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BFCM Performance Analyzer: Reports, strategies, checklist

Quickly analyze how your business has performed during the BFCM season using Putler. Get insights that you can use for the future BFCM, marketing strategies.


Last updated on March 23, 2022

BFCM has ended. Most of us have almost doubled or tripled sales.
While that’s a good thing, we often miss out on the big opportunity that post BFCM holds.

The opportunity to retrospect and milk whatever strategies worked during this season.

Where most marketers fail after BFCM

Most marketers (I was once in this category too!) are high on happiness. They are just way too glad to see the profits that BFCM has brought in that they forget to see the strategic importance of it.

The mistake they do is, ‘THEY DON’T EVALUATE THEIR BFCM DEALS’

Few reasons being:

  • “It’s too much manual work”
  • “I have to log in to different tools”
  • “I have to pull in data from multiple people”
  • “Too time consuming”

If you connect to even one of the above reasons, I’m going to break your bubble today.

Yes, Putler is a tool which can take away all the above concerns and much more.

How Putler helps evaluate BFCM. Quick. Accurate & Effortless.
We understand that you’ve hustled during BFCM. So Putler tries to make the evaluation phase really really simple.

It quickly answers all the BFCM evaluation questions within a few clicks.

Quick Post BFCM Evaluation

Revenue earned

This one is basic. Everybody wants to know the total cashflow at the end of the deal season right?

So instead of hopping in to PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce and endless gateways you use. Simply hop into Putler where is you have all your gateways integrated.

Log in to Putler > Set data range according to your deal period > Go to the Sales Dashboard and have all the revenue mentioned there datewise.

Refunds? How to tackle?

Where there are sales. There are refunds. That’s the universal truth.

But what if I tell you, Putler can turn it around?

Yes, instead of sulking on the refunds. We suggest try gaining some valuable feedback from it. Here’s how…

Log in to Putler > Set data range according to your deal period > Go to the Sales Dashboard> Type REFUND in the search box > All the refunds raised in this period will show up in the list view.

What you do next is the game-changer…

Send an email apologizing for their bad experience with your product/service and ask them some feedback on how to improve your service?

You can email either directly from within Putler or export a CSV of these customers from Putler and then send them an email from your ESP.

Top Products of BFCM

Finding which was the money-making product of your BFCM is important. Using Putler you don’t only get the top product but top 10 performers.

Log in to Putler > Set data range according to your deal period > Go to the Home Dashboard> You will see the Product Leaderboard.

It gives you the top products, quantity sold and the trend of the products.

Traffic during the BFCM season

Sure you have tried various channels to increase the top of your funnel right? So what are the actual numbers? What was the traffic that came in?

True story: I used to find the traffic from GA. But for some reason, the interface is so tricky. It took me so much time to navigate and get to the numbers.

Putler makes it easy peasy.

Log in to Putler > Go to the Holiday Season> Select the Compare drop down to 2019 v/s 2018

You will see a visitor comparison for both the years for Holiday as well as Non Season periods.

Most money-making Promotional Channel

Owners promote their BFCM deals on various services social media, blog, emails, newsletters, ad etc etc.

And channels work differently for different business. So it’s important to know which channel works for your business and which doesn’t. This will help you invest wisely in the future.

Coming to actions, here’s how Putler gives you accurate numbers:

Log in to Putler > Go to Audience Dashboard> Set data range according to your deal period >

And see which channels performed better.

Most visited page on the website

Well after the money making product, money making promotional channel you need to know which product saw the maximum traffic.

We might think it is the HOMEPAGE but more often than not it isn’t.

Here’s how to find out your most visited page:

Log in to Putler > Go to Audience Dashboard> Set data range according to your deal period >

And see which page was the most popular during this period.

Compare business units/brands/shops

Suppose you have two shops/ two brands, using Putler you can compare the performance of both these units during the same period
Log in to Putler > Go to the Insights Dashboard > Select Performance Comparison Report >
Select your Shop 1 and the deal period > Select Shop 2 and deal period > Click on Compare

Within seconds, you will get a complete one-on-one analysis of the entire BFCM period.
Visitors, revenue, refunds and so much more.

Zero efforts absolutely.

Compare BFCM performance (over the years)

Was last years BFCM better than this one? What if you can find an in-depth of this question in a single click?

No database, no excel sheets, no coordinating with different teams to pull in the numbers.
Here’s how

Log in to Putler > Go to the Insights Dashboard > Select Holiday Season Report > Select the Year 1 vs Year 2

You get all the stats in one place, in a single click, in one sec. Cool?

New vs Returning customers

You should know what’s the traffic that entered your website during BFCM but also know the breakage. That is, v/s Returning.

You can easily find this Putler Marco Polo

Here’s how

Log in to Putler > Open Putler Marco Polo > Go to the Customers Dashboard > Set the date range as per the sale period > View the New and Returning customers.

Top revenue generating country

Finding this is super simple. Again you can see this in Putler Marco Polo.

Here’s how
Log in to Putler > Open Putler Marco Polo > Go to the Sales Dashboard > Click on the first country you see in the Country Facet.

All customers of that country get loaded down. You can then export this list and send them milk it further.

Say create a time-limited country-specific coupon and email it to them. Inform them since USA was the top buying country this is a special discount for them. They can use it for buying something new or continuing them subscription. *Just an idea. You can customize it the way you wish to*

Over to you

Make time for this BFCM review/ evaluation. I’m sure the things you learn and unravel will be an eye opener not just BFCM 2020 but all the marketing campaigns here on.

To make things organized, I’m sharing a Google Sheet with you. Download it and fill it as and when you evaluate your BFCM performance.

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