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alternative to Google Analytics

Stay on top of your web data and customer journey with our lightweight web analytics

Putler Web Analytics Dashboard

Are you looking for a Google Analytics alternative?

The reason

Complex, confusing & inaccurate reports

Google’s web analytics is a trusted name but with the recent GA4 developments, there are a number of questions left unanswered. No data migration from Universal Analytics, inaccurate eCommerce revenue tracking, data privacy concerns, UI complexity and a lot more.

The result

Frustration and bad decisions

Inaccurate data, complex interface, and uncertainties of the GA platform have made customers frustrated. They are being forced to let go of their historical data and start GA4 tracking from scratch. And the inaccurate eCommerce tracking still remains unsolved further leading to lost opportunities.

Build Better Web Analytics

We empathize with you, so we are rolling out a Google Analytics alternative that will provide more accurate metrics, tighter eCommerce integration, and interesting insights.

Identify the top funnel

Figure what’s working for your business. Find out the key entry points and use this information in taking critical data-driven decisions.

  • Top pages
  • Top countries
  • Top channels
  • Top devices

Customize your reports

Our web analytics is a one-page solution. But it can be customized. Create filters using various parameters to dig deeper into data and view reports.

  • Pages
  • Countries
  • Goal
  • Devices

Powerful link tracking

Don’t make assumptions. Track and identify the origin of visitors that land on your website.

  • UTM tracking
  • Source tracking
  • Medium tracking

At a glance metrics

No more confusion or juggling with multiple interfaces. You get all the key metrics in a single dashboard, in one place.

  • Unique visitors
  • Total page views
  • Bounce rate
  • Visit duration

Ready for better web analytics?

Get started in two steps

STEP 1: Insert code that was emailed to you in the head tag of your website

STEP 2: Open Putler > Web Analytics dashboard and done!

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