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Currency Conversions

Putler supports 36 currencies.

  1. 'EUR'
  2. 'AUD'
  3. 'BGN'
  4. 'BRL'
  5. 'CAD'
  6. 'CHF'
  7. 'CNY'
  8. 'CZK'
  9. 'DKK'
  10. 'GBP'
  11. 'HKD'
  12. 'HRK'
  13. 'HUF'
  14. 'IDR'
  15. 'ILS'
  16. 'INR'
  17. 'JPY'
  18. 'KRW'
  19. 'MXN'
  20. 'MYR'
  21. 'NOK'
  22. 'NZD'
  23. 'PHP'
  24. 'PLN'
  25. 'RON'
  26. 'RUB'
  27. 'SEK'
  28. 'SGD'
  29. 'THB'
  30. 'TRY'
  31. 'USD'
  32. 'ZAR'
  33. 'SAR'
  34. 'AED'
  35. 'QAR'
  36. 'BHD'

Some key points on how Putler handles multi currencies

  • Putler uses to get historical exchange rates.

  • The exchange rate used in Putler is the mid-market (the average between the prices at which people are buying and selling for a particular currency) closing rate (The exchange rate for two currencies at the end of a period of time, such as a trading day or month.) on the date when the transaction was made.

    Eg: Mid-market rate for USD on 22-Sep-2018 is 0.85EUR.

  • The exchange rates used in the payment gateway may be different from the rates which we use. This may lead to differences in the stats/numbers between Putler and gateway reports, especially when you are dealing with multiple currencies. For Eg: You may see a difference in the total sales amount when you compare Putler and Stripe's dashboard.