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Best Reporting Plugins for WooCommerce Subscriptions in 2024

Here's a list of best reporting plugins for WooCommerce Subscriptions. Know their features, pricing & then pick the best plugin for your subscription business.


Last updated on January 2, 2024

For a woocommerce store owner selling subscription products, woocommerce subscription reports are an essential part of a successful business. woocommerce subscription reports provide performance metrics, insights, and reports on the progress of a business.

Reporting plugins for woocommerce subscription help woocommerce store owners take profitable decision. Like; with the help of woocommerce subscription reports store owners can make decisions which lead to more sales, increased conversions and better customer relationship.

Native woocommerce does provide you basic subscription reports on sales, products and orders. However, inorder to grow your subscription business, you need more powerful reporting plugins that provide you advanced reports, metrics and insights.

Best reporting plugins for WooCommerce Subscriptions
Thankfully, there are many options for reporting and analytics plugins for woocommerce subscriptions. Here are some of the best reporting plugins for your woocommerce subscription business.


Metorik is also a good reporting plugin for woocommerce subscription. Similar to Putler it provides access to real-time stats and reports like MRR, churn, retention, cohorts, and more. There’s also subscription segmenting & exporting at your fingertips. And using Metorik engage, you can easily send automatic emails for each woocommerce subscription.


  • Interactive, beautiful and insightful reports
  • Send automated emails directly to customers
  • Active subscribers over time, MRR, retention and more
  • Send abandoned cart emails and analyze carts
  • Instant data segmenting with hundreds of filters
  • Fast, custom, and automatic data exports
  • Accurately track your costs and profit
  • Receive automatic custom reports by email and slack
  • Bring everything together in one place

Price: $50 USD / month onwards

Open Metorik


ChartMogul is another analytics and revenue reporting tool for woocommerce subscriptions. With this woocommerce subscription reporting plugin, you can monitor all the activities of your users know their behavior and create a seamless user experience.
This platform shows you different parts of subscription analytics such as MRR and its movements, Annual Recurring Revenue, cash flow, and more.


  • Track your business in real time
  • Maintain perfect accuracy
  • Improve subscriber retention
  • Surface insights the entire team can use

Price: $100 / Month

Open ChartMogul


If you’re looking for a simple yet comprehensive subscription reporting tool that allows you to analyse not one but multiple woocommerce stores, across various timeframes, and filtered according to your needs, Putler’s one of the best reporting plugins for woocommerce subscription. This woocommerce subscription reports plugin shows KPIs, metrics, analytics, MRR, LTV, Churn rate, ARR, top products, and more automatically.



  • Customer intelligence and automatic RFM segmentation
  • SaaS metrics – MRR, churn, LTV, ARR, ARPU, trials, upgrades, downgrades
  • Search, filter, segment and drill-down
  • Most accurate reporting
  • Multi-store reporting, currencies, integrations, team members
  • eCommerce, subscriptions, memberships
  • Targeted email sending
  • Issue refunds and manage subscriptions
  • CSV and mailchimp export
  • Subscription reports and SaaS metrics
  • Data filtering and custom segments
  • User profile enrichment
  • Weekly email alerts
  • Goals, forecasts & annual planning


  • Starter plan – $20/mo
  • Growth plan – starts at $50/mo

Try Putler for free


Infosoft is another woocommerce subscription reporting plug-in that helps you get detailed subscription reporting based on the woothemes woocommerce subscriptions plugin in wordpress.


  • Subscribed user count & revenue
  • Free trial signup & paid subscriber count summary
  • Cancelled subscriptions summary
  • Total revenue
  • Cancelled subscriptions summary
  • Graphical representation of revenue, free trials, paid subscribers, cancellation by days, weeks, month
  • Free or trial subscription Due
  • Top 5 subscription items
  • Subscription status report based on subscription plugin status
  • Subscription status report based on woocommerce order status
  • Subscription country
  • Month wise renewal due summary
  • Coupons
  • Subscriptions due & expired
  • Renewals due in next 7, 10, 30 days and overdue
  • Daily summary report

Price: $49/Month

Open Infosoft

Take your pick

All the reporting plugins mentioned above have their own pros and cons. So I highly recommend you to take a trial (if available) before deciding on a particular plugin.

To start off with, you could give Putler a try. It is feature intensive, provides much more features than your average subscription reporting tool and is less expensive compared to the other options.

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