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20 Best BigCommerce Apps in 2021: Tips to Optimize Your Store and Sell More

There are plenty of amazing BigCommerce apps in the market. Here is an extensive list of 20 must-have BigCommerce apps for your store.

Last updated on May 13, 2021

One of the best parts about the BigCommerce platform is the access to a wide variety of apps available on the BigCommerce app store to help you run your business more efficiently. But when you make your way to the BigCommerce app store, it can be a bit overwhelming and you may not know where to start. So to make it the search simpler, I’ve listed 20 top-rated BigCommerce apps that will help you optimize your eCommerce business and get more out of the BigCommerce platform!

So, let’s get started and choose the best BigCommerce apps for your store.

A. Best BigCommerce analytics apps


Pulter is a complete BigCommerce analytics and insights app. It integrates with multiple payment gateways, Google Analytics and also with other eCommerce platforms. You can also choose to connect one or multiple BigCommerce stores to Putler and then analyze all your data from a single place. Apart from reports, Putler provides a ton of operational features like customer segmentation, refund processing, customer segmentation, forecasting, sales heatmap and lot more.

It is an all-in-one plugin that helps you analyse your store as well as grow it based on data driven insights.

Putler’s Dashboard

Features include:

  • Sales and order reports. 
  • Subscription metrics. 
  • Visitor insights. 
  • Accurate consolidation from multiple sources. 
  • Product and customer insights.
  • Aggregated and individual store insights. 
  • Subscription management & refund.
  • RFM analysis and customer segmentation. 

Price: $29/Month


Compass incorporates a comprehensive report of all your analytics metrics into a dashboard in your store admin. Instead of manually keeping track of metrics in Excel, you can now watch all metrics calculated for you by Compass. Though 100% precision is impossible, Compass crunches their huge pool of data to produce results closest to reality.

Compass Dashboard

Features include:

  • Demographic and Accessibility Analysis
  • Incorporate Additional Data Sources to Refine Analysis
  • Map Sharing

Price: From Free to custom. Refer to their website for details

Open Compass


To judge whether your store is growing, you have to track your profits report. This means regularly reviewing your cost of products sold, shipping costs, advertising spend, and more. If you’re new to e-commerce, tracking metrics can feel confusing. But thanks to BigCommerce apps like Ordermetrics tracking these numbers becomes a breeze.

OrderMetrics is the best BigCommerce analytics app that is specifically designed for BigCommerce sellers. It offers deep insights into profits and marketing spend.

Ordermetrics Dashboard

Features include:

  • Discover Marketing & Operational improvements.
  • Complete Automation. 
  • Real-time profit monitoring.

Price: Price: $59/month

Open Ordermetrics

B. Best BigCommerce live chat apps

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is one of the best BigCommerce apps that makes support, sales, and customer engagement for everyone. It’s quick to implement, easy to use, and scales to fit your business needs. 

Zendesk Dashboard

Features include:

  • Customer order history. 
  • Customer search/Order lookup.
  • Order details.

Price: $5/agent

Open Zendesk Chat


LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and increases your sales. By choosing this BigCommerce integration, you can smoothly add LiveChat to your website and deliver efficient assistance and boost customer engagement at the same time. 

LiveChat Dashboard

Features include:

  • Customer engagement
  • Reports & analytics
  • Customization 
  • Security
  • Chat tools

Price: $16/month

Open LiveChat

C. Best BigCommerce dropshipping apps


Printful is an extremely easy BigCommerce app to scale up your business without having to purchase a bunch of inventory. Automate drop shipping for t-shirts, posters, mugs and other print products.

Your orders will be automatically sent from BigCommerce to Printful, to print and send out the order. Since everything is printed on-demand, you don’t have to worry about keeping inventory, or guessing at what sells best – Printful has you covered.

Printful Dashboard

Features include:

  • Approval Workflow
  • Dropshipping
  • Import / Export
  • Multi-Store Printing
  • Parcel Shipping
  • Printing Services Integration
  • Product Configurator
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Shipping Services Integration

Price: $29.95/month

Open Printful


Spocket is an all-in-one platform for your BigCommerce drop shipping needs, including reliable suppliers, unique high-quality products, and fast shipping. Dropship products from your BigCommerce store with Spocket, and streamline your online store with a one-stop-shop for US and EU products.

