Issue refunds

Refunds are undesirable. We all hate it.
But the truth remains, we can’t ignore them.

But what we can do is make the refund experience a smooth one both for the customer as well as ourselves.

Putler provides a simple and fast way of issuing a refund.
You no longer have to log in to your payment gateway, wait for it to load the transactions, search for a customer etc.

Putler’s quick search cuts down all this time and you can search and issue a refund within under 2 minutes.

Steps to issue refunds in Putler

  • Log in to Putler
  • Go to the ‘Sales Dashboard’
  • Type the name or email of the customer you want to manage the subscription of
  • Click on ‘Manage/Refund’ button next to the customer’s profile
  • Select ‘Refund’