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Top Web Analytics Tools Of 2021

Last updated on March 18, 2021

Atleast once in your business journey, you must have wondered how websites across the globe get insights to take concrete business decisions.

Well, it’s through the help of efficient web analytics tools and softwares! Simply put, web analytics tools are channels built to help you track the performance of your website. The core idea is to gather and organize the numbers accurately and show the real-time report to the users.

Here are some of the benefits of having the right web analytics software and tools in place:

  • Helps you know your visitors well and optimize your site accordingly
  • Helps you identify your best performing content
  • Gives you an overview of how your audience is interacting
  • Tells you how is your brand being discovered-hence you can divert your focus in the right direction

Read this post to learn about the best web analytics tools of all time.

#1 Kissmetrics

Owned by marketing expert Neil Patel, Kissmetrics is one of the most used web analytics tools across the world wide web.

It offers you a data-driven insight with a powerful segmentation.

Key features of Kissmetrics are:
  • Industry best segmentation feature: With this web analytics tool, closely analyze your customer’s behaviour and build specific segments of them. Understand what group of audience needs more attention than others and accordingly craft campaigns.
  • Detailed analytics: Kissmetrics offers powerful insights like the device your customers use, the geography they belong, the most active time for them etc. which helps you take better business decisions to target them well
  • User engagement kit: With Kissmetrics, you get access to automated email sending functionalities which means you can target your audience at the right time by writing to them in beautiful templates. Not just that, you can track the results of these and measure the impact it brings to your business.

Kissmetrics gets integrated with your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram etc.), e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify and a lot more, Slack and a lot more!

That said, Kissmetrics is best suited for marketers and developers so as to have proper sync based on the insights. It is also suited for product managers to understand what works where for their target audience.

Pricing for Kissmetrics

#2 Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is the analytics tool for your website if you need to have a look at a lot of visuals to understand your user’s behaviour.

This is ideal for the users who want to dive deep behind understanding each of the numbers they see on the screen.

Key features of Crazy Egg are:
  • Heatmaps: Via heatmaps, you can see what spot of your website is clicked the most, till where is the maximum chunk of your user visiting and from which point are they exiting. Crazy Egg offers you an entire detailed heatmap which helps you understand how your visitors are browsing.
  • Scrollmap: Say it an extended version of heatmaps, these show the point till where the user navigated and made an exit choice. In the long run, this gives you an overview of the thing that is not as appealing for a user to stay hooked.
  • Overlay report: Crazy Egg offers this feature of viewing the number of clicks on each of the element on your page to help you understand users interaction patterns. This is a useful feature for product designers since they rely heavily on users experience.

Crazy Egg offers ready to use API for agencies, enterprise businesses, education-based businesses and so on. Quick to integrate and use, Crazy Egg is making its way to the list of most preferred web analytics tools for businesses.

Usually used and best recommended for designers, product marketers and managers, Crazy Egg is for anyone who wants to make bold business decisions based absolutely on the present user’s behaviour and practices.

Pricing for Crazy Egg

#3 Mixpanel

Mixpanel is the tool for you if you want to know how are your customers interacting with your websites.
You can dig deep into numbers, understand the trends and get the answers to your whys and do a lot more with Mixpanel.

Key features of Mixpanel are:
  • Easy trend identification: Mixpanel allows you to collect data and then further offers you to define your key business metrics. You can set timelines, let’s say a week, to see how your userbase is growing over an entire time span.
  • Goal setting: While Mixpanel allows you to have an end to end data visualization, it also helps you in setting goals. Not just that, it gives you an option to set a realistic hypothesis and track them later.
  • ffers you with action functionality: Now that you have the basics in place, Mixpanel supports you to complete the loop by offering messaging and personalization features, which in the long run ties back to your main goal: conversion and retention!
  • Easy to integrate with most of the modern-day SaaS products, consumer technology parts of a business and marketing folks, this website analytics tool can help the business scale up efficiently.

It is best suited for users who are into strategy and planning for a business. That said, any vertical of business which is working to enhance user experience is the audience for this tool.

Pricing for Mixpanel

#4 Google Analytics

When we are talking about the best web analytics tool, how can we not talk about users top choice- Google Analytics! Free, easy to use and relevant, usually this is the first choice of businesses.

That said, Google Analytics has a lot of features which are often missed when used generally.

Key features of Google Analytics are:
  • Flow visualizations: This web analytics tool offers you the choice to view the entire flow of a visitor on your page. The point from where they entered to the point they exited. This feature is useful if you want to closely view your user’s behaviour and make decisions based on their visiting patterns.
  • Custom reports: You can view website reports as per your requirements with this analytics tool. This means you can custom create a report by selecting the required fields and metrics and view or download it whenever you want.
  • Campaign measurement: Google Analytics for websites allows you to create custom URLs in the first place. Later on, you can see which source got you the maximum traffic and accordingly you can divide your effort and time on a particular channel! You can create those custom URLs by clicking here.
  • Google Analytics is quick to integrate with a website based on any platform or hand-coded. It is also efficient to use with multiple software!

It is highly recommended to business and marketing folks who are just starting out with their careers and want to start experiencing and play around with metrics. That said, even today many of the enterprises rely on this website analytics tool for efficient and accurate tracking.

Pricing for Google Analytics

This is one of the only tools when it comes to web analytics that is free till current day!

Want something simpler?

We often see that marketers spend hours analysing their website data, then making sense of them and then finally strategizing.
So our team at Putler, recognized the problem and resolved it.

Putler identified all the most important website metrics and put it up on a single dashboard, we call it the Audience Dashboard.
Here’s how it looks:

How does Putler’s Audience Dashboard work?
Putler directly integrates with Google Analytics. It then pulls the data from Google Analytics consolidates it with your sales data and shows you a true picture of your business.
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To sum this article up, it can be said that website reports and web analytics tools have come a long way since their advent. It has now become important for every individual to have a data-driven approach if they want to survive in the market.

The above-mentioned tools are some of the best web analytics tools and can help you take a step ahead with your business with utmost ease and simplicity!
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