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9 Best Amazon Analytics Tools of 2024

Looking for the best Amazon analytics tool? Here are 9 amazing tools that provide key Amazon reports. Discover their pros and cons by giving this article a quick read.

Best Amazon Analytics Tools

Last updated on January 2, 2024

Amazon is a competitive platform. In order to gain an advantage over your competitors, you must utilize the best tools that are available for Amazon sellers. Amazon analytics tools for will help you keep track of your performance and your competitors.

But finding the right Amazon reporting tools isn’t easy. There are multiple options available. So choosing the right Amazon analytics tool can get overwhelming.

In this article, we’ll cover 9 of the best Amazon sellers analytics tools. Leverage on these Amazon analytics for sellers and take your business to the next level.

Why do you need an Amazon Analytics Tool?

If your Amazon store has more than two or three products, investing in one of these analytical tools is very essential.

Manually analyzing a few products is still possible. But, if the number of products that you sell on Amazon is more than two or three, it becomes difficult to handle the analytics yourself.

Adding one or more analytics tools to analyze your Amazon business will help you make quicker and profitable decisions in the long run.

9 Amazon Analytics and Tracking Tools for Sellers

There are many tools available, but we have narrowed this list down to the top 9 we believe can help you better analyze your Amazon store data.

AMZ Tracker


AMZ Tracker is a keyword tracking and research tool. It helps you to analyze every single listing to ensure that it’s fully optimized to show up when a potential customer searches for your product.


  • Allows you to discover and track keywords
  • Easy to use
  • Increase sales
  • Shows you how to optimize your listings
  • Helps you to get more reviews


  • Not cost effective.

Pricing: $50/Month

Open AMZ Tracker



Putler is a multichannel analytics and insight tool for Amazon. It lets you pull data from one or multiple Amazon stores into one place. Putler brings all the data together, processes it and shows you detailed reports on Products, Customers, Orders and Subscriptions. Along with reports, Putler also provides marketing tools like – forecasting, goal tracking, segmentation, filtering, performance comparison and a lot more.

Not just Amazon, you can connect other systems to Putler as well. Here’s a list of top platforms that directly connect with Putler.


  • Useful for reporting across multiple Amazon accounts
  • Provide detailed reports and key metrics
  • Provide useful insights that can be applied to grow sales.
  • Helps spot trends and figure out opportunities


  • No inventory reports
  • No mobile app


  • Starter plan – $20/mo
  • Growth plan – starts at $50/mo

Try Putler for free



sellerboard is a profitability analytics and stock management software for Amazon sellers. It provides a live profit report, sends restock alerts, automates follow-up message campaigns, finds reimbursements for FBA errors (including lost and damaged stock), identifies PPC optimizations and sends listing change alerts.


  • Listing change alerts
  • Inventory management
  • PPC optimizationUsers & rights management
  • Refunds for lost inventory
  • Additional seller accounts
  • Monitoring of your fixed costs and other expenses
  • Negative seller feedback More events
  • Restock and reorder alerts
  • “Request a review” automation and email follow up campaigns


  • Manage users access rights by account is not available in standard plan
  • More pricing options needed for small sellers

Pricing: $19 to $79 per month.

Open SellerBoard

Jungle Scout


Jungle scout is a tool that helps you analyze and sort through that long list in order to discover which Amazon products will be the most profitable and help you achieve a steady flow of income from your business.


  • Easy to use
  • Access to supplier’s database
  • Affordable
  • All-in-one of every tool you need to grow or kick start a business.


  • It can be expensive
  • No mobile app

Pricing: $149/ 3 Month Subscription

Open Jungle Scout

Trendle Analytics


Trendle Analytics has a complete line-up of any Amazon seller’s essential tools for business operations. It combines all your Seller Central accounts in one place.


  • Increase organic ranking for your listings.
  • Automatic Testing of Every Element
  • Combine all the accounts of the Seller Central
  • Automatically optimize your campaigns
  • Maximize your profitability.
  • Trendle Analytics has recovered over half a million dollars from FBA sellers from Amazon.
  • Run at least 50 tests at the same time and optimize it well.


  • In a Starter plan, you can test only 100 keywords at a time.
  • If you want to run more than 50 tests at the same time, then it is not possible in this application.

Pricing: $10 for new sellers, $50 for Starter package, $250 for Pro package

Open Trendle Analytics



SellerApp combines a range of capabilities to help you supercharge your Amazon business. Whether you’re looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level or keep an eye on your sales performance, SellerApp is an ideal analytics tool to use.


  • Precise insights, accompanied with improvement tips to make you a better Amazon seller.
  • Excellent video knowledge base to help you get started.
  • All-in-one tool, suitable for beginners and experienced sellers alike.
  • Amazing customer service which connects with their users on a personal level.
  • Manage your seller account with the help of some of the best professionals in the business.


  • Product sourcing limited to suppliers.
  • Requires a credit card for the free trial.
  • Somewhat expensive once you begin accessing advanced options.
  • Some features require an advanced understanding of how Amazon sales work.


  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing
  • FREEMIUM: $0.00
  • PRO: $49.00

Open SellerApp



PriceBlink is a web browser price comparison add-on that displays a banner at the top of the webpage a user is viewing once it has searched for a better price to indicate whether a better price is available as well as which other websites are selling the same product.


  • Silently works in the background
  • Pops up only when needed


  • Works best with products found in multiple stores

Pricing: Free

Open PriceBlink



Accelerlist is an Amazon solution that includes fast product listing tools, automated COGS/cash flow trackers, and inventory health analytics. It also offers a cloud-based Amаzоn bulk lіѕtіng tool that is compatible with аnу browser. Track every buy cost on your items in real time so you have the big picture on your cash flow. Check your sales ranks and income analytics as well.


  • Accelerlist is 36% less expensive.
  • List more products per hour with Accelerlist.
  • Accelerlist lets you set default conditions and condition notes.
  • Accelerlist shows you the Keepa graph on the listing page.
  • Live chat support.


  • Not mobile friendly
  • No Tech Support

Pricing: $20/month

Open Accelerlist



DataHawk is an eCommerce Analytics & Optimization Platform that helps brands, resellers, and agencies increase sales, optimize margins, and increase productivity when selling on Amazon and Walmart.


  • Automate PDP tracking
  • Quickly assess the SEO performance
  • Unique data aggregator & essential for tracking product metrics
  • monitoring organic Ranking
  • Easy to use and get key information
  • Bulk actions and data for all listings


  • Research function is very general
  • Price, expensive
  • Low number of tracked keywords limits the insights

Pricing: Starting at $49.00/Month

Open DataHawk

Your choice

So these were our top tools that provide Amazon reports. Now it’s up to you to test and try out the tools you find most impressive. Since each of the tools has its own USP, analyze each tool carefully and then zero down to one or two tools for your Amazon shop.

BTW, if you have multiple Amazon shops and wish to analyze all of them from one single place, take a look at this guide.

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