Crisp business intelligence minus the confusion.

Analytics are typically superficial & overwhelming. It’s time to get real.

Crisp business intelligence minus the confusion.

Putler comes with consolidated dashboards, key performance indicators and vital graphs relevant for your business growth.

Monitor key performance indicators and metrics.

Recognize macro trends and micro details of your business.

Avoid guesswork. Make data-driven confident decisions.

Uncover hidden metrics & KPI’s
all at one place

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Track & Monitor

Get a full grip on your business

Running a business is hard. But Putler makes it easy – it gives you full access to sales digits, product performance metrics and customer activity.

Best Value Key Metrics

Sales, Orders, Refunds, Transactions…

Get all the details about orders, customer purchasing trends & more
Study refund statistics and reduce them drastically by identifying trends.


Sales: Revenue, Orders & Refunds

  • Today’s Sales
  • Daily Average Revenue
  • Today’s Revenue compared to Daily Average
  • Number of Orders
  • Current month sales, sales 3 months ago, 6 months ago & a year ago
  • Recent Transactions quick list
  • Refund Amount
  • Number of Refunds made
  • Refunds as % of Sales

Transactions and Individual Orders

  • Date and time of a transaction
  • Type of transaction and its status – Shopping Cart, Subscription, Transfer, Refund, Payment,
  • Customer’s name, email and avatar image
  • Account in which transaction occurred
  • Line items in an order with their names, quantity and amount
  • Management actions – Issue Refund, Suspend/Cancel/Reactivate subscription
Sales MetricsTransaction Metrics

Products Reporting

Products leaderboard, KPIs and detailed product reporting cover all your most common needs to see what sells and what does not.

Product Metrics

  • Quantities sold & refunded for each product
  • Total sales for each product
  • % contribution of product to total sales
  • Most recent sale date for a product
  • Product wise refunds – amount and % to sold quantity
  • Sale Velocity – how quickly does this product sell
  • Month/Week/Day wise breakdown of sales, revenue & refunds for each SKU
  • Top 20% products contribution to revenue
  • Average quantity sold/day
  • Slowest/Fastest moving product

Subscriptions / Recurring Business Analytics

Get answers to monthly recurring revenue, customer churn rate, lifetime value, cancelled subscription etc in a single dashboard.


Subscription Metrics

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and MRR trend chart
  • MRR contribution to total revenue
  • Total Subscription Revenue
  • ARR – Annual Run Rate
  • Customer Churn Rate
  • ARPU – Average Revenue per Paid User
  • LTV – Customer Lifetime Value
  • Subscription Refunds
  • Subscription Statuses – Active, New, Suspended / On Hold, Cancelled / Expired, Failed / Pending Cancellation
  • All metrics comparison with last period and trend

Customers, Visitors & Leads Analytics

Track, understand the journey of every customer & convert cold traffic to hot leads to loyal customers. .


Customer Metrics

  • Total number of customers
  • Average Revenue per Customer/User
  • Number of Refunded customers
  • Returning customers
  • New vs Returning Customers trend
  • List of recent customers with their avatar images, name and email
  • Customers acquired per day
  • Top paying customers, their last transaction date & number of transactions
  • Customer profile with total orders, lifetime value, their details – email, name, avatar, phone, address

Visitors & Leads

  • Total Visitors, and trend for current period
  • Average Revenue per Visitor
  • Most popular pages on your website, number of people visiting them and their average time on site
  • Top search terms driving traffic to your sites, number of people using those search keywords, and bounce rate
  • Number of sessions, % new sessions, time spent on site, bounce rate in different categories-hot leads, leads from social media & organic search leads
  • Trend chart of lead classification with daily metrics
Customer MetricsVisitor Metrics

Complete business & website analytics as you like it

Apart from detailed analysis of sales, products, customers and subscriptions, you can use Putler to keep a track of overall numbers as well. You can even use smart date-range filters and keyword search to narrow down and dig deeper to get every analytics that you need.

Advanced KPIs, Filters and Options

  • Account Balance – consolidated as well as balance in individual accounts
  • Change in Account Balance from Yesterday
  • Smart date range selection: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, Last 4 Week, This Month,
  • Last Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, This Year, Last Year
  • Custom date range filter
  • Keyword search for Products, Customers and Transactions
  • View reports for single or multiple accounts
  • Automatically converts currencies, but can also filter by currency

Putler is an asset!

“Our company has used Putler for several years now and it’s an invaluable tool for our management team to monitor daily sales as well as quickly assess our financial goals and find potential weak spots in our pricing and product offerings.”

Caleb Caruth
President, Catapult Distribution

Uncover hidden metrics & KPI’s all at one place

No credit card required • 14 days free trial • Cancel at any time

Our development roadmap is packed with ideas that will make Putler even more useful for you. From additional KPIs and insights to team accounts to forecasting and accounting software integration. There is plenty on our mind! Stick around as we both grow our businesses together!

Nirav Mehta,
Putler Founder