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Segment customers

Segmentation of customers is important.

It helps you understand various groups of customers and devise strategies for each.

Putler deeply understands customer buying behavior and groups them based on the recency, frequency and monetary value.

You can use these segments to target laser sharped marketing campaigns, take management level decisions like pricing or simply understand your audience.

The best thing, you can segment customers in just a few clicks, here's how...

Steps to segment your customer base

  • Log in to Putler

  • Go to the 'Customer Dashboard'

  • Change the date range according to your liking

  • Once the dashboard refreshes, click the RFM segment you want on the chart 'Putler RFM analysis grid'

  • All the customers belonging to this segment within the selected date range will be loaded.

'Putler customers dashboard rfm segmentation profiles'

  • You can now scan through these customers or export it as CSV

Yes, it's that simple. No creating excels, viewing reportings, analysing patterns or any of that hard work. Just a few clicks and you will have all the segments at your fingertips.