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11 Best Shopify Analytics Tools of 2023

Looking for a Shopify analytics tool? Here are the top 10 Shopify tools that provide analytics. Get to know their features, pricing, pros, cons and a lot more.


Last updated on January 17, 2023

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms for online businesses. It has a cloud based hosting, inbuilt marketing tools, responsive support, advanced functionality and even a inbuilt payment gateway.

Now though Shopify ticks most of the boxes, it misses out on one. That’s advanced reporting.

The in-built Shopify analytics dashboard is good but it not enough to grow your store. So you need to rely on third party tools for advanced reporting.

In this article, I’ve shortlisted the top 10 advanced Shopify Analytics tools . Let’s take a look-


This is the best ecommerce analytics tool to improve your advertising efforts and exponentially increase your ecommerce metrics.

Price: $299/month

Features includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Predefined customer segment
  • Individual customer data & journey
  • Order & products analytics


  • PDF reports
  • Substance and traffic investigation
  • Progressed AI


  • Simple traffic information
  • No serious designs
  • No SEO highlights

Open Audiencefy


This is the hassle-free Shopify analytics tools. It’s an application made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The best thing about Putler is it helps monitor not just one but multiple Shopify stores in a single place. Also, Putler is way beyond a reporting tool. It provides some cool marketing functionality as well. Take a look at more of its interesting features below:

Price :

  • Starter plan – $20/mo
  • Growth plan – starts at $50/mo

Features includes:

  • Import data from multiple Shopify stores, payment gateways, other data sources in one place.
  • Automatic deduplication, enrichment, currency and timezone conversion.
  • Comprehensive reports on products, sales, transactions and customers.
  • 153+ key performance indicators and reports.
  • Issue refunds, manage subscriptions.
  • RFM customer segmentation.
  • Personalized growth recommendations.
  • Inbound & outbound API.


  • Not just reports, Putler provides growth tools like – customer segmentation, forecasting, goal settings and tracking.
  • Multi-channel reporting in a single place
  • Affordable pricing
  • Works for both SaaS as well as non SaaS businesses
  • Putler is extraordinary for dealing with many individuals, timetables, and accounts.


  • No inventory management
  • No cohorts

Sensai Metrics

Sensai Metrics helps to grow your business in the right way. Sensai Metrics is a SAAS to investigate online business stores with various information science models and AI, they bring together all the information from a web based business.

Price: $179/ per month

Features includes:

  • Budget allocation – with campaign performance and customers conversion
  • Customer journey – customer’s journey towards conversion
  • Facebook audiences – Helps in understanding how audiences perform across ad sets
  • Generate custom and general insights
  • Sales stats
  • Custom funnels – for checking at which stage most customers are lost.
  • Coupons dashboard
  • Product dashboard


  • Continuous traffic
  • Highlight ritch
  • The cost


  • The plan
  • Tech center
  • No substance highlights

Open Sensai Metrics

This Shopify reporting tool brings data from all your marketing and analytics apps to one dashboard. It then uses eCommerce intelligence, backed by industry experts to suggest high-converting marketing strategies that identify untapped market opportunities to help increase the revenue.

Price : $49.99/month

Features includes:

  • Customer analytics report
  • Product analytics report
  • Performance analytics report
  • Growth analytics report


  • Online business checkout reports
  • Various item sections
  • Top to bottom client sections


  • The cost
  • Pro device
  • No traffic information



Apteo is an automated, predictive marketing tool for ecommerce that also has a built in analytics suite. They help store owners increase repeat purchases by identifying high-converting marketing opportunities like cross-sale product recommendations or win-back campaigns for their customers. Their analytics module helps marketers dive into key trends and predictive insights around their customer data.


Price: $57/ per month (lowest tier)

Features includes:

  • Automatic customer segmentation based on customer behavior
  • Custom segments based on rules and conditions
  • Ability to sync your segments to external email and SMS providers
  • Automatic email campaigns based on cross-sale and repeat purchase recommendations
  • Optimized discount codes on a per-customer basis
  • Optimized campaign delivery based on time and day
  • Predictive analytics suite – identify what behaviors lead to the highest customer lifetime value


  • Speedy customer service
  • Automated marketing campaigns make it easy to actually use data to grow sales
  • Automatic customer segmentation and recommendations


  • No traffic information
  • The cost
  • Focus on predictive analytics leaves fewer standard analytics

Open Apteo


Conversific is another ecommerce analytics tool for Shopify that encourages you to streamline your traffic and change, accumulate better information, and create online deals and take better marketing decisions.

