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Product Descriptions: How To Create Powerful Item Descriptions That Sell

Sell more by applying these powerful product description hacks to your Shopify store. These hacks are quick, easy, and guarantee amazing results. Try them out.


Last updated on September 28, 2021

Optimizing your Shopify store is a Herculean task – there’s always a tweak you can make to your keywords, your prices, and deals, or the way you’re asking for feedback from your customers.

If you’re going to focus on any one thing, however, your product descriptions have the power to increase conversions instantly. Product descriptions offer a key moment to connect with your customers, to instill desire and demand in their hearts, and to make a sale. Let’s take a look at some essential tips for creating product descriptions that sell.

Err on the side of simplicity

Attention is a premium commodity in internet selling so never take it for granted. Your product descriptions should be eye-catching and instantly understandable to your audience, enabling them to identify the product’s appeal in under a few seconds.

Err On The Side Of Simplicity
Err on the side of simplicity

Bullet points and short sentences allow the eye to quickly scan across the page and take in the most important facts about a product. Walls of text might seem to provide your reader with valuable information, but more often than not they’ll never be read as your customer clicks away.

Use buyer personas to guide your descriptions

Who are you selling to? If you think the answer is anyone and everyone, I’ve got news for you. You can’t appeal to everyone, all the time. When it comes to writing successful Shopify descriptions, you need to know who you’re targeting and how you’re going to trigger them into purchasing your products.

Use buyer personas to guide your descriptions

That means it’s vital to get to know your users and begin building buyer personas. These are various typical shoppers – archetypes that you can use to guide your description writing process. For example, students in their early 20s and middle-aged Moms might both be browsing your store, but very different descriptions would appeal to these divergent demographics. Creating buyer personas lets you streamline your descriptions for success.

Emphasize benefits and features

Identifying who is buying your products is only the first step. All of your products solve a particular problem in your customer’s life – and to create powerful Shopify product descriptions you need to target these problems.

Emphasize Benefits And Features
Emphasize benefits and features

“Identify the features that your customers are looking for a product and tie them to the real-world issues your customers face,” says Georgio De Lazio, a writer at Paper Fellows and OXEssays. “Your product descriptions should leave no room for doubt in the minds of your audience: they need this product in their lives.”

Build on your brand’s voice

Establishing yourself as a force at the Shopify marketplace means building your store into a powerful brand. You should be taking every opportunity to develop your brand into something that instantly chimes with your audience and your product descriptions are no different.

Build on your brand’s voice

Use your brand’s voice throughout your product descriptions to appeal to your customers. Whether that’s a fact-driven, professional tone or something more offbeat and whimsical, the tone you take in your product descriptions will cultivate your relationship with your customers.

Leveraging power-words

Some words have the capacity to stand out in a description, creating an instant desire in customers and prompting them to open their wallets. Whilst you can’t overuse these so-called power words because of the risk that they’re devalued, you can season your product descriptions with them to create additional demand.

Leveraging power words

Words such as “breathtaking”, “sensational” and “staggering” stand out to your audience. They emphasize the unique appeal of a product and have a powerful capacity for selling products.

Don’t ignore SEO

Whilst you’re primarily writing product descriptions so that they appeal to your customers, don’t forget that they have an important relationship with your SEO. “Tailoring your product descriptions to boost your SEO will encourage search-engine algorithms to bring more consumers to your store and have a direct impact on your revenue,” says Albert Witherspoon, a Shopify expert at Essayroo and Boomessays.

Don’t ignore SEO

Use Google’s Keyword service to find out which keywords are relevant to the products you’re selling. Try to use these in an organic way, slipped into product titles and bullet points.

Wrapping up

The way you describe your products is so much more than a description. It’s a moment of interaction with your customers, somewhere to appeal to their fears, desires and aspirations. It’s a key point of psychological connection – don’t miss it.

Bio: Lauren Groff is a content writer and digital marketing specialist at Dissertation Help and Academized. Lauren writes about the wider world of digital selling and loves the dynamic online marketplace. You can read more of her work at Essay Writing Service.
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