Sales heatmap

Want to understand how customers shop on your website?
What is the most lucrative time to run an offer?
On which day you bank the most sales or the least sales?

Then voila, Putler’s Sales HeatMap is the magical feature you need to try.

The Sales HeatMap is located in the Sales Dashboard. It is a simple chart which denotes the sales activity that happens in your store.

Some things you should know about the Sales HeatMap

  • The darker the dot the higher the sales activity
  • The lighter the dot the lesser the sales activity
  • The time specified on the Sales HeatMap is according to the timezone set up in your preferences
  • If you hover on the dots you can see the exact sales amount for that time and day
  • On hovering over the dots you can also see the frequency of sales for that period

Awesome ideas right? So go ahead and try these strategies in your store.

BTW if you don’t have the tools to execute these strategies on your store. Feel free to browse our sister brands:
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