The Life Changing Sales Analytics App

Putler takes care of tedious data collection and processing work,
so you can get to sales analysis and business growth.

Putler was designed to make a web entrepreneur’s life easier, and boy does it deliver!

Putler answers questions you always have on your mind…

    • How much money did I make today?
    • Are my sales growing? what’s the trend?
    • Find me all transactions for a customer..
    • How can I quickly issue a refund – without going to payment gateway?
    • How do I cancel or suspend a subscription in under 7 seconds?
    • Which products are selling better?
    • What’s my monthly revenue forecast?
    • Who are my largest customers?
Putler is a unique sales analysis and reporting software.

Putler aggregates transactions from different payment gateways and shopping carts. Then processes this data and shows you useful statistics, charts and details. Putler can also issue refunds, manage subscriptions and work at blazing speeds even while offline!

Whew!! We stringed many words in those 3 sentences.. Truth is, Putler does that, and a lot more.

And we mean it when we say “unique”. There is no other software that does what Putler does…

It Works With All Payment Gateways & Shopping Carts

Putler has ready integrations with most popular payment gateways. We also have open source connectors for popular WordPress eCommerce plugins.
If your gateway / shopping cart system is not already integrated, you can easily connect any system to Putler, using our simple Inbound API.
Putler API
Easy Digital Downloads
WordPress eCommerce

We Haven’t Heard From AliensSome users believe Putler is not just the best sales analytics app on earth; it’s the best in entire universe. Yet…
But Humans Love Putler!

Hey I just wanted to say that your program is the bomb.
    I've tried everything forpaypal management and organization and I stumbled on this while literally doing hours long searches in google for 'import complete paypal history'. No other app does it like putler, and that too so well. Nuff said. Is this some sort of a secret app no one knows about or am I just in the stone age? Anyway, subscriber for life here..
Simon Shawn Andrews
Simon Shawn Andrews
Artist behind "My life in oil"
"I found the Putler software, staff and support extraordinarily helpful to our organization."
"Oh Putler, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Actually I can't.Let me just say that Putler remains open on my desktop 24/7 and I refer to it dozens of times a day. Its real-time, at-a-glance data is invaluable and its many reports make a huge difference in making accurate decisions. We rely on it so much now that I don't know what we'd do without it. I am an expert in the business I run but running Putler makes me a business expert.I spend time growing the business I love instead of crunching numbers orspending money for someone else to give me lesser data slower. I can honestly say using Putler has made my company more successful. Putler rocks and I can't recommend it enough! It will make you a raving fan too."
I LOVE Putler. I use it literally every day. It's the fastest and easiest way to get the latest stats, make mass payments, refund, and search transactions without having to waste precious time wading through Paypal's interface. What would take dozens of clicks in Paypal, takes just a couple with Putler. What a massive time saver. Worth every penny!
Ronnie Nijmeh
Ronnie Nijmeh
CEO, Coach Zing &
I am a putler customer for over four years... and I must say: It is THE TOOL, if you want a bird eye view on your business. So let me ask you a question: How in the world do you want to succeed without knowing, what's going on in your business? My answer: You simply can't. I highly recommend you use putler in your business too. It is fast, easy and yet very powerful! And the support they offer is accurate and always top notch! I could not run my business the way I do now every day without Putler ... it's more important than any other tool I have!
Thorsten Harms
Thorsten Harms
Inspiring Author & Coach @ Business Consults
When I first signed up to Putler, my account didn't work properly. So I sent the support team an angry email... unlike most companies, they replied within hours and helped to fix the problem. Service like this is so damn rare these days. That's why it feels so good to work with a company like Putler. Great work guys.
John McIntyre, Drop Dead Copy
the Auto Responder guy!
The right tool at the right time! Running several companies with a small team can be a daunting task, and in order to cope, we have to use as many efficiency techniques and tools as possible. We had always been frustrated by how slow the PayPal website was, and dealing with billing queries, etc... was a dreaded task. But now, with Putler, we not only have turned that pain into pleasure, but have also opened up a host of other insights into our business. Putler gives us the metrics to measure our trends, and this gives the team a good idea of where our strengths and weaknesses are, and what can be improved. The value that we get from Putler far exceeds the monthly expense, and the responses to our support and feature requests have been timely and professional. Great job Team Putler!
Mike Lambert - ZION Consulting Group
Mike Lambert, Zion Consulting Group
Web & Business Consulting
I love Putler and I would not know how to keep a clear and precise overview about my Paypal based business figures without it. It really helps spotting trends, evaluating product performance and optimizing sales. The support team of Putler is fast, very friendly and really competent.