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6 Best FREE Google Analytics Alternatives for Your Website

Looking for an alternative for Google Analytics? Take a look at some of our top picks.

Last updated on January 29, 2024

Today customers are used to getting information at a click of a button. Businesses should have a web presence to grow and get noticed. It is not enough for your business to have a website you need to work to ensure your target customer notices it. You need to ensure your website ranks high on the Google Search Results Page.

Analytics help you measure and track the actions of your prospective customers on your website. There are several analytical tools available. Unwieldy analytical tools will make it tough to gather useful information. You may need to filter the information to get actionable inputs.

Why do we use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the leading website analytics software providing users with in-depth statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization and marketing. Google Analytics is accessible to anyone with a Google account. Businesses use the reports to analyze customer behavior, refine their marketing campaign, improve web traffic, and retain their clients

Why look for alternatives?

Google Analytics is not without its drawback, it has a steep learning curve. Google uses cookies and JavaScript to track user behavior, some users do not permit tracking tactics. Google Analytics may underreport some numbers.

There can be an overload of information due to internal traffic and robot activity. Google Analytics features and metrics are frequently changed, and it can confuse you if you are not a regular user.

Many users are looking for alternate analytics to complement or replace Google Analytics and GrowthBoosters is a useful website that has a collection of analytics tools .

Free Google Analytics Alternatives

The right combination of analytics can help you make more informed decisions. If you are serious about web analytics, there are many options available. Here are our top 6 alternatives for Google Analytics.



Clicky is a flash-free, real-time analytical platform and is one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics and is easy to use and records and tracks user actions in detail. Clicky offers features offered on most analytical platforms and offers heat mapping. Owners and web marketing professionals are the primary users.

You can customize Clicky’s dashboards and learn which parts of your webpage are generating maximum traffic and get per page traffic. The real-time analytics lets you monitor live visitors on your website and observe how they navigate through the website. Other great features offered are backlink analysis and mobile compatibility.

Clicky may have speed issues and has export file limitations.

Clicky has a free option and offers four paid options.

Open Clicky



Heap is best suited for online products and has an easy-to-use interface enabling you to measure every interaction on your website – swipes, clicks, tabs, form submits, and page views. You can set advanced analytics for your website, app, or cloud services. The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it popular. Product managers, data analysts, and UX designers use the platform.

The retroactive analytics feature allows you to examine the impact of changes to your website or app. Heap automatically collects data and organizes it into useful reports. The reports give alerts on developing micro-trends and highlighting potential problems early. Heap offers both free and paid plans.

Heap has an automatic event tracking feature and it can get confusing if multiple events fire at the same time. The event visualizer is a bit slow and confusing.

Open Heap



Chartbeat is advanced web analytics software specially tailored for the publishing industry. Chartbeat offers actionable insights with unique features like headline optimization and image testing. You can use it to analyze and track the performance of your web content in real-time and follow social media mentions. The detailed user data provides useful data like the time spent by visitors to your website, articles they browse, video engagement, and their location.

Chartbeat focuses on consumption and engagement, giving you real-time and actionable data. You get actionable insights to increase your readership base and loyalty.

Chartbeat does not provide historical data. We need to see additional metrics to notice trends and periods over time. It does not show the most popular pages on mobiles.

You can contact Chartbeat for pricing.

Open Chartbeat

Clarity from Microsoft


Clarity from Microsoft is web analytics. It focuses on users interacting with the website. They summarize information in a convenient dashboard. You get usual information like session count, total views, and page views. It provides interesting data like rage clicks and excessive scrolling which could indicate user frustration. The platform does provide information like bounce rate and conversion rate.

Clarity provides unique session recording features and records mouse movement, scrolling, and clicks. You can good insight into user behavior. The filter and custom tags help you to see data with specific criteria. Clarity is free.

The analytical data provided is basic. We cannot filter the traffic to the website.

Open Clarity



Woopra provides website analytics-based four data types- people, journey, trends, and retention. It tries to analyze user actions based on their journey through different touchpoints like customer reactions after introductory emails. The platform is designed to improve growth throughout the customer’s lifecycle. Woopra tracks usage through your website and apps with real-time analytics and data.

Customized live reports can help you use data to improve your customer retention and engagement. Woopra offers one-click integration with other web analytics like Salesforce and Google, you can get all data in one place.

Woopra’s control panel is not intuitive. You need a developer’s help to download raw complex data.

Woopra offers free and paid plans with Startup plans starting at $349 a month.

Open Woopra

Piwik Pro


The Piwik Pro Analytical Suite or PPAS is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. PPAS is ideally suited for industries handling sensitive customer information like healthcare, finance, and government.

PPAS allows you to track your customer journey across devices like desktops, mobiles, apps, and post-sign-in areas and is one of the few platforms that monitor customer behavior in secured sign areas. PPAS is user-friendly. The firm offers training and consulting when required. PPAS consent manager ensures the data does not violate any law.

It can be challenging to create a custom event for a particular action. Some features offered on Google Analytics are missing and the user interface is not intuitive.

PPAS offers free accounts and enterprise accounts.

Open Piwik Pro

Over to you

So those were our top picks of Google alternatives. Feel free to give them a try and stick to the one that meets your requirements.

BTW, if you don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of Google Analytics and want to simply track the important KPI’s from Google, make sure you take a look at Putler’s Audience Dashboard.

It is the best way to keep a track of all the critical KPI’s from Google Analytics in one dashboard.

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