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Build A Better Business

Whether you are an online seller, SaaS startup, digital entrepreneur, marketer or accountant; this software will completely change the way you look at your business – forever!


Gain control and clarity

Accurately consolidate multiple data sources, get rid of duplicates and calculation errors, stay alert with no-nonsense report.


Make confident decisions

Recognize macro & micro of your business, monitor what matters, answer persistent questions and avoid guesswork.



Complete routine tasks

Smarter search, refund processing, subscription management and export. Free yourself for more important activities.


Achieve bigger goals

Spot opportunities, get actionable and relevant growth advice. Benefit from expert knowledge and deep machine learning.


Works With All Payment Gateways & Shopping Carts

Putler readily combines your favorite payment gateways, shopping carts and analytics solutions. It understands different currencies and lets you bring in your own data using APIs.

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All The Metrics You Need

All important key metrics and performance indicators you always wanted – but nobody could show – are in front of your eyes now. Stop worrying about getting left behind, you can get ahead of the curve now.


  • Account Balance – consolidated as well as balance in individual accounts
  • Change in Account Balance from Yesterday
  • Smart date range selection: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, Last 4 Week, This Month, Last Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, This Year, Last Year
  • Custom date range filter
  • Keyword search for Products, Customers and Transactions
  • View reports for single or multiple accounts
  • Automatically converts currencies, but can also filter by currency

Sales: Revenue, Orders & Refunds

  • Today’s Sales
  • Daily Average Revenue
  • Today’s Revenue compared to Daily Average
  • Sales Revenue
  • Growth in Sales as compared to previous period
  • Number of Orders
  • Growth in Number of orders as compared to previous period
  • Current month sales, sales 3 months ago, 6 months ago and a year ago
  • Recent Transactions quick list
  • Refund Amount
  • Number of Refunds made
  • Refunds as % of Sales
  • Average Revenue per Order
  • New Order Frequency
  • Hourly revenue breakup, grouped by weekday – easily spot times and days when you experience high/low sales


  • Products Leaderboard – top selling products, quantities sold, revenue, % contribution to total sales from each product
  • Product’s position on leaderboard compared to last period – moved higher or lower, by how many spots?
  • Quantities sold and refunded for each product
  • Total sales for each product
  • % contribution of the product to total sales
  • Date when a product was sold first time
  • Most recent sale date for a product
  • Product wise refunds – amount and % to sold quantity
  • Sale Velocity – how quickly does this product sell
  • Average price of the product
  • Month/Week/Day wise breakdown of sales, revenue and refunds for each SKU
  • Revenue contribution from Top 20% products
  • Average quantity sold/day
  • Slowest moving product
  • Fastest moving product


  • Total number of customers, and change in customer count compared to previous period
  • Average Revenue per Customer/User, and change in per customer revenue compared to previous period
  • Number of Refunded customers, and change in number of refunded customers compared to previous period
  • Returning customers, and change in returning customers from past
  • New vs Returning Customers trend
  • List of recent customers with their avatar images, name and email
  • Country Leaderboard – top countries with visitor count and revenue from customers in those countries
  • Customers acquired per day
  • Customers List with top paying customers, their last transaction date and number of transactions
  • Customer profile with total orders, lifetime value, their details – email, name, avatar, phone, address
  • Customer order history with day/week/month wise grouping of orders, refunds and net amounts

Visitors & Leads

  • Total Visitors, and trend for current period
  • Average Revenue per Visitor
  • Most popular pages on your website, number of people visiting them and their average time on site
  • Top search terms driving traffic to your sites, number of people using those search keywords, and their bounce rate
  • Visitors categorization – hot lead, lead from social media and organic search leads
  • Number of sessions, % New sessions for hot leads, social media leads and organic traffic
  • Time spent on site and Bounce rate of visitors in different categories – hot leads, social media and organic traffic
  • Trend chart of lead classification with daily metrics

Transactions and Individual Orders

  • Date and time of a transaction
  • Type of transaction and its status – Shopping Cart, Subscription, Transfer, Refund, Payment, Currency Conversion – and many other types supported
  • Customer’s name, email and avatar image
  • Transaction amount
  • Transaction ID
  • Account in which transaction occurred
  • Number of items
  • Line items in an order with their names, quantity and amount
  • Related transactions list – for subscription payments, refunds etc
  • Management actions – Issue Refund, Suspend/Cancel/Reactivate subscription
  • Address / Country of customer where available


  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), growth compared to last period and MRR trend chart
  • MRR contribution to total revenue, change over last period and trend
  • Total Subscription Revenue
  • ARR – Annual Run Rate
  • Customer Churn Rate, comparison with last period and trend
  • ARPU – Average Revenue per Paid User, comparison with last period and trend
  • LTV – Customer Lifetime Value, comparison with last period and trend
  • Subscription Refunds, comparison with last period and trend
  • Customers in different Subscription Statuses – Active, New, Suspended / On Hold, Cancelled / Expired, Failed / Pending Cancellation

We Haven’t Heard From AliensSome users believe Putler is not just the best sales analytics app on earth; it’s the best in entire universe. Yet…
But Humans Love Putler!

I use Putler pretty much daily to track out PayPal customers and sales. Managing subscriptions and refunds takes about a tenth of the time it would if I had to log in to PayPal every time.

It makes paying affiliates super easy as well.

​As a bonus, when I want to analyse sales performance, all the data is there ready to go and generates reports super fast!

James Rose
James Rose
Director, Aktura Technology

We have been using Putler for some time now, and we feel it is an outstanding program to allow companies and organizations to keep their finger on real time activities with their PayPal account. In addition, it serves as an excellent visual and analytical means to view trends over time. We highly recommend the program to any business or association, which relies heavily on PayPal.

GLGS logo HD
Bernard Fisher
Director,Global Lifeguard Association

Putler Saved my business, once I installed it suddenly the financial layout of my sales company became clearer than it ever has and I was able to use that data to reach out to investors. Putler helped grow my sales company.

Thanks Putler!

Stephan DuVal
Executive Director, eSnail Media Labs Inc

Putler is without doubt the most important tool to our business! Having the ability to bypass PayPal’s slow and inadequate website and find transactions quickly and easily is a godsend. The added feature of the SagePay integration means we can track all payments in one application, which saves time and makes our administration process much quicker.

Putler support is second to none, with first class developers fully supporting and responding to your needs you are in good hands. If there is one application that is worth a subscription then this is it!

Our company has used Putler for several years now and it’s an invaluable tool for our management team to monitor daily sales as well as quickly assess our financial goals and find potential weak spots in our pricing.

Integrating PayPal and Stripe into our Putler App couldn’t have been easier.

Putler’s support is very responsive and they have always answered our questions in a timely and professional manner.

Caleb Carruth
Caleb Carruth
President, Catapult Distribution

I just wanted to send a note to say that I am continually impressed by the excellent service that Putler provides. The few times I have requested support from Putler it has been fast and efficient. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class service. I have no problems at all recommending your company. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help so far. 

Ekaterina Sharapova (Kate)
Ekaterina Sharapova
Founder, Little Owl Shut

Putler is designed to put you in control of your business. You will have an accurate understanding of your business, and gain insights to grow.