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Putler adds tagging support and shows subscription history

You can now see full subscription history along with a quick overview for any recurring payment received from PayPal. Putler lets you manage / refund that subscription too.

Complete Subscription History and Management at your finger tips

We’ve also added tagging support. You can tag products, customers or sales / transactions. You can even tag multiple products / customers or sales together. This means you can now classify products the way you want. Or can even tag customers to your internal grading system.

Organize and Classify Products, Sales and Customers with Tags

We are very excited with these developments. How do you like them? Post a comment and let us know!!


Here’s the full changelog of recent two versions.

Putler 2.1

Lots of bug fixes and enhancements. Recommended upgrade.

  • NEW: Tagging support – you can now add custom keyword / tags to transactions / customers / products
  • NEW: Search for tags entered with #tagname
  • NEW: Subscription history in sales detail, along with total revenue & payment number
  • FIXED: Issues after upgrading to v2.0 – Putler not importing data
  • FIXED: Can’t issue refunds – amount can not be greater than available amount error
  • FIXED: Import bringing partial data or no data for some days
  • FIXED: Subscriptions beginning with “S-” in their ID – Putler won’t bring their history now. This fixes errors from PayPal
  • FIXED: Search not working as expected, especially with multiple keywords and and/or operators
  • FIXED: Reversal of a transaction did not reduce sale amount
  • FIXED: Putler stretching beyond available height on Windows
  • NEW: Multiple selection support added to Sales dashboard
  • Update: Refund / Manage subscriptions action button is now easier to use
  • Update: Icons and user interface
  • FIXED: Address showed two character country code instead of full country name

Putler 2.1.1

Performance optimizations and misc fixes.

  • FIXED: Showing sales details took very long time
  • FIXED: Invalid transactions caused Putler to keep getting their details again and again
  • FIXED: Some subscriptions did not show all their related transactions
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