Spocket Dashboard

Features include:

  • Product Search
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Filters
  • Product Page Customization
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Order Tracking
  • Pricing Automation
  • E-commerce Platform Integration
  • Process Automation

Price: $24/month

Open Spocket

D. Best BigCommerce subscription apps

Rebillia Platform

Rebilia is the best BigCommerce app that helps merchants solve the problem of subscriptions nicely. It allows shoppers to save their payment methods (currently support Authorize.NET, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Payments Pro…) for future purchases. Shoppers can view, add, delete payment options on their account. You, as the store owners, can easily manage authorized transactions partially or in bulk in BigCommerce admin.

Rebilia Dashboard

Features include:

  • Help Customers Find More Products
  • Set & Forget
  • Capture The Essence of Retargeting
  • Direct-to-checkout Linking
  • Cloud control

Price: $20/month

Open Rebillia


Susbcrimia is a BigCommerce app that increases your revenue offering subscriptions in your store. Subscrimia provides subscription management tools for your customers, they just need to select the subscription period.

Subscrimia Dashboard

Features include:

  • Payment and Shipment Scheduling
  • Easy & Free Integration
  • Customer Portal

Price: Contact support for custom fee.

Open Subscrimia

E. Best BigCommerce customer reviews apps Product Reviews

Built specifically for BigCommerce retailers of all sizes. This is a BigCommerce reviews app with 4,000+ app reviews, is a highly-rated customer marketing platform with all BigCommerce apps that you need to capture and showcase high-impact Customer content throughout their buying journey. Dashboard

Features include:

  • Multi-lingual support – Available in English, French, German, and 15+ languages
  • Smart Reviews Banners
  • Google Shopping Reviews – Reviews on Product Listing Ads
  • Social reviews sharing – Go viral with positive reviews
  • Commenting – Public or private comment on reviews
  • 100% customizable to fit your brand – Your own logo, colors, fonts, layout

Price: $23/month


Yotpo Product  Reviews

Yotpo helps BigCommerce businesses generate tons of product and site reviews, photos, videos, Q&A and other user-generated content and use them to drive qualified traffic, increase conversion rate & boost sales. Yotpo’s basic version is free, while premium features, outlined below, are available at additional cost.

Thousands of BigCommerce stores leverage Yotpo’s quick and easy integration to increase trust and sales by leveraging social proof throughout the buyer journey. This powerful BigCommerce appas it provides the BigCommerce stores advanced solutions for Reviews, Loyalty, Referrals, SMS Marketing and more.

Yotpo Dashboard

Features include:

  • Algorithms to show the right products to the right people
  • Commenting to create an engaged community
  • Marketing features including social media ads, review generation, retention, marketing, and SEO functionalities
  • Community Q&A
  • Reliable support system for those just starting out
  • Customer reviews can be generated easily from any device using in-mail forms

Prics: Flexible plans for small to enterprise businesses. Talk to us and choose the best solution for you.

Open Yotpo

F. Best BigCommerce SEO plugins


FavSEO will enable store owners to edit, analyze and optimize the title and meta description of all the products, categories and pages at one place. It’s a real time-saver and also helps big time with SEO. Among other benefits of using this BigCommerce app, you will be able to add your brand name or other important phrases and keywords to all the titles of your products, categories or pages.

FavSEO Dashboard

Features include:

  • Rank Tracker & Keyword Finder.
  • Title/Meta Description Editor. 
  • Sitemap Submitter.
  • SEO Audit.
  • Bulk Title Editor.

Price: $19.95/month

Open FavSEO


ProSEOTracker is a new all-in-one BigCommerce app designed to help you enhance your store’s SEO effectiveness and get you easily found on Google, Bing, Pinterest and other leading search engines. The app offers various features, including updating your store’s metadata to optimize your on-page SEO, specifying keywords to check for SEO problems and fix these quickly, researching new keywords for your site via Keyword Planner, providing data of your SEO’s performance position in Google search results, submitting your website’s sitemap to leading search engines to enhance online traffic and so on.

ProSEOTracker Dashboard

Features include:

  • Search Console and AdWords
  • Monitor Google Analytics
  • Optimize metadata
  • Content Optimization 
  • Blog Management 
  • Check SEO Issues
  • Research Keywords
  • Competitor Analysis

Price: $16.95/month

Open ProSEOTracker

G. Best BigCommerce email marketing apps


Conversio is one of the most advanced email marketing solutions for e-commerce websites. Not only does it have wonderful designs for its emails, but you can send out receipts, follow-ups, abandoned cart information, and regular old newsletters.

