Unique + useful

What gives Putler an edge over others?

There are lots of things in Putler that give it a solid competitive advantage over alternatives – here are a few…

Aggregation & cleanups

Unify multiple e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, currencies, teams, segments… Putler is the only solution that can handle such complexities – so you can make better decisions.

Powerful analytics

Sales, products, customers, subscriptions, forecasting, website audience… Instant search, filters, facets, comparisons, drill downs… Get power and convenience both.

Segmentation, RFM, useful metrics

Develop marketing campaigns with holiday season insights and automatic RFM segmentation on customers. Create custom segments. Monitor your business with 153+ pre-bulit metrics.

Beyond marketing and C level

Business owners, executives, marketing, data analysts, fulfillment and even customer support. Putler has reporting as well as operational tools – and supports unlimited teams and team members.

Blazing speed means faster answers

Need to find a transaction? Want to find some stat? Curious about metrics for a product, geography or segment? Putler is built with cutting edge technologies to get you answers quickly.

For every business

Well known analytics products cater only to recurring billing businesses. Most also support limited platforms. Putler works for e-commerce, digital products as well as subscription businesses.

Plenty of evidence, Putler will work for you too

Thousands of businesses like yours are using Putler to create success and freedom they deserve. You can too.

Putler delivers solid results

  • 94% say they got better control on their business with Putler.
  • “campaign costs down by 78% and revenues jumped by 32%”
  • “gives us sixteen hours every week”
  • “from an hour issuing refunds everyday to under 10 minutes”
  • “no room for blind-spots, confusion or chaos within the team”
  • “$6045 in new sales in just few days using Putler’s insights”
  • “from false, hope driven guesswork to concrete data driven actions”
Instant clarity and peace Jennifer Waldrop, Fuzzy and BirchFuzzy and Birch
Solves important problems Sujay Pawar, AstraAstra, CartFlows
The best app I’ve ever used James Schramko, SuperFastBusinessSuperFastBusiness
So glad I found Putler Tara Reed, Apps without CodeApps without Code
Exactly how it should be Martha Hampton, SendWorkSendWork
Totally awesome and life changing Mark Copeman, Helpdesk HabitsHelpdesk Habits
Businesses of all size use and love Putler for their analytics

Not just for Shopify

Putler combines everything – multiple stores, multiple data sources, multiple currencies

Putler intelligently syncs together different platforms and shows you the big picture of your business.

Putler integrates with many payment gateways, eCommerce platforms, Google Analytics and other services

Go beyond the limitations of WooCommerce and Google Analytics

Switch to Putler, it’s worth it.

A single insight can be worth thousands of dollars. And hours of time savings will let you focus on more important things.

Try it yourself – no risk, no credit-card and fully worth your time.

96% people said it was worth signing up for a trial.