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Comparison Reports : Analyze Your Business Performance Quickly

Putler provides quick Performance Comparison of your business. You can compare the whole business, SBU's, teams and accounts and view key performance metrics at a single place in just a few seconds. Dive in to learn more about performance comparison.


Last updated on May 9, 2024

As business owners we try hard to improve the performance of our business year on year. We compare numbers for various periods and try measuring the growth that has been achieved.

But this isn’t a simple process.

Often we either lack the right tools or have way complicated ones which make the process of analyzing performance time-consuming and stressful. Thus, leaving very little headspace to do the actual work of learning what’s not working and improving it.

If you are in the same boat, this article will change the way you analyze your company’s performance. Keep reading…

Putler’s latest feature makes analyzing a company’s performance super simple. It brings together all the .metrics you wish to compare in a single place.

Why is it important to measure performance?

One of the most necessary catalysts to grow is to compare.

Only when we compare our growth to that of our competitors or best our present performance to that of our past performance, do we ignite the fire to grow and achieve bigger goals.

Now though this seems to be a solid concept, businesses struggle with creating performance reports. So we did something special!

We created ‘Performance Comparison Insight’ within Putler.

Introducing comparison reports for your business

Business managers, entrepreneurs, marketing executives etc. often do a performance comparison to know the pulse of their business.

Now if they don’t have Putler, they usually need to collect data from various departments, dig in the data, create reports and combine key findings.

But with Pulter’s new offering of the ‘Performance Comparison’, Putler will allow you to create the Performance Comparison insight report within a matter of seconds.

All important performance metrics in a single place

Comparison of key performance metrics is good. But viewing all the essential metrics in one go is even better. Right?

Putler’s performance reports pulls in the required data from multiple aspects of your business – sales, customers, subscriptions, website traffic and puts it together in a single place.

Thus saving you time and effort.

How to view performance reports in Putler?

Step 1: Go to the Insights Dashboard in Putler and select ‘Performance Comparison’ from the drop-down given at the top.
Step 2: Select the date range you want to compare the performance for.
Step 3: Select the teams you want to compare the performance metrics of.
Step 4: Click ‘Compare’.

That’s it! Putler will pull in the performance metrics in seconds and display it on your screen.

Get this insight now

Infinite comparison…(literally!)

You must be wondering what can you compare in this report? Right? The answer is everything…

You can compare the performance of:

  • Whole business during different periods
  • Different accounts in the same/different time periods
  • Different payment gateways
  • Different e-Commerce stores

Let’s take it one by one:

Compare your entire business

Many of us like to compare how our business performs periodically – monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly/ yearly. Using Putler’s Performance Comparison you can view such reports in mere seconds.

Viewing the annual performance of a brand,
Viewing the annual performance of a brand

All you do is select ‘My Account’ (In this case, I’ve selected my business – Putler) and select the dates you want the comparison to be performed for. Here, I’m viewing ‘Quarterly reports’

  • The ‘My Account’ is ideally the business account that has all the data sources checked in.
  • You can compare the performance of any other team (or Strategic Business Unit (SBU)) during different periods similarly.

Compare different accounts/ teams/ SBU’s

Another way to use this feature is comparing different accounts/ teams/ SBU’s. Either for the same period of during different time periods.

Viewing the monthly performance of different SBU's
Viewing the monthly performance of different SBU’s

Suppose you have 2 businesses A and B. And you have created two teams in Putler.

Team 1 – Business A and Team 2 – Business B.

You can select both these teams and then select either the same date range or different date range and view which business performed better.

Compare different payment gateways

One dilemma we store owners have is to decide on which payment gateway to remove and which to keep on our website. But not anymore…

Putler’s Comparison dashboard solves this issue.

Performance comparison of two payment gateways
Performance comparison of two payment gateways

Firstly you need to configure the payment gateways as separate teams.
For example – Team 1 – PayPal and Team 2 – Stripe. Once done, select the teams and compare their past performance (preferably in the same date range).

Then look at how both the payment gateways perform in terms of the number of orders, revenue, refund rate, upgrades, LTV etc.

Once you figure out which payment gateway is the most preferred by your customers, stick to that.

Compare different E-Commerce stores

Just like payment gateways, you can compare the performance of e-Commerce systems too.

Performance Comparison of E-Commerce Stores
Performance Comparison of E-Commerce Stores

Suppose, you have multiple stores like Shopify Store US and Shopify Store UK.
Select both these stores as individual teams and the date range you want to view the comparison for and compare.

Putler will instantly pull in all the performance metrics and you can then decide which store is performing better.

Why you should try Putler’s performance comparison?

  • Huge time-saver – As all the important metrics are displayed at a single place it saves the time spent on navigating through dashboards, jotting down KPI’s, calculating performance difference etc.
  • Take faster decisions – Don’t waste time thinking which dashboard to go to or which KPI to look at. Instead, spend time creating and executing strategies. The Performance Comparison insight has all the important performance metrics that are essential to take critical decisions.
  • Know the pulse of your business yourself – Don’t wait for an analyst to create and interpret complex reports. Instead, use Putler’s user-friendly Performance Comparison insight and know what’s working for your business instantly.

Over to you

That’s it, folks! We tried reducing the stress that comes along with analyzing your business performance. Putler’s comparison reports are simple, straightforward and quick.

I’m sure once you give the Performance Comparison insight a look you will resonate with whatever I’ve spoken of in this article.

I’m hoping you try it right away and send me your most honest reviews in the comment section below.

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