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How Putler Helped to Consolidate, Analyze, and Grow?

Putting the pieces together in a business that was once all over the place can be a game-changer. Check out how Putler helped Eugen Popa connect the dots.

Eugen Popa Case Study | Putler

Last updated on May 6, 2024

Are you catering to multiple markets, while running various websites that work with diverse payment gateways?

If you can also relate to this scenario, you might face the same issues Eugen Popa once did.

For Eugen, Putler turned out to be a game-changer, that helped him comb through volumes of data with the click of a button.

A thriving business requires seamless management of endless data and multiple tasks, and Putler empowered Eugen to do just that.

Eugen’s analytical leap with Putler

Eugen Popa |

Eugen is an entrepreneur and has been creating a lot of programs, products, and events that bring people from across the globe together.

He is the President of The Romanian Hypnosis Association and is currently the best-trained specialist and hypnosis trainer in Romania.

He has studied psychology at Harvard University in the USA, along with studying NLP, personal development, mindfulness meditation, and yoga with world-class trainers.

After completing his studies and certifications, he has been actively working in the hypnosis, self-hypnosis, addiction, and self-growth fronts.

Eugen has been working with 2 markets simultaneously – the global and the Romanian markets.

This made it vital for Eugen to keep his business records organized and handy to get a clear picture of the current business health.

Learn more about Eugen Popa on:

Overcoming obstacles: Eugen’s journey from chaos to clarity

Eugen has 3 different websites, with integrations from WooCommerce, Stripe, and other third-party add-ons.

This required Eugen to log in to each one of those in the backend and monitor multiple parameters including sales, revenue, and income, to name just a few.

The hassle eventually led him to stop taking a look at these metrics for long intervals.

Since Eugen was dealing with multiple markets, he found himself in a data mess.

He had to log in to multiple systems, track everything manually in Excel, juggle platforms to manage all his clients, and a lot more.

Worst of all, he had to do this every day.

He desperately wanted a solution that could help him –

  • To access data from multiple accounts under one roof.
  • To get a crystal clear picture of the current business ongoings.
  • To break down the metrics based on products, time frames, and memberships.

How Putler helped boost Eugen’s sales and revenue?

“I could easily get answers to questions like – How much did I make this month? Can I compare this to a month/last year? How much did I make on Project A/B? And then I go from there.”

Eugen Popa,
Eugen Popa, Entrepreneur,
Counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy

Eugen has been using Putler since 2021.

Ever since his joining he has been an avid user of Putler.

Here are some ways he uses the tool:

Monitoring membership metrics

Eugen has multiple types of memberships, including the free ones.

Despite an array of membership models, he prefers to track the paid memberships to increase revenue and improve profit margin.

Putler’s intuitive filters and facets make sure that Eugen can filter such paid memberships within seconds.

Managing all his multiple businesses in one place

With all his data (WooCommerce, ThriveCart, PayPal, and a few other sources) connected within Putler, Eugen doesn’t have to go to multiple places to tally, analyze, and connect the dots to evaluate the health of his business.

Eugen has already created views for his Romanian and Global markets within Putler.

This helps him quickly toggle and view independent reports for each of his markets within a single click, giving him clarity on how to work on maximizing ROI.

All key metrics at his fingertips, no more Excel Sheets

Being a turn-key moment for Eugen’s business, Putler also offered a breakdown of revenue from 3 different sites, markets, and businesses, helping him increase sales and revenue.

Deeper understanding of his customers

Putler’s RFM segmentation section offers a clear picture through customer categories such as loyal customers, champions, potential loyalists, and more.

So if he wants to take a look at the loyal customers, the list is presented to him with just a click.

Moreover, he can easily download this list and contact the customers likewise.

Moreover, Putler has also helped Eugen with tracking and monitoring each product in a given time frame and everything in between.

Try Putler live demo

What makes Putler support top notch?

Along with being followed up on chats, Putler also extends its assistance through emails.

Often despite communicating on chats, Eugen was happy for the conversation to continue via emails along with follow-ups that eliminate any possibilities of confusion or to help with a resource that he might need most.

Overall, Putler has turned out to be a well-thought-out product for

Last thoughts and recommendations from Eugen Popa

“I would say that Putler is a wholesome tool with the necessary variables and facets that allow you to do so much. You can also tweak a few aspects in different ways and customize it to your liking.”

Eugen Popa,
Eugen Popa, Entrepreneur,
Counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy
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