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Identify frequently bought together products

We have years of e-Commerce experience. And we have tried incorporating all our learning to make Putler one of the greatest e-Commerce analytics tools ever.

One such learning is identifying items that sell well together.

Certain items on your store go hand in hand. And though they are two different products, if pitched smartly can increase sales.

Business owners spend time, money and energy to identify these products.

But in Putler, it's all out there.

Putler analyses your entire business, takes into account every transaction and shows you products that are frequently bought together.

Steps to find out 'Frequently bought together' products

  • Log in to Putler
  • Go to Products dashboard


  • Click on the product of your choice. It will open up the detailed information page of that product
  • Look at the product listed under Frequently bought together KPI.

'Frequently bought together'

You can use this gem of information while pitching upsells, downsells or discount offers for your business.