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[Ultimate Hack] How to export over 90 days of eBay data?

This article talks about the 90-days data export restriction by eBay and shows a cool and quick way to overcome it.


Last updated on January 14, 2022

The simple answer to this is – you can’t do it on eBay!
(But we have a solution…keep reading to know more)

eBay is a great platform but it has this restriction.
It restricts users from viewing data that is over 90 days.

Export eBay data for about 90 days

For about 90 days, you can access old listings through –
(1) Selling manager
(2) Past correspondence with links, such as listing confirmation emails
(3) Get the listing number from the invoice for the month when you listed the item and enter it in the regular search box. If it was a free insertion, click on “Promotional savings (view details).”

After 90 days, you need luck

Entering the listing number in the regular search box will usually only work for about 90 days but once in a while you can get a listing that’s considerably older than that, so it’s worth a try.

For example: If you enter a listing 271706423774 in the search box it might bring up a transaction from last December.
Pay attention to the words – ‘IT MIGHT’

This method of trial and error a.k.a luck is not reliable.
As eBay store owners, you need a more quick and reliable way to look back at your historical data.

Putler is the solution.

Putler helps export data from eBay for over 90 days

Yes, once you connect your single eBay store or multiple eBay stores to Putler, it will pull in the last 3 months’ historic data that’s provided by eBay.

From there on, it will start collecting all the real-time data from your eBay store.

You can then access all this data anytime in the future without worrying about the 90 days restriction that’s present on eBay.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Suppose you have an eBay store and you connect it to Putler on 1st April 2021, Putler will pull in the last 3 months’ data (i.e from 1st Jan 2021 to 1st April 2021) that’s provided by eBay. It will also start collecting real-time data.

Now suppose it’s June 2022 and you want to see your last year’s sales (Jan 2021 – Dec 2021). All you need to do is come to Putler and select the date range. Putler will show you the records.

So in short, unlike eBay which only allows you to go back 90 days, Putler saves all your data from the moment you connect your store to Putler and lets you transverse back and forth and view over 90 days of data as well. You can then export this eBay data as CSV or view reports/information within Putler.


How much historical data can Putler pull initially?

Initially, when you connect your store to Putler, it will be able to pull in the last 3 months’ data only as that’s what the eBay API allows for now. But once the data is in Putler, it will start accumulating data until you remove your store from Putler.

How much data (in years) can Putler collect?

Once you have connected your eBay store to Putler, it can keep accumulating years and years of data. Putler has 3 different plans which allow you to choose how much historical data you wish to go collect and go back to. The Starter lets you have 2 years of historical data, The Growth plan allows you upto 5 years of historical data, the Scale helps you with 10 years of historical data. If you need anything above that, contact support for a custom quote.

What type of eBay data can be exported using Putler?
Putler can not only export eBay sales data into excel but it can also help to export product data, customer data, order history, purchase history and a lot more.

What eBay data can I see within Putler?

Putler shows you data (reports) on Products, Sales, Transactions, Orders, Customers.
You can simply select your date range and then pull reports for any of the above parameters.

Let’s take examples for each:

1. Sales data – Suppose you wish to see your sales history for the last 3 months
2. Customer data – Suppose you wish to see a list of all the loyal customers who have purchased more than once in the last 2 years.
3. Transaction data – Suppose you wish to find all the refunded transactions prior to 6 months or Suppose you wish to find a transaction having transaction ID 129990404.
4. Product data – Suppose you wish to see how your Products have been doing in the last year.

Well, I can go on and on. Putler lets you get all this and much more.

Let’s summarize

  • Putler can help you retrieve data related to your Products,
  • Customers, Sales, Orders, Transactions for over 90 days.
  • You can slice and dice your data using the intuitive filters within Putler
  • You can search on anything
  • You can export a CSV of all the data

Seeing is believing, so I invite you to sign up for the 14 days free trial of Putler.

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