Another reason we like it so much is that you can get customer feedback by sending out emails and asking for them to fill out surveys or write product reviews on your website.

Conversio Dashboard

Features include:

  • Recipes for automation success
  • On-brand receipts
  • Visual Product Reviews
  • Easily set-up and start sending personalized emails to help you convert more.
  • Abandoned Cart Emails

Pricing: $9.00/month

Open Conversio


Klaviyo is an email marketing and automation platform, with built-in integration for BigCommerce users. Klaviyo  is an advanced BigCommerce app that offers enterprise level functionality without sacrificing speed.  It’s made up of a suite of tools for sending, tracking, and automating marketing emails.

Klaviyo Dashboard

Features include:

  • Smart promotions based on customer behavior.
  • Lead capture forms and pop-ups
  • A/B split-testing.
  • Enterprise level targeting and segmentation.

Price: $20.00/month

Open Klaviyo


This is the best BigCommerce app that makes email marketing easy. It provides you with automated workflows for everything from welcome emails to abandoned carts to order follow-ups, so you can encourage more sales — without lifting a finger.

And Omnisend gives you tools for collecting contact information as well, including a “Wheel of Fortune” feature that awards visitors with a prize in exchange for their email address. In addition to email, you can use Omnisend to reach potential customers through push notifications and SMS messages.

Omnisend Dashboard

Features include:

  • Track & learn what’s working best
  • rate on-brand, shoppable emails in no time
  • Purpose-built for nimble ecommerce businesses
  • Drive sales while you’re sleeping
  • Capture & convert new subscribers
  • Fully leverage your customers data

Price: $16/month

Open Omnisend

H. Best BigCommerce shipping apps


ShipStation is a BigCommerce app was built to help you sell more, with built-in marketing tools and handy features like inventory control. We’re here to help you after the order takes place: from customer communication to creating the label to making return labels. Spend less time shipping and more time selling by connecting your BigCommerce store to ShipStation for shipping and order fulfillment.

ShipStation Dashboard

Features include:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Email and Invoice Customization
  • Support for Multi-Package Orders
  • Tracking Updates
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Order & Staff Notes
  • Requested Shipping Service
  • Product Information Import

Price: $9/month

Open ShipStation


Optimize your BigCommerce store’s checkout experience with flexible shipping rates and delivery options from ShipperHQ. ShipperHQ one of the best Bigcommerce app that provides the world’s #1 shipping rate management solution.

Whether you want to reduce cart abandonment, lower your shipping costs, offer international shipping, ShipperHQ gives you the power to tailor your shipping and checkout experience to the way you do business.

ShipperHQ Dashboard

Features include:

  • Backup Carriers.
  • In-store Pickup.
  • Dimensional Packing.
  • LTL Freight.
  • Address Validation.
  • Delivery Date & Time.
  • Multi-Origin Shipping.

Price: $50/month

Open ShipperHQ

I. Best BigCommerce security apps

Rewind Backups

Rewind is a leading BigCommerce app that gives BigCommerce store owners peace of mind by automatically backing up your most important store data, including products, product details, product images, themes, customers, orders, and more.

Rewind Backups Dashboard

Features include:

  • Restore Data in Minutes
  • Completely Secure & GDPR Compliant
  • The Only Way To Automatically Backup Your Store

Price: $3 USD / month

Open Rewind Backups


Signifyd solves the challenges that growing eCommerce businesses persistently face: billions of dollars lost in chargebacks, customer dissatisfaction from mistaken declines, and operational costs due to tedious, manual transaction investigation.

Signifyd Dashboard

Features include:

  • Configure order workflows based on Signifyd’s guarantee decision
  • Quickly access the Signifyd Console From the BigCommerce Control Panel
  • Automatically send orders to Signifyd for fraud protection

Price: Contact Signifyd to obtain current pricing.

Open Signifyd

Your pick, your call

BigCommerce apps are ideal for ecommerce stores looking to convert more customers, decrease time-consuming tasks, and save money by avoiding developer help. However, the right BigCommerce apps to increase sales and conversions boil down to who your audience is, what kind of store you have, and what capabilities you’re currently using.

Putler is an all-in-one app for complete reporting as well as insights solution for your BigCommerce store. It helps to monitor your data with useful eCommerce reports and provides you growth insights that help grow your business. Do try the Putler BigCommerce app and have better control of your business and growth today.

Try Putler for free for 14 days

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