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How to Increase Restaurant Sales – Everything You Need to Know for 10x Sales Boost

Explore proven strategies to boost your restaurant's online sales. From real-time analytics to customer insights and strategic offerings, revolutionize your online food sales with Putler.

Increase Restaurant sales Online

Last updated on April 19, 2024

In this fast-paced digital era, selling food online has become a game-changer for restaurants like yours.

But hey, we get it! It’s not always a walk in the park.

With so many food delivery options popping up left and right, you need to make sure your restaurant stands out in this virtual food frenzy. And this is where you start to wonder – “how to increase restaurant sales online?”

But, no worries, there is a tool that can catapult your online sales to new heights – Putler!

Putler isn’t your average Joe analytics tool. Nope, it’s a slick, smart, and supercharged solution, loved by most food delivery restaurants.

So, are you hungry for success? Buckle up, let’s get cooking with Putler’s real-time sales analytics, customer segmentation magic, subscription sorcery, and much more that can take your restaurant from "good" to "Mmm, this is AMAZING!"

Let’s make tummies super happy!

The hurdles faced by every online restaurant

Selling food online may seem promising for modern restaurants, but let’s be real – it comes with its fair share of hurdles.

As you venture into the digital marketplace to increase restaurant sales, you’ll face obstacles that might make you feel like you’re navigating a maze.

Fierce competition – food fight!

In the world of online food delivery, the competition is as sizzling as a hot skillet. Every corner seems to have a new food joint trying to woo customers with tantalizing offers and mouthwatering dishes.

How do you make sure your restaurant stands out like a shining star in this bustling arena?

Payment gateway woes – show me the money!

Ah, the joy of online payments! But wait, not every payment gateway is a smooth ride. Customers want the convenience of swift and secure transactions, and a clunky payment system can leave them craving for better options.

How do you ensure a seamless payment experience that builds trust and loyalty?

Data deluge – from numbers to nuggets!

Sales data is a treasure trove of insights, but sifting through heaps of numbers can feel like peeling potatoes for an army. You crave those precious nuggets of information that reveal customer preferences, peak ordering times, and popular menu items.

How do you convert data into actionable strategies that enhance your success?

Customer connection – the personal touch!

In the age of digital interactions, forging meaningful connections with your customers can be as challenging as baking the fluffiest soufflé.

How do you tailor your offerings and promotions to meet individual palates and make your customers feel like VIPs at a five-star feast?

Don’t fret; we’ve got your back!

Putler swoops in to rescue you from these challenges. It empowers you with powerful tools and data-driven insights that’ll set you on the path to increase restaurant sales.

How to increase restaurant sales with Putler?

Now that we’ve explored the challenges of selling food online, it’s time to harness the prowess of Putler to conquer those obstacles and achieve online sales greatness!

What is Putler and how it works

Putler is designed to give a boost to the sales of food delivery restaurants like yours.

It seamlessly integrates with your online platforms, to whip up a feast of real-time sales data and invaluable insights.

All you need to do is connect your restaurant’s eCommerce website and payment platforms to Putler and watch the enchantment unfold!

Once you have integrated your relevant platforms, Putler fetches the necessary data.

It also merges and cleans up the data, presenting you with your restaurant’s analytics – served with delectable insights.

Now, let’s explore the features of Putler.

How Putler takes food delivery restaurants to the next level

Let’s take a bite into some of the features Putler brings to the table:

Real-time sales analytics

Sales-Dashboard - How to increase restaurant sales

Say goodbye to stale data! Putler serves up real-time sales analytics, giving you a live feed of your restaurant’s performance. You’ll get –

and more.

No more waiting around for insights! With this information, you can make timely adjustments to your offerings and marketing strategies, leaving your competition in the dust.

Customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Putler’s RFM segmentation feature neatly sorts your customer base to perfection.
With just a glance, you gain deep insights into each customer’s ordering behavior.

