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PayPal Analytics: Top Tools Of 2020

Last updated on August 5, 2020

Have you ever wondered how the entire ecosystem of digital payments work? Or have you wondered who should be your goto for anything payments? That said, with all the conversations about digital payments, we are sure that you must have come across the brand ‘PayPal’. Here’s a little something you must know!

While there exists a number of digital payments service providers, PayPal is known to be the industry leader. The secret to its pedigree is high-tech technology and an excellent financial management system in place. PayPal has over 3 million customers worldwide. These fascinating numbers speak for itself.

Now that you know what PayPal is, allow us to introduce some PayPal analytics tools to make it the best experience for you!

Features Putler ChartMogul Pabbly Databox
Monthly Price of the most popular plan Growth $79 Scale $100 Pro $29 Plus $99
Issue refunds Yes No No No
Supports subscriptions/recurring payments Yes Yes Yes No
Inbound and Putbound API Yes Yes Yes Yes
Growth Recommendations Yes No No Yes
Email Support Yes Yes No Yes

Digging deeper into each tool.

#01 Putler: The Best PayPal Analytics Tool

Putler is an analytics software tool that can help you have an overview through a proper graphical presentation.

It covers most of the important metrics that are needed to be seen for the long term growth of any business.

Using this PayPal Analytics tool, you take a number of business-centric decisions like sales, refunds etc. which directly affects the stability of your business.

Key Features

  • Easy sharing and reporting: Putler allows users to share reports within the team in a hassle-free manner. To add to this, it automatically generates reports on a weekly basis and sends it directly to you. In the long run, making whole of your work, easy

  • Customer segmentation: Putler helps segmenting your customers within minutes. You can either use the ready made RFM and segment your customers into 11 different segments like loyal, hibernating etc. (based on your users’ behaviour) or you can use custom segmentation.

    For example, with Putler, you can easily create a segment of customers who purchased a product named ‘A’ from the UK and the same product from USA in past 3 months

  • Instant refund: When it comes to quickest refunds in case of payments errors, Putler is the tool that can help you issue them at a lightning speed

  • Direct integrations: Putler can easily integrate with PayPal, Google Analytics, Braintree, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay and a lot more in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, it has four dashboards which are main dashboard, sales dashboard, customer dashboard and subscription dashboard.

Pricing for Putler

  • Starter Plan: By paying $29 per month, you can get a dedicated account manager, process 300 orders a month
  • Growth Plan: By paying $79 per month, you can manage refunds, RFM segmentation, process 3,000 orders a month
  • Scale Plan: By paying $29 per month, you can avail all of the Putler features and process 10,000 orders a month

Know more about each plan


  • This is best suited for business decision-makers and growth hackers since this PayPal analytics tool provides an overview of everything and promotes better business decisions.
  • Putler is the only tool which allows you to add multiple PayPal accounts and view reports individually or in the aggregated form.

#2 ChartMogul

Quiet commonly known as one of the most powerful PayPal analytics tools, ChartMogul is designed to automate all the key metrics that a user basically needs when it comes to efficient tracking.

The best part about this analytics tool for PayPal (just like Putler) is that it provides all the numbers in real-time, helping the user to stay updated while assisting them with easy calculations.

Key Features

  • Easy Integration: ChartMogul has a quick integration process which saves upon the users time, effort and waiting tenure
  • Real-time metric calculations: As mentioned above, ChartMogul calculates lots of metrics like churn rate, lifetime value etc. automatically
  • Data filtration: ChartMogul allows you to take a look at a specific set of audience by its filter option

Pricing for ChartMogul

  • Launch Plan: This is a free plan for revenue which are less than $10,000 per month. That said, it grants access to all metrics and APIs
  • Scale Plan: This plan costs $100 a month and is a benefit if you have want to create custom charts and need email support
  • Volume Plan: Costing $2000 a month this plan is for enterprise levels where you get a guided onboarding and a dedicated CSM throughout


  • This tool is best suited for early age startups and high-level enterprises since it offers both free and a volume version for its customers.

#3 Pabbly Subscription

One of the most affordable tools for any level of the user is Pabbly. It helps with PayPal reports and provides best in class service along with a number of awesome features.

This PayPal analytics tool brings along a number of features like advanced reporting, customer management and retention, powerful API etc.

Key Features

  • Self-explanatory reports: Pabbly helps a user with a detailed reporting and further assist them in analyzing business factors like the number of new and active customers, net revenue etc.
  • Ease of integration: You can easily choose to integrate a number of your third-party applications to automate and manage different aspects of your business needs
  • Touches the sales side of the business: This PayPal analytics tool allows you to monitor various things like sales, subscriptions, refunds right from one dashboard, hence simplifying things for you

Pricing for Pabbly

  • Starter Plan: This is the most basic plan that Pabbly offers. Costing at $9 per month, with this plan you can manage 50 customers and include all that Pabbly has to offer
  • Rookie Plan: This plan costs $17 for a month and helps you manage up to 100 customers
  • Pro Plan: Best suited for mid-level companies, this plan costs $29 a month while allowing you to manage 150 customers and helping you enjoy all of the Pabbly features
  • Advance Plan: Designed for big enterprises, this plan allows you to customize itself. You can choose the approximate number of customers you would like to manage and accordingly this PayPal analytics tool will show you the best price


  • Due to its customization availability, this PayPal tool is best when you want to integrate a tool for along term and a highly organised system. That said, as mentioned above this PayPal analytics tool has a wide range of offerings at the best price which makes it stand out.
  • Best suited for small businesses as well as enterprises.

#4 Databox

Databox is a great Paypal analytics software that’s simple to use. This PayPal analytics tool helps you bring data from your Excel sheet and cloud applications together at one commonplace within a span of a few minutes.

Its easy integration is well suited for beginners. With this PayPal tool, you can also know what are the top products and services that are purchased and preferred by your customers.

Key Features

  • Self-designed dashboard feature: With Databox, a user create his/her own unique dashboard by adding the key metrics you would like to keep a watch on. The best part here is, this can be done even if you do not have coding skills in place
  • Goal setting and easy tracking: This PayPal analytics tool allows a user to easily track the progress of their business, set goals and targets and do more.
  • Ease of use: Dropbox has a drag and drop functionality that helps ease the entire process of creating a dashboard to simplify the reports

Pricing for Databox

  • Free Plan: You can use this PayPal analytics tool for free throughout the lifetime but can have accessibility to only 3 dashboards
  • Basic Plan: Charged at $49 per month, this plan allows the facility to 10 users and data updates on an hourly basis. With it, it gets all the other features for users
  • Plus Plan: This plan costs $99 per month and covers all that basic plan covers. What differs is SQL and database integrations, query builder etc.
  • Business Plan: Like the other PayPal analytics tool, this tool also has a version for enterprises. Charged at $248 a month, it allows 20 users while helping branding and security features for your business.


  • As mentioned in the above details, databox is an ideal tool for a user who has just started and wants to test around and build dashboards by easy functionalities. It is also suggested for freelancers and big level businesses!
  • Best suited for beginners.

Over To You

The motive of drafting this article is to help the reader get an insight into the best and top performing PayPal analytics tool. While integrating a payment service provider is one of the major steps, its followed by another major task: easy tacking and instrumentation.

In our opinion, Putler covers all that a growing business needs to look at while they plan their future roadmap. You can track all that you want in your preferred way and time and allow us to be your partner!

If you think this answers your queries, go sign up with Putler and leave the tracking responsibility on us!

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