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How to see your balance amount in Putler?

Some payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe let you keep have some balance amount in your account.

Also if you are dealing with multiple currencies, you might have different balances for different currencies.

Putler let's you view all your balances with the utmost ease. Here's how:

  • Log in to Putler
  • Go the Home Dashboard
  • Hover on the Balance Amount
  • A drop down will open up showing you all the balances in your individual data sources (if any).

The balance is broken down into all the currencies you have balances in.

For example: Suppose you have balances in your PayPal and Stripe Account. \

And you accept multiple currencies in your PayPal account. Say GBP and USD.

Also, say you have 75.28 GBP and 516.26 USD as balance in your PayPal account and 40.25 USD in your Stripe account. Putler will show your balances in detail like this: \

View your balance within Putler