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How to Increase Sales on Amazon Marketplace in 2024

Discover easy ways to increase sales on Amazon Marketplace. Get tips on SEO, marketing, and mastering the Buy Box to boost your rankings and attract more customers.

How to increase sales on Amazon Marketplace | Putler

Last updated on July 9, 2024

Ranking on Amazon’s first page is a tough but crucial challenge for any seller aiming to succeed.

It’s not enough to just list your products; you need to master Amazon SEO and create compelling listings that attract and convert.

Learning how to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace involves mastering these elements.

This guide delves into key strategies for optimizing your Amazon presence.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you boost your rankings and increase sales on amazon.

How to increase sales on Amazon Marketplace: Tested strategies

It is crucial for you to learn how to boost sales on Amazon as it requires a mix of strategic planning and tactical execution to grow your sales.

Here are some tested strategies to help you enhance your visibility, attract more customers, and boost your revenue.

Learn Amazon SEO

Ranking on the first page for your key keywords on Amazon isn’t easy, but it’s essential.

You need to put in the hard work to optimize every part of your listings to align with Amazon’s search algorithm.

This effort is crucial for understanding how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

Go beyond just adding keywords randomly. Be precise with your product titles, bullet points, backend keywords, and more.

Use professional keyword tools to find valuable, high-converting terms based on data. The SEO work doesn’t stop there.

Keep your rankings by regularly updating your content, monitoring performance, and making adjustments to improve your position in the search results.

Hiring an Amazon SEO expert can help you reach the top spots.

Effective copywriting

Visibility is great, but if your product listings don’t convert well, you’re missing out on sales.

Write descriptions that emphasize benefits and create urgency, making buyers want to purchase immediately.

Go beyond just listing features and tap into emotional triggers.

Effective copywriting is a critical step in how to increase sales on Amazon marketplace. If you need help with copywriting, use resources like YouTube and other blogs to improve your skills.

Instead of completely rewriting your listings, make small changes to headlines, bullet points, and calls to action to see what increases conversion rates.

Increase sales with smart bundling

Boosting your average order value is simpler with strategic product bundling.

Offering complementary products enhances the shopping experience and drives more sales.

For this first, you need to identify which products customers are frequently buying together. Use Putler to get insights on products that pair well.

Use these insights to develop Amazon product bundles or suggest complementary items in your descriptions. Customers will appreciate the convenience.

Comprehensive marketing

Don’t rely solely on Amazon. Successful eCommerce businesses use a full-funnel, omnichannel marketing strategy.

Start by creating a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Use shoppable posts and influencers to build brand awareness.

Create engaging content, run ads, and keep your audience engaged. Expand your marketing to include email campaigns, organic SEO, YouTube collaborations, and other channels that resonate with your audience.

Link everything back to your Amazon store to drive more traffic and increase sales on Amazon.

Perfect your promotion timing

Maximize the impact of your promotions by timing them perfectly.

Launching promotions when customers are most active, increases their effectiveness.

For this you can use sales heatmaps that highlight the busiest shopping times on Amazon. This allows you to schedule promotions and grow sales on amazon.

You can perfectly time your promotions, flash sales, and marketing campaigns during peak traffic periods for maximum impact and engagement.

Understanding Amazon’s algorithm

Navigating Amazon without understanding its algorithms is risky and expensive. You need to understand how Amazon’s search rankings and Buy Box criteria work.

Mastering these algorithms is the answer to the question of “how to increase sales on Amazon marketplace?”

Analyze what factors influence rankings and how price optimization affects results.

While you can try figuring this out yourself, hiring an expert Amazon marketing agency can be very beneficial.

They can help you understand these algorithms and develop strategies to improve your performance.

Using long-tail keywords

High-traffic single-word keywords are competitive and costly, but long-tail keywords can be your secret weapon in 2024.

Focusing on specific, niche long-tail keywords can help attract valuable traffic and improve conversion rates.

Create a content calendar focusing on these long-tail keywords. Write blogs, make videos, and create listicles optimized for these terms.

Use tools like to find long-tail keyword ideas.

Focusing on key metrics

Not all metrics are equally important.

Focus on key metrics like churn rate, lifetime value, and average order value.

If you’re weak in churn rate, improve your retargeting campaign.

If LTV rates are low, enhance your customer service.

Small increases in average order value can lead to significant revenue gains.

Identify customer segments

Understanding your customer segments is crucial.

Knowing your top customers and those who need more attention allows you to tailor your marketing efforts effectively, saving time and resources.

Through this, you can identify your most loyal customers and those who are leaving.

Use this data to create personalized promotions. Offer exclusive previews to your “Champions” and discounts to your “At Risk” customers to re-engage them.

High-quality visuals

High-quality images are essential for attracting buyers and increasing conversions, leading to an Amazon sales increase.

Invest in professional photography and image editing for your product listings.

Use multiple angles, styled photos, and lifestyle shots to make your product listings stand out.

Master your SLA drills

Maintaining a stellar seller reputation on Amazon requires a rock-solid Service Level Agreement (SLA).

This means lightning-fast order fulfillment and transparent communication about any delays.

Avoiding SLA violations and shortcomings is crucial, as they can severely damage your credibility with customers.

Use management tools like eDesk to monitor your shipping performance and handling times in real-time.

Catching and correcting slip-ups promptly helps maintain a positive customer experience and protects your metrics.

A strong SLA builds confidence and trust with your audience.

Failing to maintain it means wasting your promotional and SEO budgets on customers who will leave disappointed.

How data analytics can amp up your game?

Amazon, with its vast marketplace and immense competition, requires a strategic approach to stand out and increase sales.

Leveraging advanced data analytics tools like Putler can provide the insights needed to optimize your operations, target the right customers, and enhance your overall sales performance on Amazon.

Here’s how you can use Putler to grow sales on Amazon:

Identify top products

how to increase sales on amazon marketplace via top selling products

Putler helps you quickly find your top best-selling products that likely make up 80% of your revenue.

You can then focus your marketing and inventory efforts on keeping those hot sellers well-promoted and fully stocked to meet customer demand and drive more sales.

Reduce refund rates

Instant and Secure Refunds - Putler

High product return rates can hurt your business.

To help you with this, Putler shows you the specific products that are getting refunded the most.

This lets you identify and fix any quality issues, wrong sizing information, or other problems causing those excess returns.

Improving product quality and descriptions reduces refunds and keeps more revenue.

Precision marketing

RFM Segmentation| grow sales on amazon

Using RFM analysis, Putler segments your customers based on how recently, frequently, and how much they purchased.

You can then tailor marketing with exclusive offers for your “Champions” and win-back campaigns for “At Risk” customers.

Enhance customer experience

Customer card Putler

Comprehensive customer profiles give you insights into purchase histories and behavior.

This enables data-driven marketing strategies and personalizing your brand’s approach to increase conversions and customer loyalty.

Monitor conversion rates

Demographic Insights

Track visitor stats and conversion rates to identify friction points in your sales funnel.

Putler also surfaces your most popular pages and top search terms so you can optimize content accordingly.

However, for this, you need to have your GA connected to your Amazon store.


Amazon SEO and eCommerce success demand ongoing effort and strategic adaptation.

Remember, it’s not just about visibility; it’s about engaging and satisfying your customers.

Understanding how to increase sales on Amazon marketplace requires continuous learning and application of effective strategies.

Use long-tail keywords, master the Buy Box, and leverage data analytics like Putler for informed decisions.

Putler provides insightful analytics to optimize your operations, target the right customers, and maximize sales potential.

Don’t hesitate to seek professional help when needed. Stay ahead of the competition and watch your Amazon business thrive.

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