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5 Actionable Holiday Insights To Increase Your Revenue

Holiday insights that increase sales instantly. Holidays are an wonderful time to grow sales. Here are exact steps.


Last updated on October 14, 2022

The Holiday Season is back with a bang! Reports say that more than 71% customers are eager to buy online.

However, there is a stiff competition from all store owners to acquire them.

For you to race ahead of this competition, you need to do much more than just looking at previous years data, design offer, send emails.

You need to dig deep in your stores database and get actionable holiday insights.

Putler does this for you. Here are Top 5 Insights you must pay attention to before you plan your Holiday marketing Strategy.

We used these strategies on our sister company StoreApps and got a 12% rise in revenue. I hope you see similar results

Insight 1: Your Best Customers

Whatever be the revenue you earn, it is only because of your customers.

Putler let’s you know the customers that give you the maximum revenue. Using this information, you could specifically target offers, loyalty rewards just to them and get them to purchase even more items during the Holiday season.

Insight 2: Your Best Selling & Slow Moving Products Are…

Your revenue depends on the products that you sell, their popularity and the price associated with it.

Putler tells you how much revenue you earn from each of your products. It also tells you about your fastest and slowest moving products, Top 20% products, refunds, etc.


Insight 3: Your Most Popular & Highest Converting Page


To make a holiday sale, you need to convert your visitors.

For that, you need to know their behaviour on your website:

  • Which page are they landing on?
  • How much time they spend on the page?
  • How much is the bounce rate? etc.

Using Putler, you get to know your most popular page where visitors land, how much time they spend on your site, how many visitors visit that page, what search terms made them land to your site, etc.

Insight 4: Your Profitable Customers Reside Here


Knowing your customers better is the key to a successful business.

And Putler is your best friend when it comes to analysing your customers. Putler gives you a full-fledged list of your customers. It also tells where these customers live and how much revenue they contribute to.

Insight 5: Your Total Refunds Sum Upto…


Refunds is something everyone is interested in knowing before knowing other key metrics. Putler tells you the exact amount of refunds that have been issued.

Looking at Putler’s dashboard, you easily can make out the total refunds and the customers who refund.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Use These Putler Insights Now.

Go ahead, checkout these insights and plan your holiday offers the right way. Wish you all the luck. Incase, you have any questions drop in a comment. I’ll be happy to reply.

If you haven’t downloaded Putler yet,

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