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Copy Trumps Design

Struggling with your online marketing results? Thinking about redesigning your website? Want to improve sales? Want to get more optin subscribers? Wondering why so many people abandon your cart? There’s one “magic-bullet” solution to all these problems.”

If you are a perfectionist like me, you spend endless hours getting your website / app’s design right. You want it to look nice, fit well, flow smoothly…

Sure, design is important. It’s probably the thing that makes a good first impression.

But there is something a lot more important than design in marketing.


Copywriting is all the text you write on your website, in your app or even in your email. Down to every button, every popup, every label, every heading.

So I made a super short video about it…

Watched it?

Time for action

Now take a bit of time to review your own site / app from a first-time visitor’s perspective. A potential customer. What questions will they have? Will they get answers? What would be their objections and concerns? Will they be addressed?

How can you talk their language?

Because that’s what will make the big difference.

Copy that generated 6x results for us

I rewrote pricing pages on two of our products, and they gave us 6x and (even better) results.

Will you have better results if you changed your pricing page? Your landing page? What changes would you like to try?

Go ahead! Implement the Small Big Idea!

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