Price: $29.00 per month

Features includes:

  • Ecommerce report – monitor store performance
  • Ecommerce benchmarks – for benchmarking performance against competitors
  • Data insights – actionable insights and personalised list of action items
  • Products and customer analytics


  • Prescient analytics
  • Friend benchmarks
  • Transformation bits of knowledge


  • No substance
  • The cost
  • In view of Google analytics

Open Conversific


ShopIQ provides enterprise level, real-time predictive analytics and data science platform for eCommerce stores.

Price: $399/month

Features includes:

  • Real-time predictive analytics
  • Life time value and inventory forecasting
  • UI based ML workflows, ability to build, train, test and deploy ML models. Making predictions and identifying patterns.


  • Ease of utilization, valuing, constant idea,
  • Pleasant arrangement of applications, incredibly simple to begin.
  • The idea of application store assists with empowering investigation for known areas


  • Need more applications, a few records and how to help manage hardly any highlights.
  • Recordings and introductions may help.

Open ShopIQ


Order Metrics is a Shopify analytics solution designed to track orders and revenue across multiple sales channels, highlight gross profits, track product performance, and so on. You can also access real-time data to make smart decisions and enable automatic data analysis to see all your net profits after considering variables such as shipping costs, transaction fees, and discounts.


Pricing: $29/month

Features includes:

  • Track customer’s behaviours
  • Deeply analyze the data
  • Support daily report
  • Recommend the marketing campaign
  • Enable being warned if there is any error
  • Multichannel marketing


  • Helps eliminate duplicating work
  • Easy to use
  • Best customer service


  • Lack of responsiveness
  • Feedback and problem reports get an autogenerated email.
  • Open OrderMetrics

Yandex Metrica

Yandex.Metrica is an amazing web investigation framework consolidating progress with heat guides and session replays.

Price: You pay according to your customer data

Features includes:

  • Detailed traffic data for desktop and mobile updated in real time
  • Discover audience location, device, browser, and ad blocker usage
  • Return on investment from online marketing activities
  • Session replay, clicks and heat maps for customer visits
  • Custom user segmentation


  • Framework generally approves of inspecting, as in Google analytics.
  • Information about site visits not communicated to Google.
  • Interface is basic.


  • Interface isn’t versatile.
  • Framework lessens the speed of stacking the site.
  • Interface doesn’t uphold various dialects

Open Yandex Metrica


Track singular guests utilizing your site progressively. Comprehend and develop your traffic with free, live examination.

Price: $284.95/month

Features includes:

  • User-friendly reports
  • Page tracker
  • Calculate total number of visitors
  • Increase site performance and growth


  • Find out about your visitors.
  • Ability your website is being used
  • Traffic counter


  • Mistakes encountered
  • Restricted free version
  • Misrepresented and expensive

Open Web-stat

Segments Analytic

Segment is a customer data platform. It collects events from your web & mobile apps and provides a complete data toolkit to every team in your company.

Price: $239/month

Features includes:

  • Prebuilt segmentation
  • Client cohorts
  • Email return on investment (ROI)
  • Item return on investment (ROI)
  • Increase customer lifetime value


  • Easy to setup
  • Reliable service and support
  • Integrates with most of the third party tools.


  • You will require a designer to assist you with actualizing Segment.
  • Troubleshooting issues turns out to be somewhat harder since you currently have two frameworks in play.
  • Some instrument explicit highlights won’t work through segment.

Open Segments Analytic


Shopify analytics apps help you to develop growth strategies and take critical decisions by providing you clarity and in-depth analysis of your store’s sale and customer data. So do take a look at the incredible Shopify analytics tools mentioned above and stick to what fits your business the best.

If you wish to get a hands-on and then decide, signup for a 14 day free trial of Putler. The setup is easy and will take less than 10 minutes. Also, you don’t need any coding skills or credit card info to get started with Putler.

Try Putler for free for 14 days

If you have any questions regarding Putler or any other Shopify analytics tools, drop in a comment. I will send you a reply asap.

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