How to get BigCommerce API details?

We are proud to announce that Putler now supports BigCommerce too!

Putler can now bring in your BigCommerce orders and show you all the useful stats.

You will need to create API details in BigCommerce and use them in Putler, while adding a new Account of type BigCommerce.

Steps to get API details for BigCommerce:

1. Log in to Your BigCommerce store and then navigate to Advanced Settings > Create API Account > Create V2/V3 API token.

2. Give the account a name (internal only).

3. In the OAuth Scopes section, change the following scopes to READ ONLY:

  • Customers
  • Information & Settings
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Order Transactions

4. Select ‘Save’

6. Once you ‘Save’, there will be a text file that gets downloaded.
You will get all the three parameters in this file.

  • Client ID
  • API Path
  • Access Token

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