  • Recency (R): Identify those who have just placed their order and are eagerly waiting, cutlery in hand, for your mouthwatering dishes to arrive.
  • Frequency (F): Spot your most frequent customers, the ones who can’t resist ordering from your restaurant time and time again.
  • Monetary (M): Discover your top spenders, the ones who have helped your restaurant rake in the most bucks with their generous orders.

But wait, there’s more! Putler’s goes beyond the basics, painting a vivid picture of every customer’s journey:

  • Lapsed loyalists: Customers who placed an order ages ago and have yet to return, leaving you eager to win them back with a sumptuous offer.
  • Occasional observers: Those who order but wait between orders, making you wonder if they’re waiting for the clock to get tired.
  • Forgotten fans: Once-loyal customers who used to frequently order from your restaurant but have somehow lost their way to your culinary haven.

With these insights into individual preferences and behavior, Putler empowers you to serve up tailor-made offers that leave your customers craving for more.

The result? A tribe of loyal patrons who keep coming back for seconds, thirds, and beyond.

Subscription management

Subscriptions management

Running a subscription service has never been this smooth and delightful!

Putler simplifies subscription management like no other. Keep track of subscription metrics

  • MRR
  • ARR
  • LTV
  • Churn rate
  • Total subscription revenue
  • Subscription refunds
  • New subscribers

Fine-tune your offerings to cater to even the most nitpicking palates.

Payment gateways and Financial insights

Transactions Dashboard

A seamless and secure payment experience is essential for your customers. And with Putler, payment gateways become a streamlined solution.

Putler integrates a wide range of payment gatewaysPayPal, Stripe, and more, making sure customers enjoy a smooth and delightful transaction process.

Plus, it whips up delightful financial insights, helping you track revenue, expenses, and profit margins – all the financial nourishment you need for a thriving restaurant.

Performance metrics and reports

Performance metrics and reports

No more cooking in the dark! Putler delivers detailed performance reports that act as your guiding recipe to success.

Compare the performances of your

  • Entire business
  • Different accounts/ teams/ SBUs
  • Different payment gateways
  • Different restaurants of yours under your culinary empire

All between two timeframes of your preference.

You’ll easily understand how much your business has grown in terms of your

  • Sales
  • Customer acquisition
  • Subscription
  • Website visitors

and more.

And, that’s not all! Putler’s performance reports do more than just enlighten you; they also act as time-savers and decision accelerators.

With a quick glance, you’ll be able to assess your restaurant’s progress and make faster and better decisions, slicing through the clutter with culinary precision.

The best part, you can do all of it right on the dashboard, just by setting your preferences.

These insights are like the secret herbs and spices that elevate your culinary mastery to Michelin-star levels.

Cross-selling and Upselling opportunities

Why stop at one course when you can have a full-course meal? Putler empowers your culinary collection to reach new heights by identifying opportunities to increase restaurant sales.

Putler’s perceptive analysis helps you identify items that are frequently bought together. This insight gives you a scope to create product bundles that your customers would prefer to purchase.

By offering these enticing bundles based on their buying behavior, you’re getting upsell and cross-sell opportunities without being overt about it.

All you need to do is follow the customer segments closely and serve up irresistible discounts, coupon codes, gift cards, and bundle offers whenever required.

Once you start doing this, you’ll make your customers’ taste buds tingle with excitement! Even one-time customers will also become loyal patrons, coming back for more.

So, why wait? Let’s take a big bite into the world of Putler and relish the success it brings to your food delivery restaurant!

Now more wondering, “how to increase restaurant sales?”.


In the digital food realm, competition is intense. But, with Putler’s exceptional features, your restaurant is destined for stardom.

From tackling virtual marketplace challenges to using real-time sales analytics, customer segmentation, and smart bundle offerings, Putler has proven to be the ultimate recipe for success.

But, remember, success in the digital food realm is a journey, not just a single course.

Let Putler be your culinary guide, making your restaurant’s journey to success smooth, savory, and satisfying.

Bon appétit!

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