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From Challenges to Opportunities: Nicolai’s Journey Towards Organized Data

The pieces of the puzzle when put together, can present the complete picture of a business’s health. Check out how Putler is helping Nicolai do the same!

Nicolai Grut Case Study

Last updated on July 4, 2024

“Eventually, I was able to get a crystal clear picture of my customers, who they were, where they came from, what they wanted more of, and where I needed to focus my energy and my time.”

Nicolai Grut, Grut Brushes
Nicolai Grut
Founder, Grut Brushes

Looking to trace the origins of your income from multiple sources and payment gateways? We believe you are in the same boat as Nicolai once was!

Check out how Putler has helped Nicolai make sense of his data and provide a new direction to his business, all while eliminating hassle!

Moreover, this organized approach is reflected in the results his business produced as well.

Read on!

Nicolai Grut’s e-commerce trajectory

Nicolai is the owner of Grut Brushes.

Nicolai Grut - Grut Brushes

He sells digital brushes for artists. Given that he has a huge customer base and multiple income sources, he required a comprehensive platform that does it all promptly and efficiently.

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He started using Putler’s unified data analytics platform in 2018, and there has been no turning back.

Not only were his business requirements met without any hassle, but he could also access key metrics on a single platform.

How Putler helped Nicolai connect the dots?

Before using Putler, Nicolai used an app that went out of business.

This is when his search for an all-encompassing tool began.

He has been using multiple payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, along with other shopping carts such as WooCommerce, and Thrive Cart for a long time now.

This made it even more important for Nicolai to find a tool that aligns with his goals and consolidates all these metrics under one roof.

Being in a business where the demand is ever-increasing, Nicolai needed to ensure an organized approach to managing his revenue data.

He had a hard time searching for the right fit for a long time until he stumbled across Putler.

Being a turn-key moment, Putler became the single source of truth for him, combining all data sources and even de-duplicating them whenever required.

As per Nicolai, he hasn’t come across any other app that goes close to doing that and doing that so well.

Single business or multiple businesses? Putler fits right in…

Nicolai Grut currently owns one business, but he believes that many of Putler’s features can greatly benefit those with multiple businesses.

Don’t get lost in the mundane chores, spend time growing your business

Nicolai doesn’t have a team, rather he handles all his data all by himself with Putler’s assistance.

Despite being the sole person handling his daily business operations, Putler has successfully made processes more efficient for him.

He learned pivotal details about his customers, such as which products led them to discover other products and other valuable insights.

Such knowledge about his business and customers has turned out to be highly beneficial for Nicolai.

This led him to develop a lot of small products and entice the users. Post that he could lead the customer to purchase bigger ticket items.

And in that sense, Putler helped Nicolai to increase his sales.

Unlock key insights with powerful segmentation

What made things even easier for him was that Putler offered multiple other features such as contacting his customers with the power of pin-pointed segmentation.

He can segment customers with filters such as recency, frequency, and monetary values, which certainly has made a difference.

Needless to say, this was yet another feature that helped him keep track of his earnings, customers, business, and sales.

What sets Putler apart from the crowd?

Before using Putler, Nicolai downloaded all the data from his multiple payment options – PayPal and Stripe and put it into a Google sheet.

Managing data the manual and conventional way not only led him to invest more time and effort into the process but also increased the possibility of manual errors.

The problem got even amplified as every tool had its separate data set, with different columns, dates, time stamps, and time zones.

All this made it increasingly difficult to get a crystal clear picture of the revenue, and sales.

This turned out to be an endless process that would take up a significant chunk of Nicolai’s time and efforts to make the data look uniform and make sense of it.

This further trickled down being unaware of the changing metrics, and those you must focus on.

Since Putler is all that Nicolai wants for his business, he has it pinned in a tab with Putler always open on his screen.

As per Nicolai, one of the most difficult things about shopping online, is that you don’t see your customers.

Unified data analytics platforms like Putler allow business owners to get the closest they can to a real-time shopping experience and have daily contact with their customers.

Additional insights include understanding who your customers are and where they come from.

All of this turns out to be valuable information for business owners such as Nicolai Grut and eventually helps you grow your business.

Last thoughts and recommendations

Being satisfied with Putler, Nicolai can’t think of anything else that he can add to it.

Nicolai has yet to tap into multiple other Putler features, which can surely make his daily business operations much smoother and seamless.

Overall, Nicolai is grateful to have found Putler as it saved him an incredible amount of time.

All these features, helped him invest his time and efforts on other crucial business decisions and strategies rather than spending his time wrangling all the data.

As per Nicolai –

“Putler is perfect for anybody who sells online!
Putler is one of the things that I’ll check in the morning and check in the evening. It’s just been my routine.”

Nicolai Grut, Grut Brushes
Nicolai Grut
Founder, Grut Brushes
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