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Do you use Paypal to sell online? Then you need Putler!

Last updated on August 6, 2020

Nathan Welling bought Putler recently here’s what he has to say-

He says:

Using PayPal as a payment processor to sell online can be both a godsend and a hassle. Its good because almost everyone in the world has a Paypal account and it is recognized as a trusted source for financial transactions. However the downside is to sellers, Paypal has an inefficient and slow admin area to analyze those transactions.

One of the biggest benefits of using Putler over Paypal is that it provides graphs to analyze transactions. Another great benefit of using Putler is that you can refund money as well as send money directly in Putler. This means you no longer have to login to PayPal and search through the transaction history just to find 1 transaction to refund

Thanks Nathan for your review and we are glad Putler’s helping you save time and energy with PayPal!

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