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Home Dashboard – Marco Polo

Last updated on March 10, 2021

Home Dashboard

Know where your business is going

  • Track critical KPI’s
  • View real-time transactions
  • Get a pulse on sales, products & customers

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Hawk eye view of your business

Putler’s Home Dashboard is your go-to place
for getting an overview of your business

Home Dashboard
Home Dashboard

Let’s dive in deeper…

Critical Sales KPI’s

Sales is the yardstick for business success. Putler recognises this and displays all important sales numbers on the Home dashboard.
Here are some critical sales KPI’s

Critical Sales KPI's
Critical Sales KPI’s
  • Current month’s sales
  • Today’s sales
  • Yesterday’s sales
  • Daily average
  • Last month’s sales
  • Sales 3 months’ prior
  • Sales 6 months’ prior
  • Sales 12 months’ prior

Sales Analytics Graphs

This graph gives you an overview of the sales and orders in the selected date range.

It also gives important sales KPI’s like;

  1. Recurring sales
  2. Revenue/day
  3. Refunds
Sales Analytics Graph
Sales Analytics Graph

Customer Analytics Graphs

This graph gives you an overview ofyour customer base for the selected date range in the date picker.

You can easily find out 3 main customer KPI’s for your business:

  1. New customers
  2. Returning customers
  3. Refunded customers

Here’s how this graph looks:

Customer Analytics Graph
Customer Analytics Graph

Transaction Activity

Every business owner is interested in knowing what is happening in their business at any point in time.

Putler’s Transaction Activity gives you a complete list of transactions that takes place in your business in the selected date range.

It provides information about the customer and his corresponding transaction activity – (refund, payment completion, order cancellation)

Transaction Activity
Transaction Activity

Product Leaderboard

This feature is specially dedicated to products.

It gives a complete idea of how your products are performing during the selected date range.

The Product leader board features the top 10 products on your store.

Now, what if you have less than 10 products on your store?

No issues, Putler will still process all your products and make a list of the best performing product to the least performing product.

Take a look at the Product Leaderboard now;

Product Leaderboard
Product Leaderboard

Practical ways to use the Home dashboard

  • Know the pulse of your business by viewing the critical sales KPI’s
  • Create product strategies like upsells, downsells, bundles based on their performance on the product leaderboard.
  • Keep an eye on the transaction activity and act on transactions like refunds, cancellation etc.
  • Take a look at your customer growth and formulate strategies to grow these numbers.

How are you going to use this eCommerce dashboard?

Well, those were some of my ideas. I know you will discover a lot more once you take a look at the new Home Dashboard. So go ahead and check it out.

Your feedback and ideas are always welcome!

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2 thoughts on “Home Dashboard – Marco Polo

  1. Is it possible to make the graphs smaller? I prefer the older look as it’s more compact. With the new home display the graphs take up a lot of room so I have to scroll down.

    Also some info is missing like conversion rate and total traffic to site (now just shows customers).

    I also prefer the menu at the left to go to different screens as it takes one click. The new one takes 2 since it uses a drop down.



    1. Hi Jesse,

      Thanks for the feedback. We have improved the Home Dashboard and are making it look more compact. We have also added the conversion and traffic info. Our main goal is to retain as many features as possible and also provide new useful ones. Feel free to give feedback on the other dashboards as well.

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